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Da Pinoy Chronicle: 40 Years After Martial Law and The Philippines is Still A Failure

“He who controls the past controls the present, he who controls the present controls the future”

-George Orwell, 1984

September 21 is one of the most sorrowful dates for the Philippines because it is the date when President Marcos had declared a state of Martial Law. During the Marcos’ years it was a very gloom time for the Philippines.

The Moro insurgency spreads like wildfire in the South, various Communist movements supported by Mao era China launched a series of attacks and demonstrations against his regime, numerous officials were targeted for assassination and the Plaza Miranda bombing was orchestrated by none other than Jose Maria Sison, the founder of the CPP-NPA.

These chain of events forced Marcos to declare Martial Law or Proclamation 1081, he abolished almost all of the civil liberties, abolished the writ of habeas corpus, banned demonstrations and tightly controlled the media. For the oligarchs and the Communists this was a bad day because it will remove their rights. Oligarch businesses were taken out and its officials were replaced by cronies.

The Military became a powerful force in crushing dissent, but the NPA and the MNLF threat were growing that can turn the Philippines into a state of anarchy. The small to medium enterprises as well as the majority of the farmers received Martial Law with a warm reception. During Marcos’ early reign, the Philippines was the envy of Asia because of its rapid growth and development. Because of this Marcos had embarked on the New Society Project.

Marcos also built several schools, hospitals, roads and cultural centres that promoted Filipino nationalism which was a common policy of Asian and African leaders at that time.

We have a strong military that can deter aggression, the U.S had provided us with a security blanket, the development of urban centres, prosperity was achieved some time, the LRT was the first rapid transit system in the PH, the economy was stable, the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and his famous achievement was the San Juanico inter island bridge. He partly achieved these goals because of the loans borrowed by the U.S to us.

The negative effects however was he banned Voltes V, Gundam, anime, video games and the price of imported goods were so goddamn expensive that you will only bought it from PS-X stores near American bases. His methods were also unorthodox and he invited opposition.

Even though he tried hard to crush the Communists, the influence of the CPP grew with thousands of students joining its ranks to become cannon fodders for Sison. After 1977 the Philippines suffered from an economic slowdown that they had partly recovered in the following years but not fully. His cronies became more and more corrupt.

As i read through countless archives about his achievements, we can finally conclude that most of the projects initiated until now were from the original plans of Marcos such as the C5 Road, NLEX, SCTEX, SLEX, the modernisation of the Maharlika Highway, a transit system, modernisation of the PNR among many others. But it did not discounted the fact that he committed numerous human rights violations and ruled as a despot.

I don’t think Marcos was a psychopath because of what he had done. I only thought of him as a flawed leader who wanted to make his country better. I can compare him to General Francisco Franco, the former leader of Spain. But Franco’s Spain was more successful than us. His worsening condition did not helped him, as he left the day to day tasks to his cronies and his Lieutenants.

One of the most serious opponent of Marcos was Ninoy Aquino, a man came from one of the most prestigious political clans in the country, the Aquino Cojuangco clan. He was arrested during the Martial Law era and was sentenced to death but it was never carried out. He was the man who can match the intelligence and charisma of Marcos which lead according to Marcos’ top aides his favourite and the designated successor or heir.

Ninoy,although he was used by the opposition to trigger dissent against Marcos was never a threat, they were more than friends. They talked through scrambler telephones.

Marcos also allowed him to leave the country with his family for a heart operation in the U.S. After 3 years of exile, Aquino returned to the Philippines, but shot by Rolando Galman upon arrival. It was suspected that Galman was a member of the Communist Party.

The death of Aquino triggered a chain of events and the massive support to his wife, Corazon Aquino, a housewife with no experience in politics. Although it was never proven that the 23 military personnel killed Aquino under the orders of Marcos, it was written on Philippine history as a fact, although evidences also lead to Aquino’s family.

The mosquito press gained popularity because of its sensationalised facts against Marcos. In order to restore the confidence of his people and the economy, which was suffering since 1982, Marcos ordered a snap election. According to unbiased sources, massive cheating on both sides were reported being silenced by some members of NAMFREL and Comelec. But the Comelec issue grew and 21 of its operators walked out.

