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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Pinoy Pride, Hypocrisy and Desperation of Our Society

Hey folks, looks like bullshit comes back again to visit us. After i made a goddamn long article about the Martial Law and its comparison to our current society today, let’s recap the most talked issues for the past few days. The Cybercrime Bill will be our first topic. This bill was passed by BS Aquino in an effort to strengthen the fangs of ‘Philippine justice’. One of the most controversial aspects of the law is its libel clause. As Sotto explained it, those who put defamatory remarks on the Internet were now considered as libel and defamation. The cybercrime law may be a personal vendetta by Aquino and Sotto against their critics.

As you can see, the Aquino administration got a lot of flak for a long time mostly for its incompetence. Ranging from the Manila hostage crisis, the Typhoon Sendong, the Habagat and countless other epic failures, there is no doubt that the current administration is incompetent. Several bloggers are also using the Internet as a voice of their criticisms against the society and incompetence of the people, the government and its flawed culture and society.

GetRealPhilippines and Anti Pinoy became mainstream after a certain guy named ‘Baron Buchokoy’ unleashed his PinoyMonkeyPride channel and his videos to show to the Filipinos how fucked up our society was. It had received criticism as well as opposition.

The current cybercrime law is mainly an act of desperation by the oligarchy who returned to power after the 1986 coup d etat. This is a violation of our free speech, although i supported a civilised way to express opiniona. But even in a civilised way, most Filipinos will not get it. Most Filipinos detested critical thinking and rationality and hated metaphors because they did not had the capability to understand it.

Most of them also demanded respect but not practised it. There is a word for that, oh yes hypocrisy. Most Filipinos can be referred as hypocrites with twisted values, morals and a twisted faith towards a deity.

These hypocrisies within our society was a sickness and it will lead the country into a path of social degeneration and its wholesale destruction. A society of constant triumph and conformity.

Politicians here were so desperate to hide their incompetence that is why they want to silence dissent and threaten people who wrote critical articles about them.

Looks like the bill was also supported by some gullible Filipinos who preferred to cover their eyes with roses and escape reality and facts. They were the examples of the ones who were the target audience of the Media, people who can be easily manipulated through emotions and irrationality.

They were also the ones who called non conformists as abnormal and retarded. Majority of that were seen among teenagers, a product of our hypocrisy and twisted values applied to society. Our society will mostly foster thieves, liars, hypocrites, ignorant people and happy go lucky people who tries to escape  reality and deluded to optimism and triumphalism.

In the other news, Pinoy Pride was back again because of Jessica Sanchez, one of the finalists of the U.S Tv show American Idol. Her popularity was compared to Charice and Pacquiao. They were considered as Pride of the Philippines. as usual the Media picked it up and several gullible Fliptards were tweeting with the hashtag Pinoy Pride. And the news goes on and on, like a propaganda news used by former Communist countries.

Why do Filipinos brag an achievement of an individual to their names even though it has nothing to do with race or even a nationality? By the way, race was mostly debunked by the Human Genome Project and only as a way to promote chauvinism and faux illusions. There are possibly two explanations to it. Firstly, Filipinos had a massive inferiority complex, mainly as a result of foreign colonisation.

We still continue to think that the foreigners are all evil. We hate foreigners who highlighted the bad image of our country to the world, declaring those folks as persona non grata.

This mentality only contributes to our isolation and our insistence to accept changes which will benefit us for the greater good and the progress of ourselves as well our society. History books were revised according to nationalist views with a leftist or rightist bent. Majority of the Filipinos swallowed it as fact. I had wrote several articles about the subject of historical revisionism so i will not illustrate it further.

Secondly, we lacked a sense of collective achievement that’s why we are stuck by praising Filipinos who excelled at abroad. Bruno Mars. Charice, Jessica, Pacman and other crap, we are proud to be Filipino! Did we really ran out of things to be proud of?  We are only deceiving ourselves. Our society is mostly a collective failure.

We complain corruption while tolerating it through padrino and our failed family values. Most Filipinos were twisted because of their strong devotion to a deity, which will equate to laziness and our dependence for a blessing. Mention the fiasco at Manila Bus Hostage crisis and you will get negative reactions. That is how our society works, merely based on conformity and collective triumphalism.

Why does Filipinos let this happen? Is this the democracy that we expected? We are known to pervert noble ideals into a twisted views of ideals. Filipino society is by default one that values mediocrity, conformance, and deference to elders above innovation, imagination, and out-of-the-box thinking.

The minute Filipinos sense someone or something sticking out, they pull it back down. Filipinos ostracise people and ideas that are different; they are predisposed to judge these instead of trying to understand and learn from them. Is this the price of democracy, freedom,justice or even peace?

I have a question for you, do you want to reform this country or not?


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