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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On The Gaza Conflict

The Gaza conflict is one of the several conflicts in the Middle Eastern region involving Israel and the Arab world. The conflict is a part of the Arab- Israeli Wars, a series of conflicts that spanned for over half a century since The Jewish State of Israel declared its independence in 1948.

Even in the present day, several Arabs are not recognising the right of Israel to exist as a state, they termed Israel as a merely “Zionist entity”. Arab news channels as well as Arab leaders are widely using the term to condemn Israel’s existence in the Arab region. The conflict is still ongoing, even though Egypt and Jordan has signed a peace treaty to acknowledge Israel.

The recent Gaza conflict, known to the IDF as Operation Pillar of Cloud, is ongoing. The main reason of the intensified rocket attacks by the Hamas is the killing of Ahmed Jabari, one of the prominent commanders of Hamas. It is launched in 14 November 2012, as Hamas continues to threaten Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas.

Since yesterday, the IDF has launched 950 air strikes against militant positions in the Gaza strip, especially the rocket launch pads of their Fajir-3 and Fajir-5 rockets. It is also the first use of the Iron Dome by Israel in large numbers to intercept rockets and artillery shells from Gaza.

Currently there are more than 108 casualties, including military and civilians. This conflict is also the first wide scale use of social media to garner support for Hamas or the IDF. Whether in Twitter, Facebook or any other social media sites, both sides are attempting to gather international support.

In my personal opinion there are backers behind this attack by Hamas. I will enumerate 4 distinct possibilities:

1. The attack was solely conducted by Hamas with limited support from Hezbollah and other countries sympathetic to their cause.

2. The attacks were assisted by Beirut as a retaliation to the 2006 war, which the country was almost destroyed, by the way the Hezbollah is now a part of the Lebanese coalition government which will make matters worse.

3. The attacks were assisted by Damascus, but it is highly unlikely as they are focused on their own war within their cities. They may have provided limited support, which is possible.

4. The attack and the conflict were all planned, financed, backed and orchestrated by Tehran. It is a likely scenario because Tehran wants to form a coalition of Arab states to destroy Israel. Tehran may have provided logistics, training, the finances and the equipment to orchestrate this attacks. Tehran may use Hamas as a proxy to keep Israel busy.

No matter what the scenarios, it is plain simple. The conflict is purely about power politics, with religious fundamentalism being used as a ruse and an excuse to mobilise populism against Israel. Populism is now spreading in the Middle East like wildfire, with several people interpreted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a justification for war.

War may seem unlikely, even an open conflict. All leaders in the world are concerned about their heads, if not most of them except the pariah states. They want pure power, they want to survive. They will not risk their country to go to war for ideology. If Tehran wants to go to war, he must build a coalition of states and militants in order for him not to get knocked out easily.

The use of proxies is a good strategy in order for them to not engage openly, which was used the the United States and the former USSR during the Cold War. The war is focused on using proxy countries while not directly facing each other, or else they will face World War III.

Both sides are guilty of civilian casualties. Israel has a right to self defence, but this is becoming too barbaric. The conflict will not stop, it will only intensify the conflict. The predictable will happen. The United Nations must immediately broker a ceasefire in order to stop this senseless conflict now. Israel must stop its naval blockade in order for them to let their guard down.

The Six Day War, which Israel had emerged victorious, is a painful trauma to the Arab world, as most of them were confident that they will destroy Israel easily, but the war is an epic failure for the Arab side. The conflict must be stopped because its justifications are purely ridiculous.

Both sides are now barbaric, this conflict will produce nothing but more hatred and ridiculous populism. Both sides must now open dialogue and act according to a civilised process of diplomacy. It is my two cents and you can comment freely. Time to watch Eretz Nehederet:


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