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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Bam Aquino and The 2013 Elections

It is 6 months to go before the anticipated 2013 Elections in the Philippines where candidates will distribute free candies, free bags, a hefty sum of money, (free condoms?) and free school supplies with their faces on it of course.

Everything will be a fiesta again as several candidates will seek blessing from the Church or seek endorsement from religious groups or artists. They will bastardise pop songs again to promote their names. It is also the time where maintenance of roads, bridges, sewers and other public works are being done relatively quickly. Just be sure that i will be completed before the Election time.

Poor Filipinos. We had already seen how the Americans conducted their elections and in just 24 hours, the winners of the race were shown. The 2012 U.S Elections were conducted smoothly and some folks will reason out their election system are computerised, that is not the point. In America, it was very grateful for the candidates to admit defeat.

But here in the Philippines, they don’t lose, they just get cheated! I am very glad that COMELEC had disqualified several Communist front party lists. The representatives of these party lists are composed of die hard communists with links to the CPP and NDF. Suck it folks, even if our elections are computerised, Filipinos will always find a way to cheat:

I am quoting from an article made by Ilda:

In contrast, even the Philippines’ very first computerized election in 2010 was fraught with allegations of fraudulent activities as reported by some of the members of the local and international community who participated and observed the election.

As mentioned in my previous article immediately after the 2010 election, foreign observers concluded that there was massive cheating involved in the first ever-automated Presidential election. Apart from the problems encountered with the machines, there were other elements whose presence was questionable considering they should not have been in the polling stations in the first place. Observers witnessed a chaotic scene with strong military presence and lots of instances of intimidation in and around the polling stations.

The current candidates running for the legislature are mostly incompetent and they are largely depending on personality, charisma and popularity. It is the argument made by the Cabinet Secretaries when former President GMA criticised Homer’s economic policies. If you are interested to read Arroyo’s essay, you can read it here.

One of the names that are very popular for the 2013 Elections is an another Aquino. His name is Bam Aquino and he is currently campaigning to become a Senator under the Liberal Party. He is the former Chairman of The National Youth Commission of the Philippines. He is the nephew of the late Ninoy Aquino, whom we knows the heir to the Philippine Republic in case Marcos dies. In my honest opinion, this Aquino is pretty competent, he is the main organiser of the Hapinoy Program, which was awarded by the U.N lat year.

But Mr. Bam Aquino you have a problem. First of all, don’t imitate Ninoy Aquino. By the way, you must show concrete platforms, not just another populist rhetoric. I am sure that the 2013 Elections will turn in the favour of the LP-NP-NPC-Akbayan-LDP Coalition because of its popularity.

The LAKAS KAMPI CMD can still have a chance to win because of its broad support from Visayas and Mindanao. Looks like the folks who voted for Homer last 2 years ago are regretting their decision. I even convinced my mother not to vote because the 2013 Elections is a sham.

I am sure that this election will become a pissing contest and this kind of habit by Filipinos will be repeated over and over again. Is thinking for the best leader too hard for you? Elections here lacked thinking. Rational thinking is pretty non existent thanks to the mass media.

Unless the Filipino voters will vote leaders based on competence, The Philippines will forever repeat the same cycle over and over again, even the elections will become computerised. Filipinos insist reforms anyway, what will you expect in the next election? Change?  You are making me laugh.

We elected thieves, buffoons, showbiz personalities and plagiarists to public office. I am now convinced that politicians in the Philippines are providing entertainment instead of getting their job done. Poor Stupid Juan and you are still Proud To Be Pinoy?

L means loser by the way


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