Massive demonstrations broke out because of the results of the election and demanded the resignation of Marcos, but he refused. Because of the unpopularity of the regime, several military officials tried to stage a coup to oust him and rule the country under the Junta. The main leaders of this coup were Enrile and Honasan. But Marcos was informed about this and garrisoned the Palace, which the plotters never expected.

Because of their failure to take Malacanang Palace, the plotters encamped their selves on Camp Aguinaldo near EDSA. There, they expressed their opposition to President Marcos and proclaimed a coup d etat live on air. Fidel Ramos, the commander of the Philippine Constabulary defected to the rebels. Marcos said to the rebels to stop this stupidity and ordered the Marines to arrest the officers.

In Radio Veritas, Cardinal Jaime Sin aired a speech to the listeners to support the rebels by flocking around them. Members of the Communist Party, religious fanatics, curious bystanders,Nationalists, The Yellow Army and the hakot crowd went to EDSA and in that moment, People Power was born. These mob had hampered the effort of the military to crush the coup d etat. You  know what happened next as numerous members of the military began to join the rebels.

Marcos’ top General, Fabian Ver suggested an airstrike against the rebels that can harm civilians around the area, but Marcos refused because the death toll will be huge if succeeded. Over the crouse of three days, the civilians at EDSA was encouraged by countless defections of the military. Cory Aquino was absent at that time.

On February 26,1986, Marcos decided to leave the Philippines with his family, thus ending his 20 year reign. Crowds crashed the gates of the Palace, destroyed property and stole things from the gate crashed palace. Crowds danced in the tune of disco. The situation was very barbaric in the Palace. Countless celebrations over Manila and urban centres were rampant.

But outside the urban areas, the provincianos were shocked but some of them supported it as the beginning of a new era. The farmers supported Marcos mainly because of the CARP program he initiated. But the wave of support to the new government was massive. Idealists hailed Aquino as a guardian of democracy. The People Power Revolution also partly influenced the Revolutions of 1989 which toppled Communist governments and the Chinese protests of 1989, which ended in a mass grave.

The First Aquino administration was a very uncertain administration as numerous failures prevailed. The Mendiola Massacre was condemned by the international community and many foreigners had seen the administration as weak,ineffective and its leaders hypocrites. The first Aquino administration also produced numerous coups headed by Marcos loyalists and Militarists which severely affected the economy.

The Mendiola Massacre and the Lupao Massacre was a fatal blow to her administration with the international community condemning her actions towards farmers. She also unleashed a sword of war against the CPP-NPA. Total war was declared and civilian casualties and civilian dislocations became widespread. She also blessed several Christian paramilitary organisations to take down the NPA like the Alsa Masa and the notorious Tadtad cult. and it gets worse.

The result of the coups lead to the loss of foreign investors bcause they were scared on doing transactions here, an unstable government, a protectionist Constitution and a more powerful oligarchy that monopolised businesses and everything in the country. After we had overthrown a despot, we replaced them with tyrants and desposts elected by the people. After the Marcos era the power of the political clans grew and political killings were common. The warlords had consolidated their power over their respective provinces.

The first Aquino adminstration was also incompetent in handling the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. It left billions of dollars on damages as well as thousands of casualties and hundreds of thousands displaced. It was again a catastrophic event for our economy as well as our ally, the U.S. After that several strong typhoons came and ravaged the provinces, as well as the Dona Paz incident. The fist Aquino administration handled them with incompetence.

A further insult to injury was added when the U.S left Subic and Clark. after intense debates within the Philippines with the Nationalists and Communists formed an alliance with the Yellow Army to oust the American military presence in the country. In 1992, the U.S left Subic and Clark and thus left us with a damaged security blanket. After they left, the military cannot handle the defensive capabilities left by the U.S. A main factor also was the U.S left immediately was the recent disasters. The Nationalists and the Alliance hailed it as a victory for them to monopolise the businesses of the country.

