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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Riding the Pinoy Bandwagon

Well folks, after a while i found out that i have not written articles that are against stupid Filipino mentality for a week. Thanks to Get Real Philippines, i may now have the balls and the brains to write a damn article about this topic.

Do you know the saying ‘just go with the flow’? This trait is very common amongst Filipinos, especially in social groups, where you will only just ride with the others to not get into trouble and risk social isolation from your peers. It is commonly seen in social groups but can be also applied into our culture as well.

For example, a Filipino rises from obscurity to the mainstream eye, Filipinos will constantly shout “I Am Proud To Be Pinoy”. Why do you need to be proud if someone succeeded, did you contributed to his or the groups success?I agree that being proud of a team that represents a country is a good idea, but being proud even to the stupidest things and bragging that every Pinoy has that talent in their veins is downright ridiculous and plain stupid.

Another example of how the Pinoy Bandwagon was the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Corona. Thanks to the Yellow mass media (ABS- CBN and other Lopez allied networks and newspapers such as the Inquirer, Rappler and the notorious Communist journal titled Bulatlat) , Corona was convicted last June even though the prosecution panel did not provided a strong evidence against him.

While some people may point out his SALN as the betrayal of public trust, the evidences presented by the prosecution panel were downright laughable. Even when ABS-CBN had aired its full coverage of the trail bringing several prominent ‘lawyers’ to discus the Corona issue, it so so obvious for a intelligent watcher that the opinions of these professionals were full of biases.

I had watched the impeachment trial through GMA because i knew that GMA is a pretty decent channel when it comes to news, as it have few biases. I have seen how Tupas was humiliated in front of the television. Corona’s defender Cuevas was so competent that in a fair trial, they might have acquitted the former Chief Justice.

In June 2012, the wish of the mob was fulfilled, Corona was ousted from his position and several Yellow supporters hailed it as a victory for democracy. Nationalists and various Communist legal fronts such as AKBAYAN even threatened the Senate if Corona was acquitted. You might hear these people had said:

“Tuta kasi siya ni Arroyo.” (He’s Arroyo’s lapdog.)

“Midnight appointee ni Arroyo.” (He’s Arroyo’s midnight appointee.)

“Marami kasi siyang pera na undeclared, kaya guilty siya at dapat umalis sa pwesto.” (He has a lot of undeclared wealth, so he’s guilty and should be removed from office.)

I am quoting from Arche Afable’s article

There is a myriad of attempts to justify Filipinos’ contempt for the ex-Chief Justice, most of which, if not all, have been said again and again, rehashed again and again—with passion. But rarely, if not never, had we seen an actual good argument or position to suspect Corona of betrayal of public trust. If anything, anti-Corona peeps will churn out the old and tiresome rhetoric about Corona being Arroyo’s midnight appointee and whatnot, even though most of them are either lacking in proof, or already debunked.

What’s worse is that some people will just argue based from what they had heard from other people, or from the prosecution panel that combated the Chief Justice (a really terrible source of information). And this is often the case; in the course of Corona’s impeachment, many Filipinos formed their opinions primarily out of what they’ve heard and agreed with it almost instantaneously. It makes you think that, somehow, they must have hated him simply because almost everyone does.

The main reason of hatred? Who else none other than former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the ‘enemy of the Filipino people’. Arroyo is a very unpopular figure because of her corruption allegations such as the NBN ZTE scandal, the Hello Garci Scandal and many others that are still not proven.

While the mas media are driving its sword against Arroyo with the same old issues, Filipinos ride on it. This is how riding the bandwagon becomes stupid. People will often say ‘makisakay ka na lang sa isyu wag ka nang kumontra’. You know that Arroyo is still to be proven by a judicial court, the media had already declared her guilty in the eyes of many. Hooray for trial by publicity.

