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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Sotto’s Stupidity

Folks, I am back again to write about our favourite mascot slash cretin named Tito Sotto. I can’t still imagine how did a slapstick comedian was elected to the position of Senator? I may be cursing at the people who voted for him because he is too incompetent, too stupid and too onion skinned to rule and a member of the legislative branch.

What will you expect for a Senator who not only did plagiarised a speech from Robert Kennedy, but he is also one of the main supporters of the Cybercrime Law? some idiots will argue over that the Law is meant to protect individuals from cyber bullying, but this law is so dangerous because several buffoons will take advantage of it to sue people that did little than criticising their incompetent policies.

He is not only facing three bloggers here,but in fact the whole blogger community condemns him. He had already plagiarised a speech that was so poor quality that a donkey can just shit on it. It includes the word “babaliin ko ang kasaysayan”, an evidence of poor Tagalog translation. In fact, the meme Sinotto has become mainstream that he cried foul over being an online whipping boy.

There is no doubt he is the main patron of the Cybercrime Law, which was fortunately suspended by the court. He now faces legal actions against U.S bloggers and even Robert Kennedy’s daughter, for plagiarism of course. Sotto just said, huh apology? So that is the statement that can be made by a semi literate idiot.

Seriously, why does this guy can still call himself Senator and he has still a broad support amongst the masses? Sotto is undoubtedly an idiot, a village idiot. Oh well, even his IQ is an insult to village idiots.

The problem of Sotto and even most Filipinos is they are very sensitive to criticism. They claimed that their ego and pride was hurt. They are always using ad hominem instead of staying on the topic. This is partly a result of failed family values and our anti intellectual culture.

The Filipinos know that there is something wrong but they are so damn afraid to speak about it. They all know that our elections are a sham, still they ignorant, thanks to media. People. we must stop electing clowns like this Senator into public office. He only deserves the comedy crowd, not politics.

In order to save your honour, I suggest you must resign if you can still have the balls to save your reputation. Or else, commit seppuku. You are nothing but a Pride Chicken, a politician that provides entertainment than actually working.

We don’t need politicians like you. You are not only a buffoon, but a plagiarist also. I had remembered a portion of  “The Bobo Song” because of this. I am all encouraging you folks folks to declare November 14 as #Sinotto Day. This is the 2nd verse of the Bobo Song

Pulitiko na sa showbiz posible na pala
Ang dami nang artista sa pulitika pa nga
Bobo, inutil, walang pinag-aralan
Hangal, hung-hang sino bang pinagmanahan
Uto-uto, sunod-sunuran sa kung anong makita ng mata
Upang mapansin ka ng madla
Para masabi lang na in ka sa mga pormang petmalu
In da loop sa chika chuvanes ke churva eklavu
Mga chismis na nahuli na nang isang dekada
“richard gomez at lucy torres sila na nga ba?”
Naku itong starlet na ang suso lumabas
Wag na wag mong ililipat susunod na sa the buzz
Wo-wo-wee sinong di mawiwili
Makakakita ka nang mga natapakan sa tv
Habang kinakain mo yung kanin, chicken adobo
Ayoko ng ganito nakaka-bobo



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