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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On The Toxic Waste Allegation

Well folks, this is an another day at the office. One of the recent news headlines that is relevant today is the alleged dumping of toxic wastes by a U.S tanker owned by Glenn Defense Marine Asia. The site of the crime? Subic, the former base that the United States 7th Fleet once called home. Because of a series of natural disasters and extreme pressure by the militants and the local elite to remove the U.S bases, the american troops left the country, although temporarily.

The United States are now making plans to install anti ballistic defence radars and they will intend to help the Philippines in case of a Chinese attack on the disputed Scarborough Shoal and the Spratly Islands. Currently, the recent procurement programs of the military to boost its capability are decent, but still as long as the military is still focused at eliminating the Communist insurgency in the rural Philippines and the Moros in the south, the military can’t still invest on external defence solely.

As said by the militant group Pamalankaya on a news article:

The US Embassy in Manila will not allow their private contractor to be punished by Philippine government. That’s for sure. The US government will do anything, everything to absolve the American navy contractor from any kind of obligation of responsibility to the Filipino people. In fact the US embassy in Manila will engage in covert and overt operations to pressure Malalcanang  and top defence and foreign officials of the Aquino administration to cover up the toxic mess and free the Washington paid contractor from criminal and civil liabilities .

This issue will become a justifiable reasons for the Leftists and the Nationalists to oppose the Visiting Forces Agreement. They will all again chant ‘imperialism’ on the top of their throats and will possibly vandalise the U.S Embassy.

The DENR is already conducting an investigation and an inquiry to the issue, but several ‘activist’ groups remain highly sceptical about the conduct of the DENR. In fact. they are demanding that the SBMA must file criminal charges even though it is still never proven on court.

I agree that the dumping of toxic wastes have a very negative effect living near to the coasts but this is not a justification to remove the U.S from our presence. While some of you may say that the U.S is only concerned about its geopolitical interests in Asia in response to Beijing’s flexing of its military muscles beginning with the introduction of its first aircraft carrier, a former Admiral Kutzenov class aircraft carrier refitted and renamed as LiaoningNot only that, the Chinese had unveiled its Shenyang J-31 stealth aircraft, approximately 10 moths after it had unveiled the Chengdu J-20. This is a very provocative move for our country and the U.S as well.

Benigno, from one of his articles in GRP said:

The United States will, of course, look after its own interests first and foremost. The Philippines, for its part, is expected to do the same when negotiating with the United States. Both parties looking after their own interests does not necessarily preclude said parties settling into a mutually-beneficial agreement with each other. It’s called entering into a win-win relationship. Reyes seems to be telling us that he expects unconditional altruism in any party the Philippines gets in bed with. Well, Mr Reyes, welcome to the real world. It is a lot different from the mountain encampments you and your comrades inhabit.

The Philippines has long demonstrated a cockiness that far exceeds its ability to stand on its own two feet both economically and militarily. Recall in the early 1990s how twelve senators duly elected by the popular vote (and as such presumably representing the Filipino people’s “will”) voted to boot the American Military out of Philippine shores.

I am sure that these militants will repeat its attack on the U.S Embassy In Manila because of the toxic dump issue. If only these militants have a brain. Their ideology is long dead 50 years ago. It had died with the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Love it or hate it, we need the U.S on our side.

I also suggest that the system of government must be changed in order to operate smoothly lead by competent bureaucrats and we must also relax our laws regarding foreign investment. We must abolish the 60/40% provisions in order for companies to create millions of jobs, thus lessening our dependency to migrant workers. It will also let foreign defence companies to set their businesses here and build defence weapons and sell them at a lower cost.

I support the modernisation of the military, but i oppose war. We can just maintain a strong posture but not in a brink to declare war. If war breaks out, the Chinese are interested in occupying only the disputed areas, not our country because it is a failed state and will continue to become a failure.

Sorry Warhawks and activists, i do not support conflict with China as its is one of our largest trading partners. I am not supporting the booting our of U.S either. We must maintain a realistic approach to this issue.

You must put your causes in a legitimate cause, not just outright fantasies. By the way, what can a bunch of militants expect by throwing paint at a U.S Embassy? Apparently none, it was a stupid and childish action.


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