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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On The #Amalayer Girl: Who Are The Bigger Douchebags?

This past week, the most discussed headline in the Philippine Internet and even the world Internet community is the “Amalayer Girl”. She is notorious in a Youtube video because of her rant on a lady security guard in a LRT station or if you are not Filipino, a train station. The scene was caught by a random guy and posted it on the Internet, and it has attracted an almost negative response.

In fact, the video has now been a staple of parody for this week, with several videos are made in response to the incident, which is kinda similar to this one last June I think? I think that the parodies are kind of pretty good actually, no offence but it is pure satire and sarcasm for some.

The Philippine cities are considered by several foreigners as shitty, dirty and heck a jungle. Over urbanisation, lack of coherent urban planning, traffic congestion, lack of enforcement of the environmental and sanitary laws, population explosion, shanty towns, overcrowding, all of these are common especially in Metro Manila.

In order to get to your work faster, to go quickly to your date or personal businesses, commuters will ride the MRT and LRT train systems. Actually the stations are pretty decent, especially in MRT stations but once you had entered the train, prepare yourself for rude passengers.

The train is so overcrowded that it has reminded me of rabbits in a cage. If only the management can implement some strict limitations in the number of passengers as well as buying more trains in order for the train systems to operate faster, thus lessening the passenger count and the time intervals between trains.

As said by Ilda from Get Real Philippines:

Going to and from work is simply not straightforward when you live in the Philippines. It is a nightmare even when you have a car and it is hell when you are using public transport. Before you can get from point A to point B, you have to deal with a lot of inconveniences. Like, who the heck wants their bags checked constantly? Not me. It’s an invasion of privacy. Why the heck is there a need to check people’s bags in the first place? Okay, they are checking for weapons that could put other people’s lives at risks. But the thing is, whether it is at the LRT or at the airport, it is always annoying to be regarded as a terrorist especially when you know that the only weapon you have in your bag is a red lipstick.

These factors had contributed  to the frustration of our resident mascot, and without thinking rationally had made himself a sensation. The lady guard is doing her job by the way to protect commuters, but she also overdone it, so as the rant of the Amalayer girl. The people who commented on the video are more ridiculous.

In the Philippines, it is not very common to see a Filipino questioning authority. It is because of the failed family values that the parents taught to them, which can be traced back to the Spanish frailes. This humiliation will scar her for life. She must had thought of doing a rant before making hasty decisions, but I think that she was stressed at that time.

It is not cyberbullying, it is just too stupid to label it as such, unless you are a supporter of Tito Sotto.  All 3 factors involved in this incident are guilty. Paula was guilty of not thinking rationally before making a rant, the lady guard had overdid her authority which had invaded the privacy of the person and the people for being too stupid.

Filipinos like to criticise one’s argument based on personality than for the sake of argument, aka argumentum ad hominem. It is now too boring in Facebook to see Amalayer posts but memes are still creative. Vice Ganda made a parody of it which was not funny. For 1 week, the inherent trait of Filipinos are now revealed. Most of them have a sense of mob mentality or riding the bandwagon.

In my previous article, I had criticised the bandwagon mentality as one of the main sources of the failure of the Philippines to move forward. But what can you expect for a person who constantly watches stupid telenovelas, garbage shows and gameshows? These shows promote no thinking skills and they are too shallow. They stick on the same old formula with little to no improvement.

Humility, as some of the people will say to criticise her, but do politicians, bishops, cardinals, artists  and even ordinary individuals exercised humility in this country? It is a purely hypocritical statement. This Amalayer girl is now a fad, and Filipinos like to follow fads. Before you will say humility, think about it because most of the Filipinos has none of those traits.

Filipinos are too gullible and onion skinned to hard facts, just like when a foreigner made a video criticising the Philippines. Filipinos had struck back with ridiculous statements, the same old definition of “Pinoy Pride”.

By the way, some people criticise her for speaking English, which was kind of predictable. In telenovelas, the elites are usually portrayed as the English speaking contrabidas while the bida is usually portrayed as a commoner with fluent Tagalog. These telenovelas contributed to the anti intellectual society of the Philippines. Several non Tagalos also are now wishing to secede or to push autonomy or federalism in their regions.

Now, the bigger douchebags are the Pinoys because most of them are just riding the bandwagon and making it as a fad. They are worst than the two because of their inherent mob mentality, just like when they ganged up against CGMA and Corona. Thanks to the old mass media, they quickly labelled Corona as guilty and they are also the ones who presented allegations to former President Gloria Arroyo as facts, when in fact there is little to no evidence of it.

This issue has revealed the Philippine society as a state of the idiots, a democracy of the idiots. They are nothing but a gullible mob who exhibits anti intellectual attitudes and backward tendencies that prevents the country to move forward. These disease is like a rotten cancer that affects almost all over the classes of our society.

As said by Manuel Quezon

I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos to a government run like heaven by Americans.

80 years fast forward to the future, our country is indeed hell. What an irony for him and during his time, foreigners predicted that we will become successful. Our collective refusal to change and to move forward had all contributed to our downfall as a society and as a country.

The Tulfo fight was more worst as it had demonstrated that our local elite was stupid as well. What an application of ‘Catholic’ morality!

You are the ones who will decide now:

2 comments on “Da Pinoy Chronicle: On The #Amalayer Girl: Who Are The Bigger Douchebags?

  1. ashericabria
    November 17, 2012

    tsk.tsk. talk about Filipinos degrading their homeland.

  2. anon
    November 17, 2012

    She wasn’t booted out of her school.

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