The legacy of her administration were the 1987 Constitution and her insistence to distribute Hacienda Luisita. She exempted it from the CARP and she was willing to defend it, even ordered massacres and political killings against her critics. She was also sensitive to criticism like her son.

The 1987 Constitution is a rip off of the U.S Constitution. It includes heavy protectionist policies which was favourable to the oligarchs. The Media demonised those people who want to amend or reform it. It restricted foreign investments and ownership, thus making Philippines unattractive to foreigners because of heavy taxes and draconian policies.

After the 1992 elections, a new president was elected. His name is Fidel V. Ramos. Ramos was a pretty competent leader during his 6 years of administration.

He oversaw the planned modernisation of the Armed Forces, restored credebility in the economy, he had a long term economic plan, he decentralised the government thus allowing some urban centres to flourish. The Philippines 2000 plan was almost successful.

It was also the time when the Ramos administration had negotiated a truce with the Communist Party of the Philippines’ military arm, the NPA. The truce had stopped for a short time the attacks conducted by the NPA on several villages. But the most glorious achievement of the Ramos administration was the peace treaty with the Moro National Liberation Front. But these treaty had got two new factions: A more radical MILF and an Islamist Abu Sayyaf Group.

While the Philippine economy was very progressive and Ramos was on the brink of implementing Constitutional Reform for the country to improve, various coalitions of Cory fanatics, religious fanatics, Leftists, Nationalists and the oligarch supporters rallied against this.They emphasized national patrimony, nationalism, independence from foreigners and it will destroy the beloeved Filipino democracy.

Numerous storms also had engulfed the country and destroyed properties and hundreds of lives. It hampered the development of the country. Slow development since 1996 erupted to a climax. In 1997, The Asian financial crisis had swept most of Asia. South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines are the hardest hit. The value of the peso was decreased, high prices of basic commodities as well as petroleum was rampant, an economic recession and the halt of the improvement of the country for another 4 years. The modernisation plans of the AFP was also halted for 3 years.

The 1998 elections had put Joseph Estrada, an actor into the throne as President. During the first months of his administration, he was widly popular with the people. He was a populist,a man that can be easily manipulated by mob rule. His reputation soured after the jueteng scandal that rocked his administration and allegations of corruption. He also renewed the war against the MILF which resulted into a major victory for the government forces. The MILF in turn declared a Jilhad. His all out war policy resulted into thousands of casualties and dislocations and the growing discontent by the Moros increased.

In 2001, EDSA II happened and he voluntarily stepped down as President. He was exiled into his own estate at Rizal. In April 2001, numerous supporters of Erap attempted to stage a coup d etat known as EDSA III, which was quickly crushed.

The new President Gloria Arroyo’s reputation because of EDSA III worsened as popular support had almost eroded in Manila and the Tagalog areas, but he received widespread support in Pampanga and Visayas.

After 3 years, Arroyo’s term as President was quite competent. The economy was quite high as well our GDP capita was increasing. As an economist, she did pretty well in managing our economy.

He also appointed some of the most competent politicians to hold Cabinet Positions. Negotiations were also held at seperatist movements and she granted the ARRM more autonomy. But the bad side is most of the ARRM was under the Ampatuans, a political clan that consolidated its power in ARMM since the time of Corazon Aquino.

Hier popularity continued to shrank and the people was very eager to replace her. The 2004 elections happened and she competed against the late Fernando Poe Jr, which was like Estrada an actor and a populist. It resulted to the reelection of Arroyo as President.

Last year her administration faced an attempted coup d etat by the Militarists which was quickly crushed. Whether she cheated the elections, she was more competent than the late FPJ.

After the 2004 elections, her administration was faced by several threats by the CBCP, Catholic fanatics, Cory supporters, FPJ supporters, Leftists, Nationalists and other opposition members.

The Hello Garci Scandal was a striking blow to her image which contributed to her massive unpopulairty. Her “I Am Sorry Speech” was played by the Yellow Media again and again to discredit her. The people wanted to replace her.

