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Da Pinoy Chronicle: Religious Fundamentalism and Pinoy Pride After Hurricane Sandy

Well folks, this is an article about Hurricane Sandy. I know it is hard for some people to erase this recent catastrophe that had engulfed the Americas. Hurricane Sandy is probably one of the most violent hurricanes that had been experienced by the U.S and its neighbours.

There are countless of news articles that covered the event and its aftermath. But the aftermath of the hurricane is more tragic. Countless properties had been destroyed which cost the government about $20 billion, millions of homes were swept, trade was severely affected and it is a huge pain in the arse for the Obama administration.

It had even outranked the previous Hurricane Irene in terms of damages. If the Bush administration had Hurricane Katrina and the 9/11 attacks  which had paved way for the increased aggression of the Coalition forces against terrorists, the Obama administration had this disaster. This hurricane had almost destroyed the eastern seaboard of the United States.

But wait, this is not a pure American matter. In fact, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic were more unfortunate especially Haiti, which was still reeling from the epidemic and the earthquake which had destroyed its economy. 200,000 people are currently homeless and the famous Cite Soleil was devastated.

I am amazed at how speedy the recovery of the United states after the disaster while the Philippines can’t recover fully from the recent floods last August, The Typhoon Sendong and heck Ondoy.  Did even Filipinos learned something from these disasters? The politicians also praised the politicians in the U.S for their competence, which the Philippines has none. Political will is also zero.

I am irritated how some Filipino ‘patriots’ will cry that they are proud of a certain individual who shared her electricity to charge mobile phones. Wow, it seems like the bayanihan culture of the Filipinos is only unique to us. It is a delusion,  Pinoy Pride is a delusion to be precise. Ethnocentrism at its finest.

Another issue that i will tackle is religious fundamentalism. In America, stupidity is now a virtue in the land of the free which means that the American society is getting dumber and dumber. This lead to the rise of the Christian right.

Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, just to count a few other bullshit are all products of the militant Christian right. Unfortunately, these conspiracy theories became mainstream and had penetrated Filipino culture, which was in fact too gullible because it’s culture even rejected critical thinking anyway.

This guy blames the LGBT people for causing the hurricane just like 7 years earlier because of their insistence of marriage equality. This guy on the other hand blames abortion for the hurricane. Also, the Westboro Baptist church was glad about the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. I am warning you guys, please take your medications.

These fundamentalists are taking advantage of the disaster to spread their agenda which means gay bashing and anti abortion. These guys are so ridiculous that they even battled with rock music during the 80’s. It is like these guys are afraid of technology or something.

They claim they obey god and the bible but they are not obeying it. They are obeying it literally, if they have a brain they will find out that even the Scripture was edited a million times. I call them hypocrites.

So, these guys are taking advantage of populism. Instead of blaming some minority, why don’t you donate to the charities for those who were affected by the calamity? I think that is the definition of a true Christian right?

Ok guys, my article is almost over. Just a reminder, don’t listen to these people, patriots or fundamentalists. Both of them live in their own fantasies. A Philippine patriot lives in a fantasy of greatness, while a fundamentalist live in a world of theocracy. Don’t listen to this people, nor even care. I recommend you not to listen to that Coulter and those idiots.

By the way, if God wants to punish America, why he did not divert the hurricane to California, the land of liberals, hippies and anything that fundamentalists hate? Is God crossed eyed or drunk?

Seriously these are the chosen ‘warriors’ of God.




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