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Da Pinoy Chronicle: A Tale of Two Officers

Ah another day at the Philippine Senate, the most respectable institution in the government composed of competent politicians. In this day, two Senators got engaged on a debate yesterday regarding the proposal by Enrile to divide Camarines Sur into an another province named Nueva Camarines. In just a few monets tensions became heated after Trillanes questioned the legitimacy of Enrile as Senate President. Trillanes also announced that he had officially left the Senate Majority bloc because he had lost faith on the capacity of Enrile to lead the Seate.

Another argument was sparked by Trillanes after he called Enrile as a political lackey of Arroyo. He also opposed the division of the province of Camarines as he said that it will only increase corruption through pork barrel. He criticised it based on claims that the billl was backed by several supporters and Representatives named Arroyo. Here in the Philippines, Arroyo is a dirty surname. The Filipinos hated Arroyo and her family so much that they wanted her to be executed.

Looks like the Yellow Media had indeed altered the minds of the majority of the Filipinos. They blamed corruption for the misfortunes of the country while we even tolerated corruption in our own society. The Media was allied with their patrons to oppose Arroyo.

Why do Filipinos blame Gloria Arroyo for everything? They wanted her to be deprived of a fair trial as well as dignity as a human being. Trial by media and publicity works so well that Filipinos had completely forgotten that Gloria is still innocent until proven guilty.

On the other hand, both Senators are military officers and both of them plotted coups against a current government. Juan Ponce Enrile attempted a coup d etat in 1986, but it was a failure and thanks to the Archbishop, it turned into a Revolution and his head was saved from execution. Enrile was a former Minister of Defence during the Marcos administration. He even lead a coup plot against Corazon Aquino but it was discovered.

Antonio Trillanes IV was a military junior officer and one of the main leaders of the Magdalo, a militarist organisation similar to the RAM 2 decades earlier. He staged an unsuccessful coup d etat in 2003 using Oakwood as his base and he was arrested.

In the middle of his trial in 2007, he walked out with his supporters and started a second coup attempt known as the Manila Peninsula Mutiny. He also supported a military coup attempt against Gloria in 2006 dubbed OPLAN HACKLE.

Meanwhile i supported Villaruel but his actions were ridiculous. he was one of the most intelligent officers in the PAF. He designed a trainer aircraft that received little government support. Villaruel was anguished also by the scrapping of the Hummingbird helicopter project which contributed to his mutiny attempt. He was killed by the SWAT Team sent after him on NAIA in 2003. Trillanes on the other hand is an oppurtunist, a con man, a fraud.

Because he had recived too much flak from Enrile, he walked out the second time. Enrile also revealed his mission to China that the Philippines had no interest over the Scarborough Shoal and even the Spratly’s.

He also revealed that our defence capability to defend was lagging. For me, it is ok for Enrile to reveal that in order to wake the Filipino Warhawks to reality. We will not win against China, nor even a skirmish. We do not have the resources, the army, the money and the capability to wage war, as our AFP was focused on internal insurgencies.

Filipinos must wake up from reality that we will never win a war and it is better that the islands will be turned into a UN mandate than a country to control it. It is more feasible that the islands will be an Economic Zone which countries can pariticipate. It is a more durable goal that wioll not anger any nation because the UN will be neutral.

So here is my question to Filipinos, are you going to vote for a plagiarist and a crybaby? Are you going to vote for incompetent politicians again? Indeed, we got a government we deserved. The Philippines is so fucked up already. Elections are nothing but fiestas, Wowowee IdiocracyGood Governance they say, it is all BS.



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