A failed coup attempt known as OPLAN HACKLE was staged which resulted to her declaration of the state of emergency. Several activists and media organisers feared it because she might repeat the Martial Law before.

Massive demonstrations occured which enjoyed limited success and the Militarists planned a coup d etat, as well as the CPP plans a violent takeover. Fortunately, this was all but crushed and foiled.

After that, Filipinos mostly blamed Arroyo for corruption and even everything for BS reasons. Her administration was so unpopular now.

In 2007, the global economic crisis began and the Philippines managed to sruvive it relatively unscathed. In 2007 also, a food crisis erupted as the the price of rice became high and it was later discovered it was hoarded by political oligarchs.

The people again blamed Gloria. It was also the time where a restaurant scandal regarding Arroyo was leaked. She paid a million pesos for a restaurant. His husband and his family were also  in the news about their corruption, especially Mr. Mike Arroyo.

The Maguindanao massacre was dealt swiftly, ending the political power of the Ampatuans which ruled the area since the time of Corazon Aquino.

A state of martial law was declared on Maguindanao and the army had defeated the militias. It was the last major achievement of Gloria Arroyo, although the military was also investigated about their toleration of the political clan.

In 2009, Corazon Aquino died. It was a shock to all Filipinos and The President granted her a state funeral. She was so popular as her supporters said she was the icon of the Philippine democracy.

After her death, the people flocked to Noynoy Aquino, which contributed to his masive popularity. Also in the time of Arroyo, the typhoons named Ondoy and Pedring hit the Philippines, which resulted in a massive catastrophe.

This only helped several people to oppose Arroyo and flocked to the Cojuangco Aquinos. Media outlets were endorsing Noynoy and held him as a hero, while Villar was discredited.

At last the 2010 election came and Noynoy won half of the vote after a victory over his more competent opponents. His first days of his administration was viewed by the majority as optimistic but it began to fade when the government’s incompetence in the Manila Bus Hostage Crisis was revealed. It was a blow to his administration and the Philippines was gain humiliated in the yes o the international community. But still Pinoy Prayd evaded the outright humiliation of its people.

In 2011 another blow was struck when Typhoon Sendong hit Mindanao. It also revealed his incompetence into the position as a President. This 2011 also is a hotspot year for RH Bill debates and the Baron Buchakoy videos which shocked the Internet community.

Day by day, his incompetence and his sensitivity to criticism was revealed. The economy on the other hand was improving in some sectors but the GDP was still poor compared to other countries, as well as the country’s economic freedom.

The Corona fiasco was a staunch stand by his administration to remove corruption, but most of the allegations against Corona were fabrications. The Corona trial was merely a trial of publicity with the support of the people. It lead to the impeachment of Corona by the Congress in just a day and after 5 months of humiliation under the prosecution panel. Corona was labelled guilty. I am expecting it because the trial by media had worked so well.

The Second Aquino administration also renewed our hostility to China regarding the Scarborough Shoal and the Spratly’s. Filipino Warhawaks are inciting the people to boycott everything Chinese and encouraged the rise of Nationalism and Militarism. Activists also opposed China but they also opposed U.S intervention. Aquino orders the rapid modernisation of the AFP.

The future of the administration is still uncertain after the leader of the Balai faction Jesse Robredo died. The death of Robredo was a victory by the Samar faction and it only consolidated the power of the oligarchs in the country.

As long as Noynoy opposed Constitutional Reform, we will not improve ourselves at a fast pace. The RH Bill by the way will almost never work without Constitutional Reform because it will only become a stop gap measure. The CCT cash transfer program will also never eradicated poverty unless protectionism was abolished.

Now 40 years after Martial Law, what are we now? I’m sure that technologically we had improved, but did we eliminated tyranny? We only replaced a despot with a collective tyranny that controls the people through the Media that shows nonsense crap and sensationalised news. Democracy, do you call the election of candidates based on popularity and personality as democracy?

We elected incompetent politicians. We even opposed the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant that will almost solve the energy crisis of the Philippines. Marcos said that 20 years after, the Philippines will be a failure.

