Da Coconut Repablik

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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Obama’s Reelection

I would like to congratulate President Obama for his recent victory against Mitt Romney in one of the most closest election in the history of the United States. America faces challenges that can disunite the country, they are facing great challenges in the area of economy, domestic politics and its foreign relations.

Your Excellency, since former President Bush had declared a war on terrorism last 2001, the world order has changed significantly. Your country had intensified its war on terrorism, even invading the tyrannical countries of Afghanistan and Iraq to extinguish that threat. Since the aftermath of 9/11, public opinions about Muslims in America becomes more and more negative.

The world is now a powder keg as of 2012. Even that you ordered the assassination of the most notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden last year, the world has changed so little. The Al Qaeda is still a threat to the Arab countries and your allies in the region. Russia under Putin is acting on a very problematic posture against you. Iran is on the process of military expansion and a global conflict is almost inevitable.

Most of the European Union nations are undergoing an economic crisis, the Syrian uprising has already become a proxy war and China is flexing its muscles over Southeast Asia. I know that all leaders are rational because they want to preserve their power but the balance of power that the United States has maintained since the end of the Cold War is shifting. Your Excellency, you need either to improve relations with your rivals or else another arms race will continue.

At home, you are also facing a lot of problem, with most in the economy. The economy of your country is so badly ruined that recovery is slow. This had lead to the rise of populist movements seeking to overthrow you and reverse some of your policies.

I support your welfare programs but you must exercise it with moderation. If there is no moderation, the poor will become too lazy to work for their own survival and becoming dependent on government subsidies.

I am also advocating  government reform if necessary your Excellency. In order to prove the people of America and the world that you are competent, you must engage on the British style question times more often in order to determine the state of the country. It will enable the politicians to be competent and it will prove your worth as a leader. Maybe twice a week is necessary.

America is such in a problematic situation and in these desperate times, the country needs a leader that is competent enough to rule. I know that some of the people puts the blame on you for the economy but most of them are too ignorant of the fact that you had inherited it from the previous administration.

I have my support for you and the people, whether they are Republican or Democrat all hope for America to prosper and reverse the effects of the past. The people hopes that one day, your country can rise again.

I support your minority policies because it will let ethnic minorities more opportunities to improve themselves. Your administration is tolerant of people regardless of their race

As you said to your victory speech, whether Red States or Blue States, there is only one state, the United States of America! You have a long way to go, Mr. President!  We hope that America will pass this struggle, it is indeed the land of the free, the first nation that inspired many to rise up in the name of liberty. I hope that progress will continue.






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