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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Pnoy’s Plan To Expand The Limitations to Foreign Investment

Folks, let’s face it. We are a very complex society, so nationalistic and so religious that we oppose foreign investment and anything foreign. Thanks to our great historians Teodoro Agoncillo and Gregorio Zaide, our society is a rational society that is neutral to international politics. Our nation is very modern indeed.

Well enough of sarcasm, this is the most humiliating news article that i had seen since the impeachment of Corona through a mob trial and a kangaroo court. It’s official. The current administration wants to limit foreign investment to designated areas specified as Free Trade Zones. They want to expand the limitations much like Carlos Garcia had done 50 years earlier.

Currently, the 1987 constitution is very draconian regarding to foreign investment. The previous constitutions tolerated foreign investment and 100% ownership but the current constitution imposed the 60/40% provisions in all levels.

This includes 2 sections called Lists:

List A includes:

  • mass media
  • practice of all professions, cooperatives
  • private security agencies
  • small-scale mining
  • private radio communications network, private recruitment for local or overseas employment
  • advertising
  • ownership of private lands,
  • lending companies,
  • financing companies and investment houses regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission

List B includes:

  • small- and medium-scale domestic enterprises
  • defense-related industry (i.e., manufacture of firearms, etc.) and
  • businesses that have implications on public health and morals (i.e., gambling, sauna, massage clinics, etc.)

Wow that’s a lot of limitations. There is no doubt why foreign investors do not have the balls to invest here. Instead of moving forward, he did backward. While our neighbours had opened up their economy to attract capital and create millions of jobs, we are doing the opposite. We cannot reely in self sufficiency, what we need is free trade.

I thought the LP supports free trade bacuse have they forget that free trade and economic liberalisation are the basic tenets of liberalism? But let’s be honest, political parties in the Philippines are nothing but mostly band of idiots.

I can’t think that Pnoy wants to expand the limitations. Instead of getting the economy to move forward, it will move backwards. Without widespread foreign investment to beef up our economy, it will only contribute to the monopoly of businesses.

I will give you some examples such as MERALCO, PLDT, SM and other Filipino companies. These companies have a total monopoly so they can set prices whatever they desire just to increase their profits. That is why you will always hear that MERALCO wants to increase the people’s electricity bills.

The Local Media is also a key benefactor. They had already lost their creativity and their news are so sensationalised and too much focused on showbiz. Crap teleseryes? It is the product of the lack of foreign investment.

Thanks to our OFW’s slash slaves, our economy is still afloat, or else it will suffer collapse. Lack of foreign investment is also the reason why professionals go to abroad for greener pastures, thus contributing to the brain drain of our society.

The ordinary folk does not know these facts because the Media tries so hard to conceal it. If 100% foreign ownership is allowed, they will lose monopoly. This will also stop the stupidity of our television.

Foreigners who seek to invest here marry Filipina women to be local kasyosyos. That is a technique for foreigners to establish businesses. The biggest douchebag that opposes Economic Liberalisation and even Constitutional Reform is ABS-CBN.

Some people who opposed Economic Liberalisation mostly comes from the extremes of the political spectrum. They are still upholding zealous nationalism and national patrimony, They claim that Economic Liberalisation is a ploy of the U.S and it will contribute to colonial mentality. Well, colonial mentality is a myth.  By the way AKBAYAN, where do your pork barrel go?

Filipinos are not educated enough to understand these things. Some may understand, but they shy away from it. Economic Liberalisation will not completely work without education. Necessary educational reforms should be implemented in order for our country to succeed.

Mr. Orion had written an article to criticise the number one patrons of protectionism. It is such a shame that many people are still ignorant to Economic Liberalisation. It is time to discard these outdated ideologies for the benefit of our country.

Economic Liberalisation is one of the main reforms advocated by the Constitutional Reform Movement. Popularly known as ‘Cha-Cha’, the proposal of some Filipinos are well received by the owners of the small and medium business enterprises as well as professionals, economists and political analysts.

It has also received support among John Gokungwei and the Ayala family. It was still opposed by the Makati Business Club. But there is no doubt, support is increasingly evident.

Some Filipinos may argue about McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC and anything foreign are foreign owned, well fuck it. These shops are all but franchises they were still owned by kasosyos. so it means that the current economic policies of the Philippines is under the monopoly of the oligarchy.

We don’t need a foundation to open up our economy. It needs regulation and control. Economic Liberalisation outweighs the benefits than the defects. It is now the law of life. It is a part of humanity’s progress. So i think it is now the time for the Philippines and the Filipinos to accept progress and reforms.

If we don’t expect that our society will remain backward. Dismantle the vestiges of Protectionism! Wake up Filipinos!


2 comments on “Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Pnoy’s Plan To Expand The Limitations to Foreign Investment

  1. Joshua Cuyos
    November 3, 2012

    Haha. I guess I can say is f*** the so-called “colonial mentality.” Who are these nationalist retards to dictate to us who we should patronize when their products and services aren’t even at par or better than the REALLY best, be it foreign or not?

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