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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Epal Politicians During Undas

Ah politics, like they said is more fun in the Philippines. You will often mistake election day in the Philippines as colorful fiestas. And heck even the registration of various candidates are always like fiestas. For 26 years, when the term of daddy is expiring, the son will take over or daughter.

Mommy will run on another public office or even succeed Daddy. Hooray for nepotism!  Actually the Constitution forbids political dynasties but there are no effective laws and it was often disregarded.

One of the most holy holidays that Filipino Catholics celebrate is Undas or Day of the Dead. It coincides with the celebration of Halloween. In fact, here in the Philippines, both events are interconnected. Several Filipinos will go to the cemetery or to the provinces to be with their loved ones. It is a de facto 1 week holiday for people to go home.

There are several gimmicks done by politicians every election season but it gets more ridiculous. They are now offering shuttle services, Free Wifi, cheap but poor quality food and anything necessary to appease the crowd and win their votes. These services comes with a price: every goddamn product has a face of your favourite politicians.

Even in the Festival of the Dead, politics is still visible. Look at anywhere, these folks want your vote. They are so desperate for your attentions. I prefer them to be called attention whores. As said by a COMELEC chief, these politicians must respect the celebration.

Well folks we can conclude that the showbiz personalities who run for politicians are the ones who run the country while the actual politicians are providing entertainment. They are just stuck in their own little world, just like fundamentalists.

To these politicians, go fuck yourselves. You want to win the election because you want pork barrel. I can’t imagine how people of incompetence man our ships. Like they said, Democracy is more fun in the Philippines! And this idiot dares to defend political dynasties.

I am so ashamed that the Ilustrados who lead a civil war to carve the Philippines out of Spain will have offsprings that are too incompetent for government positions.

The people complains about corruption, but they fail to look that our government system is so shit that it will further instill corruption and drive our country into failure and the people will still remain forever suckers and idiots to these people.

Poor Stupid Juan


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