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Da Pinoy Chronicle: Philippine Democracy is Tyranny Under the Consent of the ‘Popular’ Will

Hey folks its Indecision 2013, as we are marking our calendars for the most celebrated fiestas of the Philippines every three years: Elections. As usual, politicians will dance to the likes of Gangnam style, giving candies and other gimmicks that will win the support of the masses. Politicians are also courting religious authorities especially the Catholic Church to secure votes. Speeches and meetings are now common with hundreds of individuals shouting Hitler like cheers on the faces of the candidates.

Candidates are using anti foreign rhetoric to educate the masses. Surveys and polls are on the rise again that will guide the voters to vote for the best leaders. The faces of politicians and candidates became widespread again with the accomplishments they made and their faces on government projects. They were providing entertainment again, as shown by Tito Sotto. Everything looks like a fiesta, it is a tradition.

We celebrated our beloved democracy and we elevated the Aquinos and Cojuangcos into semi divine families. We interpreted the appointments of the current administration to God. Everything is now God’s will. Christmas season is also beginning with politicians posting their faces on Holiday slogans. Law passing and making will stop again because of the proximity of the election day. Democracy is more fun in the Philippines indeed.

The Philippines indeed had a perfect democracy ruled by the consent of the popular will. We can elect every person to our government even though his credentials are open to doubt. But fuck it, we don’t care we love our democracy so much! We were opposed against the ones who hindered our democracy and the greedy foreigners who will exploit our beloved land. Charter Change is no longer needed because our system is very perfect.

Sarcasm aside, i almost lost hope to Philippine democracy. It is nothing but a mob rule, the rule of passion than reason, the rule of personality and popularity than competence. It is nothing but a joke, a popularity contest. Some people will justify that Rizal wanted this. Rizal actually said that the Philippines will be governed by competent individuals than popular leaders.

After the People Power, did we improved ourselves? Technologically yes, but politically almost none. We are still stuck as a society of anti intellectualism, of ignorance, of hypocrisy,  of tyranny of the majority, of superstition and illusions. The illusions that enclosed the majority is a diamond that was very hard to be broken.

He insists to defend the status quo and criticises alternative solutions as abnormal and bastos. He always thinks of himself as always right, when his pride is hurt he will call you names. He does not accept defeat and change. He still insists on traditions.

Economic Protectionism lead to the shortage of jobs, thus forcing several professionals to become emigres to look for greener pastures. The restriction of FDI’s  only gave the oligarchs the near total monopoly of bussineses in the country. The strict Unitarian form of government had been proved to be an epic failure, with millions of people flocking on urban centres to look for jobs, thus contributing to  widespread slums, sub standard living conditions and high crime rates.

The Catholic Church continues its old propaganda and they still continue to hold considerable power and influence. Their backwardness to issues leads to confusion such as the RH bill. They are defended by fanatics trying to impose their extreme beliefs into the country.

They are a thing of the past. Nationalists and Communists are still fighting for their baseles ideals that became antiquated as time goes by. They still justified it and their beliefs are absorbed into educational textbooks which are full of biases that contributes to the degeneration of critical thinking skills of the students, thus bringing in an ignorant society.

The Philippine Presidential System has been proven a catastrophic failure with countless politicians still upholding it. It is already a sham, a running joke. It brings little competence and it fostered hypocrites.

Our family system was also flawed, a hypocrisy of a hypocrisy. Corruption begins in its simple roots at the family. The Philippine family system is a destructive institution now. Our society is full of hypocrisies. The media continues to brainwash the people through nonsense crap.

The people accepted this and swallowed it as fact. We continue to worship the Aquinos, bragging about Pinoy Pride and being gullible to facts. This is already a cold truth. Philippine democracy is merely a sham. We opposed change because of stupid reasons. Our morality is flawed. We are destroying the fabric of our rationality to be replaced by a society of constant victory, of constant triumph, of constant stupidity, of constant lunacy. We began to worship heroes that we believed are the restorers of our democracy.

The people did not pay attention because they are worrying about their very own survivial. In a country of a struggling economy, people will be forced to think their basic needs. They regarded others as mundane. Looks like the oligarchs have almost succeeded in controlling us, subjugating us like animals and slaves.

The Philippine society is indeed full of hypocrisies, as well as Philippine democracy. I despised the current government and its people for being stupid. They did not know the sense of freedom nor democracy. This is tyranny, the tyranny of the majority, a mob rule. Insanity and lunacy prevails. Even our own history is distorted over and over to make sure that it will secure their own power.

I still support democracy, a true liberal democracy governed by reason. A Federal Parliamentary Republic that did not care about sexuality, gender, race or religion and irreligion. A democracy of peace, not through war and control through the mainstream media. Germany, Japan, Britain and the other European Republics must be emulated. Singapore’s economic freedom must be implemented.

Democracy can work with a little discipline, as well we need to reform the very fabric of our society and culture. That is the only way if we do not want our democracy to turn into a totalitarian society that was governed by three slogans:




It’s more fun in the Philippines indeed.


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