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Da Pinoy Chronicle: Happy Halloween!

Hey folks Happy Halloween! This is my Halloween Special. I must give myself a break on some issues concerning the country or the world today for just one tiny celebration. You must be attending Halloween parties, trick or treat, amusement parks, horror houses, mals, watching a horror movie marathon etc.

First of all. the celebration is purely for fun, no religious overtones. Well, there is because it coincides with the Festival of the Dead. It began from the Celts and it spread like wildfire to other countries worldwide. Then Halloween was born. To all religious fundamentalists, stop fucking yourselves.

I am currently watching the Phantom of The Opera, Halloween, Friday The 13th and the Headless Horseman. I recommend you to watch the mentioned films that i had given.  Legend of the Sleepy Hollow if i will clarify. You can also watch the Exorcist if you have the balls or play Castlevania for amusement.

But be sure folks don’t check out Twilight. It was a horrible piece of shit. I want to review shitty films right now but you can check out this video to show you one of the most shittiest Halloween film of all time. Cosplay is on the rise again. Damn i want to cosplay as Zero.

I had also watched an episode of Face to Face. My God the show was horrible and laughable. Those people were a bunch of paranoid freaks who want to kill a woman because she was a witch or other bullshit. The Philippine TV specials? Also they are shit and a waste of time. By the way, i recommend Inception!

Well folks enjoy your weekend and happy Halloween to all of you. This will be a night of fun and excitement. Oh well gotta go, i will cosplay as a crazy soldier lunatic for our Halloween Party this night. Ciao everyone! Give me your candies!

Happy Halloween! (plays awesome song) Thriller is too mainstream.


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