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The Philippine Economy is Almost Shit



I can’t stop laughing at the ones saying that our economic growth is accelerating for the past two years of the Aquino administration. They are the same old bullshit who spouts that Pinoys are the Best and the Philippines is a great country. With countless athletes, artists and other professionals who are Filipino, we can clearly show to the world the ‘Dugong Pinoy’.

There is even a website called “Yabang Pinoy’. It just shows how desperate and pathetic the majority of the Filipinos are in the international politics. Are we contented that our international reputation suffered at the Manila crisis and the plagiarist senator? It clearly shows that most of the Filipinos have an extreme case of ADHD, which claims credit for a success that was not theris in the first place. Why i am writing this article by the way? To discredit the ranking of the Philippines as the fastest growing economies in the ASEAN.

The truth is it is quite the opposite. While Singapre’s growth rate goes downward by 2 percent, still Singapore have trillions of dollars and a larger market and economy than the Philippines had to offer. FDI’s are still low and foreign investment are driven away by draconian policies of the Constitution, which restricts foreign ownership to 30- 40 percent. FDi’s were mostly confined to SEZ’s  around the country, but still they needed joint ventures to operate smoothly.

Another problem for the economy is the heavy taxes from the BIR. They almost took half of your income from you, which was very unfair for a capitalist and a businessman. The BIR must reduce its taxes from 50 to 10 percent in order for companies to cope up. Heavy taxes lead to lower wages and can foster corruption to develop at a fast pace.

We know that our society is corrupt because our culture fosters it and even tolerates it. We keep on complaining about the government while we were also the ones who elected those bastards from position. As i said before, Philippine democracy sucks.

Our culture and society have also a stupid fear of change for nonsense reasons. We know that our society is flawed but still we opposed change on these areas like politics, culture and society. Filipinos were still contented to live in a blissful life of ignorance, which let the society became stagnant and resisted change or progress. Filipinos still uphold economic protectionism, national patrimony and xenophobic nationalism which contributes to the degeneration of the younger generation.

They were still fed by biased history books and bullshit to achieve their agendas, to keep the people ignorant. It lead to the anti foreign attitudes of the Filipinos which is the cause of the sweeling of the ranks of the CPP or any other Ultranationalistic organisations. The Church also upholds strict conservatism and authoritarianism that influences the Filipinos to resist change and progress.  Their thinking is antiquated, Nationalism is antiquated, it is gone by the winds.

Our economic instability was partly solved by the OFW’s who left their families. It results to broken families that affected the majority of the lives of the teenagers. Due to lack of foreign investment and jobs, they were left with no choice but to look for greener pastures. These emigres left with  lots of skills that contributes to the brain drain of our society. The new generation of Filipinos were mostly ignorant, stupid, hypocrites and were contented to live in a life of pleasure and ignorance opposing those who want change as abnormal. That is how our society turned.

Financial independence my ass. After half a century of trying the experiment of self sufficiency, we were left nothing but a Sick Man of Asia, a comedy of errors. North Korea and Mao era China tried it but failed, and both of them were focused on attracting foreign investors. Even the Communist nations are now open to investment, economic reforms were made to sustain their economy. North Korea under Kim Jong il is an example. The Rh bill will not alone solve poverty, it needs boosters.

There is no doubt why foreign analysts in the past are scratching their heads on why the fuck does the Philippines is shit. It must have toppled its neigbours. We have a professional labour and white collared force which left abroad in search for jobs. We spoke Good English and were the one primary motivator for FDI’s to set their areas here. The Philippines turns into a catastrophic error, a comedy of errors and a symphony of humiliation.

Our society and culture is stupid indeed. How can we promote tourism if FDI’s are few and foreign ownership was restricted? Not only tourism promotes our country, but it also attracts foreign investment. Looks like our ASEAN neighbours are successful than us.

Economic province and neocolonialism my ass, your thinking is outdated. The prediction of the Philippines after 40 years, it was malleable or can be altered. All of these optimistic statistics done by the Yellow Media were very far from the truth. In the Philippines, modern day slavery is legal (i.e emigres).  Right path my ass, that is pure horsehit.

The political oligarchs were too afriad of opening up the economy and implementing Constitutional Reform because bit by bit, they will all crumble and fall like a house of cards. I am fucking laughing at the ones who supported protectionism to support local industries, but most of the capitalists were approved of Constitutional Reform to boost up our economy.

I also read some articles that Commie tards and Ultranationalists opposed mining because of some ridiculous ideas. Although mining was very destructive to the environment, controlled mining will not destroy it much, with proper equipment and training. Foreign mining companies have almost it all, and we were too stupid to oppose them. It shows the antiquated thinking of these Ultranationalists and Communists. It will boost our economy through incomes.

I am also currently monitoring the Spratly conflict as Warhawks may use their xenophobia against foreigners and uphold our Ultranationalism. We don’t have an army to match China, nor the resources to wage war. These idiots might think the citizens that will fight as cannon fodders. I oppose war because it will be a blow to our almost shitty economy to a fecal one deprived of decency.

Indeed, the path of change is a long way to go, but my personal belief is that sometimes, the path to hell is paved with good intentions. As said by Einstein “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.”

It’s more fun in the Philippines!


3 comments on “The Philippine Economy is Almost Shit

  1. Justin Zamora Rodriguez
    September 18, 2012

    This is what the nation need, hard truths. But, I doubt the subjects of this nation even care to understand and do something about these truths.

  2. dachronicler
    September 18, 2012

    Thank you

  3. waterbay ec
    September 20, 2012

    Thank you, I’ve just been searching for information about this topic for ages and yours is the greatest I have found out till now. However, what about the bottom line? Are you certain concerning the supply?|What i don’t realize is in reality how you’re not actually much more smartly-liked than you might be right now. You’re very intelligent.

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