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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Being A Douchebag

So folks what is our topic today? For all you people who are not familiar with my blog, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino is my blog’s favourite mascot. Just ask our folks at GRP and Anti Pinoy, i bloody bet that it is also their official mascot.

If you are an avid reader of GRP, you will notice the blokes that vehemently attack the authors with limited success. They are battling the authors of the two respective websites for two years. You will notice that their arguments are always Gloria, Gloria, gloria, korap and other bulshit.

Fishball, dapitan, laban, Vincenzo, those are the days. They don’t still give up on their stupidity. Maybe the Communications Group of Ricky Carandang are working overtime just to take down these folks. The world indeed will never run out of idiots.

Thanks to Sir Ben Kritz and GMA News, i am writing an article today for the Philippine’s number one douchebag: Homer Simpson. Before Homer will leave for Laos for an international event, he is promising to expand the rights of the OFW’s.

Love it or hate this statement, OFW’s are not Bagong Bayanis. They are used mainly as slaves or serfs for cheap labour in other countries. Most of them are treated like that. Professionals looking for greener pastures will always encounter this, but not all. It is very hard to work abroad, away from your home and their loved ones.

I hope OFW’s will know how the oligarchs are using them to increase their profits and wealth. In fact, if not for OFW’s, our economy will collapse. The insistence of our local elite to open up the country is contributing greatly to the brain drain of our society.

Homer is one of the leading figures who opposed Constitutional Reform. Do you even know that the greatest what the fuck moments in our history is this guy being a president? Only because his mother died, we voted for this guy. After 3 fucking years nothing happened. I am such a douche for supporting him at that time.

We had already seen him how he handled the Manila Hostage Crisis, Typhoon Sendong and other disasters. His administration is marred with incompetence. Disaster after disaster happens everyday. He is also humiliating his opponents for past time.

First Arroyo was humiliated, then Corona. Both were denied a fair trial. He used populism to a point that the people became a mob with a mind of a herd. His only goal that i support is his opposition to the power of the self righteous individuals known as CBCP, but i am even doubting if this tension is just a ploy.

Homer also hired several Communists to government positions. This is an another part of the KKK Agenda started by his mommy. He even allowed Sison to return from exile. He claims that the country is open for business but is very ignorant about economic liberalisation.

Singapore’s top officials criticised him as incompetent, which is true. 3 years for fucking nothing. I am taking a bit from the article of Ben Kritz:

And that is probably just as well; the “open for business” schtick, which was once merely vacuous, has now become a cynical deceit. N/A is arriving at yet another economic summit on a wave of bad news that makes a mockery of his well-practiced pitch: the release last week of the annual World Bank/International Finance Corporation Doing Business Report, which revealed that for the second year in a row under Aquino, the attractiveness of the Philippines as a place to do business declined significantly, to the extent that the country now substantially trails places like Yemen, the West Bank & Gaza, and perennial ASEAN loser Cambodia on the world list of places for investors to spend money.

None of which is surprising, considering that at about the same time as the Doing Business report hit the streets it was revealed N/A managed to scuttle a $1.5 billion investment package (that’s roughly P69 billion, for those of you keeping score at home) by being rude to the visiting Emir of Qatar in April. And just as the President was packing his Gameboy and some clean socks for the trip to Laos today, a member of Congress called for a legislative probe of a soured deal between the PCSO and Malaysia-based Berjaya Sports Bhd., in which the latter is suing the government for breach of contract concerning the operation of the Lotto in Luzon. If that were not enough, N/A again dusted off his unilateral-contract-abrogating skills earlier in the week, dumping a reclamation/port construction/flood control project in Pampanga Bay initiated in the last weeks of his predecessor’s term in 2010.

Look what he had done. So this open for business thing is just a sham. Well his administration is a sham. Even the so called Opposition is a sham, it is just used for show offs. Noynoy is effectively consolidating his power together with the Liberal Party.

Don’t see the evidence? The Cyber Crime Law. Fortunately, it was blocked by the Court for 120 days, but this is an evidence that he wants to control the Internet because it is giving him and his allies a bad name.

Hooray also for nepotism. He likes to appoint the KKKKK into important government positions. These blokes have no experience. He likes to point fingers to other people. He also humiliates us in front of the international community.

You will expect this guy to be smart? Suck it Yellowtards and Flipfags! This person Homer is an abomination to the name of the President. What’s next renaming the country into Luisita? Well some folks had argued that the impeachment trial is a ploy to divert the country’s attention from Hacienda Luisita.

Well folks, this is a hell ad hominem. But always remember, our President will be always be a DOUCHEBAG. Credits to Ben Kritz for inspiring me to write an article about this piece of arse.

Did i forgot his lovelife?



One comment on “Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Being A Douchebag

  1. PHguy
    November 5, 2012

    We can consider OFWs as a new legion of “bagong bayani”, but we sometimes have to take metaphors merely as they are. Face it; these overseas workers are human before ever remembering they are Filipino. They choose to find jobs (and sometimes the only direst means) outside the country is largely for economic reasons. They need to feed themselves and their family; they need to find personal and professional growth overseas which is a more fertile ground than the home. While it’s good to herald their determination as one workforce, this moniker is frequently abused particularly by groups insecure with their damaged national identity. While many OFWs work for selfless dreams, it’s mainly for THEM and THEIR FAMILIES. As a matter of fact, many of these overseas workers do not work at least within their circle with the honesty and values we think they ALL demonstrate in front of foreigners. The effort of one hardworking Filipino does not elevate another parasite Filipino to glorious status or provide the rest of the population the personal fulfillment they need–it’s gotta be the initiative and action of each and every Filipino that would residually foster the respect many want. No vague, melodramatic, gestalt nationalism-laced propaganda can ever improve the economic output of this country or deliver longlasting personal happiness to all citizens.

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