Da Coconut Repablik

A Chronicle of the Da Pinoys and Da Coconut Repablik of Da Pilipins

Da Pinoy Chronicle: My Teacher, My Hero

“An educated people can be easily governed”

-Frederick The Great

This is the quote of one of the most famous enlightened despots ever existed regarding education. He was most famous for his contributions to military strategy and tactics which was imitated by Napoleon a century later, he built a powerful army that became the envy of Europe before even Napoleon was born. But he had one secret for the success of Prussia in a relatively short time.

Alongside expanding the influence, prestige and the military might of Prussia,whether in peace or war and which will in turn will become the leader and the main nation to unite the Germans into one country, Frederick The Great fostered and promoted arts, sciences, education, tolerance and widespread political reforms by building a strong and a competent bureaucracy.

While most of the Filipino cyberspace were engaged in a war against the government regarding the Cybercrime Bill, i am writing this article as a tribute to the teachers, the main educators of the people. While i know that a sizable number of teachers used their profession to abuse power, degrade individuals and foster corruption, luckily there are still decent educators.

In celebration of the teacher’s day, i am writing this to make a short tribute  to teachers, the least number of professionals. Teacher are  one of the least salaried professionals of the country and the common folk are even discouraging their children to study Education because of low wages, a part of the anti intellectual society of the Filipinos.

Teachers taught us several lessons and several things such as how to count, how to speak English properly and so many other things that we earned them a debt of gratitude which will never disappear.

Teachers are like our second parents. They want you to learn in order to become a better person. As Rene Descartes puts it, man needs education and guidance in order to use his powers of rationality correctly.

While we admit that the education system in the Philippines was lagging and the country has a strong anti intellectual culture and a society based on conformity, still teachers most of them became the voice of reason. While some teachers are biased regarding some subject matters, most of them want to add new information to the students in order for them to be used on everyday life.

Teachers want their students to succeed and it is their greatest achievement and relief for their student to succeed in their dreams, ambitions and goals. They are struggling from relatively low inadequate wages and some of them migrate abroad to look for greener pastures.

They are holding several odds and problems in their profession, but still they will never hesitate to teach and educate. They can be considered as amateur philosophers who will guide students into the path of reason. While reforming the education system  is necessary, still teachers will still be the backbone of education.

Teachers are one of my first heroes alongside my parents. While the family values of the country was somewhat flawed and contradictory to each other, i still respect teachers with esteem but not submitting into them wholeheartedly.

Teachers must encourage or even tolerate questions from the students regarding some controversial aspects of society because it will help the students to improve their logic, their powers of observation and their rationality, which was discouraged by some parents because of the strict family values of conformity. Conformity means everyone living in an alternative lifestyles will be considered immoral.

Education and teachers are the fruit of mankind’s desire for progress. Imagine a world without teachers. How will the great conqueror Alexander became educated and able to establish an Empire that almost unified the world without Aristotle?

How will Aristotle learn without Plato? How will Cicero, Ovid,Virgil and Plutarch became classical figures without teachers who taught them? How will Marcus Aurelius become a great emperor without educators? How will Chinese Emperors learn good leadership without Confucius, Lao Tzu etc? How will Carolus Magnus known as Charlemagne become emperor that will spark the Carolingian Renaissance?

How will Copernicus and Galileo sparked the Scientific Revolution by being not educated and citing their predecessors?

How will Newton complete his theory of gravity? How will Voltaire, Smith, Rousseau, Kant and other figures of the Enlightenment combined their ideas into one without teachers who educated them the basic aspects of learning? How will Louis XIV, Peter The Great, Charles XII, Napoleon, William Pitt, Washington, Bolivar, Bismarck, Victoria, Metternich and other political figures had consolidated their power and empires without teachers and even education? The list will go on and on.

Without teachers or even education, man will be reduced nothing but a culture of barbarians and brutes comparable to animals. We will live in a world of darkness controlled by sheer fanaticism.

We will live in a world of theocracy and superstitions, devoid of the truth and decency to learn. The Philippines was slowly degrading itself into this because our version of democracy values passion than reason, tyranny, conformity, idiocy, lunacy, stupidity  and several other defects of our society that needs to be reformed.

Teachers are very important for the progress of the society or humanity as a whole. They bear the torch of reason and education into their hands. They were deserved to be honoured. Their sacrifices were immense and it will never be paid by money alone. They are also one of the largest groups that joined groups seeking to reform the country. I support them. To all teachers out there, happy teachers day!


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