The Yellow crusade against Arroyo is a running joke. The media had diverted us from the more important issues facing our country to this bullshit. President Aquino’s presidency is already marred by disaster and incompetence, such as the failure of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program initiated by his predecessor, our economy, our environment to foreign investors, our politics and our increasingly feudal landscape comparable to medieval Europe.

There is no opposition in a sense now because the Communist legal fronts are now under his control, the threat of the LAKAS Party was almost diminished and the media continues to hail him and his family for ‘democracy’. He is legitimising the monopoly of the local elite in regards to businesses and politics as well. He will justify his administration as well his supporters as desired by God.

Without serious competition from foreign companies, the oligarch owned businesses will continue to have a monopoly and can continue to increase electricity bills and other basic necessities as they wished with token opposition. The Constitution had restricted foreign ownership to 40 %, which was very unfriendly for a nation that describes itself as open for business.

The same old argument against economic liberalisation was used by the Yellow Media, its supporters, the Communists and Nationalists. They even opposed U.S military presence with an imaginary argument of foreign imperialism.

The argument of these groups are also directed against Federalism and the Parliamentary System. Some of you will scream corruption, but human nature sucks. Corruption is an inherent part of human nature. Men are all driven by their desires. Corruption will be not eradicated, but can be controlled or discouraged.

While professionals are leaving the country in search for better pastures, while several Filipino companies are relocating overseas because of its business friendly environment and several prominent businessmen are advocating for economic reforms, the issues here at home will remain unsolved unless we approved of legalising 100% ownership that can bring millions of jobs to ordinary Filipinos which will result into less OFW’s.

As said by Lee Kuan Yew in his book From Third World To First:

The senate had already defeated Mrs. Aquino’s  proposal to retain the American bases. The Philippines had a rambunctious press but it did not check corruption. Individual press reporters could be bought, as could many judges. Something had gone seriously wrong. Millions of Filipino men and women had to leave their country for jobs abroad beneath their level of education. Filipino professionals whom we recruited to work in Singapore are as good as our own. Indeed, their architects, artists, and musicians are more artistic and creative than ours. Hundreds of thousands of them have left for Hawaii and for the American mainland. It is a problem the solution to which has not been made easier by the workings of a Philippine version of the American constitution.

It made no difference. There were more coup attempts, discouraging investments badly needed to create jobs. This was a pity because they had so many able people, educated in the Philippines and the United States. Their workers were English-speaking, at least in Manila. There was no reason why the Philippines should not have been one of the more successful of the ASEAN countries.

What is the root cause of all of these problems? The culture of our people. Our anti intellectual, anti progress, backward bandwagon culture have already made a running joke on itself. While the rest of the world moves into the information age of globalisation, we are still stuck in the industrial age of the traditional politicians who opposed any kind of reform.

These politicians are the same ones who supported the impeachment of Corona without reading the damn thing and these politicians are the ones who supported the Cybercrime Law, a law that only legitimises state tyranny that will only benefit Aquino’s closest allies.

I am glad that Arroyo had won the 2004 elections than FPJ. The Filipinos just love populism, a very dangerous ideology of a rationally illiterate country. Filipinos are educated in the traditional sense, but they lacked critical thinking and respects the same old authority who oppresses them. Well the fraile culture was indebted to our culture.

I am not surprised that Filipinos are depressed. They are shying away from politics and will retreat that ‘wala tayong maggawa‘. With the current roster of leaders, our miserable condition and our economy in the point of collapse, who will not be depressed? The current state of our society is so stupid that we can tolerate this intolerance. The macho society and the fictional notions of a country still lingers on our minds, thanks to our biased historians such as Teodoro Agoncillo and Gregorio Zaide. They are the reasons why Filipinos are so anti foreign and still believes that colonial mentality exists.

We are now seeing the effects of the EDSA Revolution, it is only a clear manifestation of the tyranny of the local oligarchs under the consent of the general will of the people. Some people will still delude about Tagalog as national language, Filipino nationalism and socialism as the key to change our culture. It’s all a product of Da Pinoy Bandwagon.

