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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Noynoy And Rizal To GMA And Wheelchair

Welcome back Manila after a week of hiatus because i went to Bicol. So after i stopped writing articles for a week, there are shitloads of national and foreign news on the radar lately. We will tackle them one by one because my body can’t make two article for a day right now. So we will pick a news headline.

The President of the country BS Aquino made a state visit to New Zealand and Australia. And lo behold the reaction of the countries in his visit. Out of diplomacy and courtesy,  Prime Minister Julia Gillard compared him to a certain guy. I considered this the biggest what the fuck moments of Philippine politics since Pnoy was elected as President. She compared Pnoy to Jose Rizal!

First of all before you can exclaim what the fuck, this is done out of courtesy by the Prime Minister. Comparing Rizal to Aquino is impossible, it is like comparing an Intel Quad Processor to an Atari or even Commodore 64 in terms of intelligence, which i doubt Pnoy had at all.

They have one thing in common: they are elites. The former was an ilustrado while the latter is a descendant of an ilustrado. That’s it, the statement by the Prime Minister was merely courtesy and mockery at the same time.

In New Zealand meanwhile, Pnoy made a joke about the corruption in the Philippines. He joked about the former President GMA and her plans to escape the country through a wheelchair to evade corruption charges against her.

The joke was kinda funny but also ironic. Pnoy did more damage to our country than GMA. Manila Hostage Crisis, Sendong, August floods and other things that the Philippines had experienced under his administration for the past 2 years.

Luckily thanks to the media and its eventual habit to humiliating figures in the public eye, Corona was impeached with charges of betrayal of public trust. Now the Media had intensified its news against GMA.

Several charges are filed against her, with most of them hearsays. The Media is indeed good at manipulating the emotions of the common masa to disregard the rule of law. Thanks to them, mob rule is now justified as well as trial by publicity.

GMA and Corona were both denied a fair trial for their alleged crimes. This is the reason why i find the administration as incompetent. It was only great at passing the blame game to other people. It had mastered the art of finger pointing and emotionalist populism. The Philippine Hate Bandwagon is steamrolling our society to chaos.

We had denied GMA treatment because of  our fantasies and delusions. The decision of the administration was childish and was done in the name of the people. The current administration claimed to serve the masses but not for their benefit.

The administration is incompetent and pretends to be rational and sane. Only the Proud to be Pinoy thing is the major achievement of the administration because their style was imitated from Nazi Germany. The concept of the Filipino race still lives even though on other countries, nationalism was almost dead.

The current roster of idiots who run the government makes me angry and depressed at the same time.  Politics in indeed more fun in our country. Pnoy continues to persecute his opponents through humiliation.

The government had already turned into a corrupt aristocratic theocratic republic with anti intellectualism and rationality as the norm. In short mahilig makisakay ang mga Pinoy. But sometimes riding the bandwagon is a dangerous thing. We are so good at twisting and perverting morality, virtue and ethics.

We voted for these idiots to run this country anyway. People what were you thinking when the time you voted for him. We don’t need hypocrites who ran under the platform of ‘anti corruption’.

We need competent bureaucrats. There is always corruption but if the country will shift into something better, it will be largely eradicated. Filipinos, i beg you not to vote in 2013.

If you excuse me, may you please bring my thinking grenades? As said by Ilda, criticising Pnoy is good for democracy.


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