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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On The Irony of Pinoy Racism

Folks, we all know that racism is a laughable belief. It is a constant delusion of some people who claim themselves superior because of the color of their skin and some were determined to put racism into action, such as genocide and ethnic cleansing. Racism is an extreme form of nationalism, a very dangerous concept and if combined with chauvinism and jingoism, prepare for hell on earth.

My friend Chino Fernandez made an excellent article about the supposed ‘Filipino race’ and Youtube vlogger Takeru Miyamoto made a great video inspired by the article that Chino had written many years ago. By the way, i also recommend you to read this other article, an article that made an outrage from some ‘Nationalists’ and ‘Patriots’.

The recent outrage by the Filipinos came from Lucy Liu, who was one of the main actresses who starred in the blockbuster film “Charlie’s Angels”. On the October 11th episode of Letterman, And lo behold the quote that those netizens were angered is this one”

Asked if she “run[s] on a machine or do you run outside,” Liu replied, “I run on a machine. It’s just easier for me, I think. Also if I get really dark, I’ll start to look a little Filipino. It wouldn’t match. You know what I mean? I start getting darker… you know what I mean?” The actress further stated that she “can get really dark if I’m in the sun too much.”

For me, that statement is a little hilarious. He points out the skin color of the Filipinos as dark. Actually it is tan, not dark.The statement of her must not be taken seriously.After a few hours, a certain bloke commented on the video named Mohammad Tagtag. He or she cried racism over the statement made by the actress. After that fiasco, mixed responses become common.

On Twitter, user @RodelMend asked, “Why Not Ms Liu?” while @hapadawg said, “why because #pinays actually have class?”

Others attacked Liu’s persona directly, with @joelquiz posting, “I woke up a bit crossed eyed. Ugh, I look a little Lucy Liu,” and @NatGarcia110182 saying, “Maganda ka eh! Ode ikaw na!”

Oh shit looks like after Jimmy lampooned the KFC Cheese Top Burger and received several negative reactions, this one popped up.You know what, i am tired of this bullshit! It repeats over and over again like a broken record.

Why do Filipinos respond to this mundane things instead of doing something to reverse the stupidity of our society? We did that several times, including suing Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, that British show and several other people who commented that the Philippines is shit and that beauty queen who commented that a certain game show was stupid.

We are too gullible to reality because we refuse to accept it. We prefer our eyes to be covered with roses and constantly deluding ourselves to grandeur. Filipinos cry racism while they are also racist.

They made stereotypes about Arabs, Indians, blacks, Americans and several other ethnic groups. So it is okay to poke fun at other races while being angry about the others who mocked your country? Can’t Filipinos understand satire?

Oh well, not only they are watching tasteless drams and stupid game shows, they also detest critical thinking. I will say this to you all:

There is no Filipino race, and even race itself was debunked by the Human Genome Project only as a means of enforcing bigotry into others. Filipinos like to point themselves as a master race, although we are the laughing stock of Asia.

We continue to be proud and riding other’s achievements, we have obviously a sense of inferiority complex. We continue to pose ourselves as happy although most of us want to kill ourselves. we are living in a sense of false victory, of false triumph. We boast ourselves as a Catholic country while having a twisted sense of morality and ethics.

We continue to accept contradictions. We are always tuning to showbiz news with no sense. We continue to persecute those who are not living in conformity. We continue to practise hypocrisy over the LGBT and other peoples who are different from our lifestyles. We continue to elect leaders with the same results. We elect them because of utang na loob, personality or popularity than competence and intelligence. We continue to read biased historians that will distort the true history of our country.

The Media and the Oligarchs had imposed a society that they wanted, a society that most people were treated as mere cattle.We continue to hope for change in a system that was flawed and pointless.They had established a monopoly over us and use countless propaganda that promotes anti intellectualism. Being a gossiper in the Philippines is now a profession.

“Insanity is repeating the same things, expecting different results”. Racism is ridiculous itself, but before you will cry racism over an individual who uses satire combined with truth, think again. I think of this news headline as ridiculous. We continue to pride ourselves in delusion and grandeur. I will now ask you people, who is really the Anti Pinoy? The ones who say the painful truth or the ones who propagate lies?

Some of you will say that i should change myself, but no.How can we achieve progress if change was only confined into some people? We need to work together against this tyranny imposed by the oligarchs over us.I do not care what other people say because some of them hold similar ideas but criticising me for almost no fucking reason. Isn’t that called hypocrisy?

By the way, the Filipino biscuit is somewhat delicious LOL 🙂


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