Filipinos can’t just accept the truth, they prefer their eyes to be covered by illusions or roses of optimism. They pretend that the Catholic Church is still moral while the organisation itself is seeking political power that will totally contradict their teachings that contributed to the hypocrisy of our mindset.

Elections are nothing but fiestas, game shows are nothing but idiotic shows, local TV and films are nothing more but crap. The Philippine society is filled with emotionalism and sensationalism. People are more inclined to listen to showbiz news than to know the current situation of our country.

I accept the reality that we are a failed society and as a nation, but we can do something about it, although it will be largely impossible because of the current mindset of our people. We need to accept progress as law, humanism as virtue, power as a part of human nature and morality as nothing but malleable ethics that can be changed any time. i prefer a competent bureaucracy to govern us than an unruly mob.

The change does not start on us, it starts with a group. Riding the bandwagon is sometimes good if the causes are justified. It’s time for us to move to the future, the Age of Enlightenment. It’s time for us to move out from our self imposed darkness. It’s time to discard the outdated ideals that are long dead.

Our numbers are very few, we are just a coalition of blogs like my blog, anti Pinoy, GetReal Philippines, Ben Kritz and other individuals who supported the evaluation, analysis and reformation of our culture. time is running out, we need to do this for the future generations of Filipinos. Our history is full of lies and hidden chapters. The Philippine Revolution was not even an Asian Revolution.

I am not afraid to battle the old order and the status quo. Filipinos must be aware of what is happening around them and think for themselves. The media does not necessarily reveal the issues to us, you need to discover it for yourself and think it out for yourself. I am not operating under my self interest, i am writing this blog to inform the people about the current injustices happening around our country.

As said by Jose Rizal  “What is the use of independence if the slaves of today will become the tyrants of tomorrow?”. We had only created a nation where passion rules than reason, a tyrannical democracy governed by emotionalism, by personality than by competence. The tyranny of the political dynasties, the oligarchs and the religious fanatics  will end, they will all fall like a house of cards.

Jose Rizal even wanted the Philippines to imitate foreign culture. He want the Philippines to be foreign in culture and pro progress. He wants the indios to think like Creoles. Now Elias the Indio is now suffering from his own constant delusions that Rizal was anti foreign and a promoter of Tsgalog. He passed his outdated beliefs to his son Juan.

Proud to be Pinoy for what? Charice? Bruno Mars? Pacquaio? You are only deluding yourselves and refuse to accept the cold reality that we are observing everyday. Get Real Philippines!

A true democratic society will only emerge if the people will become enlightened and will accept reality and progress. We know poverty exists, ignorance exists, our educational system is broken, your government is broken, our voting system is broken, our religious beliefs are broken, still we are not aware of that or even ignoring that.

The Philippines can never achieve prosperity or progress unless Filipinos will wake up that there is terribly wrong about their society and they are not afraid to voice it out. The bandwagon that the citizens are riding for 26 years is already broken, it is now heading on its way to destruction.

Do not be angry at me, this is just my honest evaluation of our failed nation, society, culture, politics and our mindsets. We need to remove the traits that hindered progress.

As said by Baron de Montesquieu in his book The Spirit of Laws

The people have more vigour in cold climates… This superiority of strength must produce various effects: for example, a greater self-confidence, that is to say – more courage; a greater sense of superiority, in other words, less desire for vengeance; a greater sense of security, i.e., more frankness, less suspicion, politicking, and scheming…

I have seen the operas of England and Italy, they are the same pieces and the same performers: and yet the same music produces effects so different upon the two nations; one is so calm, and the other so transported that it seemed inconceivable.

You will find in the climates of the North – people who have few vices, many virtues… If you approach the South you will believe yourselves entirely removed from the verge of morality: the deepest passions cause a multitude of crimes; each one will seek to take advantage of all the others who can promote these same passions.