He’s right most of our society and our country is a failure. We still dream of heroes that will save us even though Ninoy Aquino was an opportunist like Marcos. We hailed the Cojuangco Aquino as saviours and we worshipped them. Do we even achieved peace now? Our resistance to Federalism and our treatment of the Moros as second clas citizens justified their cause to liberate Bangsamoro.

The Catholic Church is continuing their hypocrisy on our society.They are backward to progress and they teach the children who will become later parents to obey authority at all times, which contributed to the fervent anti intellectualism of our society. Majority of the Filipino teenagers have almost no rationality. We begin to accept ignorance and conformity as a norm. Our society is turning almost like 1984.

Why 1984? The Media enourages the people to worship Aquino, the Media shows crap and sensationalised propaganda news. A perpetual conflict in the South is raging for almost half a millenia since the the 1580’s. Our present generation is more worst than the Martial Law Era. Anti intellectualism is prevalent among our society.

Our society was full of hypocrisies, lies and illusions. Is this the democracy that the EDSA Revolution had promised? I agree that Martial Law was neither a good or bad one, it was a need because if not it will descend to anarchy.

I am sick of the ones who call OFW’s as heroes because they were merely slaves. The massive migration of professional emigres contributes to the brain drain of our society and broken families. The government legalised slavery and opposed opening up the country to investment.

Instead of our country to go forward, we are going backwards. Those people from squatter areas were from the provinces seeking for jobs on urban centres. The insistence of the government and even the people to reforms lead to our eternal suffering and bondage to the false illusions of nationalism and triumphalism.

We are not a true democracy, it is mob rule. We let this happen, we continue to elect politicians with no competence. And the cycle goes on and on and on. Martial Law was not the dark period of our history, it was merely a normal era. The dark period of our history is today because we have already lost our sense of morality and rationality.

The Philippines is merely a de facto medieval polity governed by feudal lords with the influence of the powerful Church. Marcos was not a tyrant, he is a despot. And with the cyber crime bill now passed by Aquino, the oligarchs are now desperate to control opposition. I remember this song:

Kumusta na, ayos pa ba

Ang buhay natin, kaya pa ba

Eh kung hinde, paano na

Ewan mo ba, bahala na?

Napanood kita sa tv, sumama ka sa rali

Kasama ang mga madre, pinigilan mga tangke

Umiiyak ka pa sa harap ng mga sundalo

Namigay ka pa ng rosas na nabili mo sa kanto

Kumusta na, ayos pa ba

Ang buhay natin, kaya pa ba

Eh kung hinde, paano na

Ewan mo ba, bahala na?

Dala-dala mo pa, estatwa ni Sto. Nino

Eskapularyo’t Bibliya, sangkatutak na rosaryo

At sa gitna ng EDSA, lumuhod ka’t nagdasal pa

Our Father, Hail Mary from thy bounty thru Christ our Lord amen

Kumusta na, ayos pa ba

Ang buhay natin, kaya pa ba

Eh kung hinde, paano na

Ewan mo ba, bahala na?

Pebrero, bente-sais nang si Apo ay umalis

Ngiti mo’y hanggang tenga sa kakatalon, napunit a’ng pantalon mo

Pero hindi bale, sabi mo, marami naman kame

Kahit na amoy pawis, tuloy pa rin ang disco sa kalye

Kumusta na, ayos pa ba

Ang buhay natin, kaya pa ba

Eh kung hinde, paano na

Ewan mo ba, bahala na?

Nakita kita kahapon, may hila-hilang kariton

Huminto sa may Robinson, tumanga buong maghapon

Sikat ka noon sa tibi kase kasama ka doon sa rali

Pero ngayo’y nag-iisa, naglalakad sa may EDSA

Kumusta na, ayos pa ba

Ang buhay natin, kaya pa ba

Eh kung hinde, paano na

Ewan mo ba, bahala na?

Kumusta na, ayos pa ba

Ang buhay natin, kaya pa ba

Eh kung hinde, paano na

Ewan mo ba, bahala na?

Ewan mo ba, bahala na

Bahala na, bahala na


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