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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On U.S Presidential Elections

Well folks, today is an important day in the history of the United States. It is the 2012 presidential elections, an important day to determine the next leader who will guide America for 4 years.

It is a competition of the Democrats and the Republicans, it divides the nation of America itself. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s campaign gets intensified as ever as an effort to win the popular support as well as the support of the Electoral College.

This election will decide the fate of America and its foreign policy. My support will go for Obama because Ron Paul was booted out from the race. The platform of Barack Obama is the one that i more prefer than Romney’s platform.

The Democrats had a tradition of being pro equality since the 1960’s, which means that under the Obama administration, his first term was a favourable administration for ethnic minorities. His administration had led to the rise of the model minorities. The only thing that i don’t support for Obama is his over subsidy to the poor.

Over subsidy leads to dependence, then laziness and after that corruption. The poor must also work for themselves in order to survive and they must not depend on the government alone. I actually support universal healthcare but i advised him to take moderation on his social policies. Calling him Socialist had no basis or proof.

The Republicans on the other hand are pioneers of free trade and economic freedom, which i supported, but they have a tradition of being too conservative or authoritarian  on internal affairs. They also support a strong foreign policy which means they support a strong military. They are the main supporters of the ongoing War On Terror.

The main flaw of the Republicans is they are very draconian in regards to immigrants and other ethnic minorities, which is a kind of pseudo racial discrimination for me. Its supporters are also very jingoistic, extremely religious and very nationalistic, that they will not hesitate to support war against America’s enemies.

Mitt Romney’s position in some issues are very moderate and centrist but for some issues, his conservative side is showing. He declared himself as pro life and does not openly accept that climate change was partly caused by human activity, although he supports renewable energy.

Romney’s argument against Obama is his failed economic policies and the budget deficit, especially the debt ceiling issue that America faces. Obama was also blamed for the poor performance of the economy as well the loss of jobs. Obama only inherited Bush’s term and its burdens. His arguments against Obama is plainly lacking in substance

Both parties have one thing in common: They used populism to garner votes, everything has to use populism. The populism of the two parties lead to a standstill or neck to neck between the two parties. This is an uncertain time for America, and even if i support Obama i will still accept Romney as winner.

In short, the U.S Presidential Elections is an important event, not only for the U.S, but also the world because it will determine the fate of the world’s only superpower. I applaud the electoral system of the U.S because of its electoral College. The Electoral College balances tyranny of the majority and the rationality of American politics. This is the secret of the Presidential System of the U.S. America is also dumbing down by the way, becoming anti intellectual every minute.

With the Middle East still a powder keg that can erupt at any minute, with China’s flexing of military muscles towards Southeast Asia uninterrupted and Russia’s aggressiveness in the international community unchecked, the election of the U.S President is a crucial one. The shape of world politics can change or will remain the same, it depends on the winner of this election.

Another fucker, some Filipinos compared Obama to Homer. what a piece of crap. Obama has more brains than Homer, in fact Homer did not do anything to improve our country.

Obama is still competent to govern, so let’s give him a chance. He had also fulfilled more than 400 out of his 500 promises last 2008. But if Romney one, just make sure Romney that you will continue the strong position of the United States or else things might screw up.

Vote wisely folks, use your rationality because every candidate has political kicks


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