The warm climate attitude of the Filipinos must be reformed or modified in order to fit into the demands of society. We need culture change and system change in order to create a true democratic country with a Federal Parliamentary form of government. Japan and Germany are examples of cultures that we can emulate, as these cultures are known to have hard working people and pro progress. Japan is also secular and humanistic, a trait that must be emulated by Filipinos.

Perhaps if the Ilustrados who lead the Revolution and various reform movements like Andres Bonifacio, Jose Rizal, Luis Rodriguez Varela, Pewdro Palaez, to the Enlightenment philosophers such as Montesquieu, Voltaire, Kant, Thomas Paine, to the American politicians such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, to the enlightened despots such as Frederick The Great, Peter The Great, Gustav III, Napoleon and the Marquis De Pombal, to the revolutionary leaders such as Danton and Lafayette are all alive today, they will all curse at us.

These individuals knew the Philippines as a Spanish colony, a profitable one and there is no doubt why it will not succeed. Jose Rizal even predicted that we will become a world power after our secession from the Spanish Empire. In fact, the Revolution was more categorised as a civil war, a war between reactionaries and liberals, with the latter carving up the nation of the Philippines.

The Spanish Empire was too large to be a single nation that is why the local elite carved their own countries out of it. We got a government we deserved, a government of idiots. Some of you will complain about the leaders doing poorly, but who elected them anyway? They are simply elected because of personality than competence and we choose to ride the bandwagon. Poor Stupid Juan indeed.

Fortunately, there are several websites and blogs dedicated to find solutions and evaluate the failure of the country. Filipino Freethinkers, Anti Pinoy, Get Real Philippines, GR Business, Pinoy Monkey Pride, my blog and other allied websites are dedicated to this agenda. We can now use the power of the Internet to voice our objections. We don’t need to contribute anything in order to criticise because that argument is only fit for crybabies. Since the advent of Baron Buchokoy, more and more Filipinos are awakened.

Now who is the Anti Pinoy? Me or the individuals who will continue to live under a state of delusion and absolute conformity? Our future children may laugh at our generation’s stupidity because we are so afraid of the wrong authority. They will scorn us for being ignorant.

Ignorance is really a bliss indeed for us, coupled that with the bandwagon riding, it’s sure that the Philippine will forever remain a nation that pretends to be prosperous and proud, even though the international community knew that it is exactly the opposite. Our insistence to reform or even change will bring us to our downfall.

The Banana Republic will remain for another ten thousand years! All hail the Emperor and his family! All hail our great country! Pinoys are the best! All hail the Yellow Monarchy! Let’s demonize Marcos and promote our family as saviours of democracy! Let’s rewrite history according to our own interpretation. Let’s write that Ninoy is a saint and Marcos is a tyrant!

But actually who is the real tyrant? Why we will blame all the suffereings of the Philippines to Marcos and GMA while we are the ones who are mostly responsible for this. Let’s blame them for anything. That will solve our problems right?

As said By Captain Price from the Call of Duty video game:

This is for the record. History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If he lives, and we die, his truth becomes written – and ours is lost. Shepherd will be a hero, ’cause all you need to change the world is one good lie and a river of blood. He’s about to complete the greatest trick a liar ever played on history. His truth will be the truth. But only if he lives, and we die.

Let us join the Nationalists and the Communists who are fighting for the people’s republic! Oppose U.S bases! No to Foreign Imperialism! Oppose anything foreign!  No to Constitutional Reform! No to 100% ownership of land! Yes to sariling atin!

This is how our society has become, a stupid and broken mess. I cannot think how the youth will improve in this land. As the country continues to detest rationality and will remain backward, we can’t expect progress to be achieved. We can blame the people, ourselves and our leaders at the same time. We are al guilty of what is happening today.

Poor Stupid Juan indeed.


One comment on “Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Riding the Pinoy Bandwagon

  1. Anon
    November 8, 2012

    Great article there. That is why I usually call da pinoys as FLIPFAGs or Failipino/a Loves Ignorance/Incompetence Purposely For All Generations.

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