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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Emotional Pinoys

So folks, here we go again. This is just an another day at the office. Some people might shout “Proud To Be Pinoy” because of this survey. According to a recent Gallop survey, the Philippines is ranked as the most emotional country on Earth.

Opposite of that, Singapore is ranked as the most emotionless society. The ranking of Singapore is not surprising, because of its culture. Singaporeans are known to be disciplined and hardworking, just like the Japanese and the Germans. These factors have contributed to the development of their own individual countries.

Because of discipline and hard work, they are able to be successful. These three countries are great powers, they can influence the wheel of international politics.

Before ordinary Filipinos will shout “Proud to Be Pinoy, let me inform you about this. Not only we are the most emotional people in existence, we are also the most depressed and sad country. With the current roster of incompetent buffoons and the state of our society, there are no doubts about our ranking.

Fellow GRP writer Ilda had nailed it. In her recent article, she said:

Being too emotional is actually a bad thing. It is worse than being emotionless. When someone is emotional, that person cannot think straight. An emotional person’s decisions are more often than not determined by his or her emotion rather than reason. It’s bad enough having to deal with an emotional individual, it’s even worse when majority of the members of a society are mostly emotional.

I mean have you ever had to deal with someone who is full of drama? They can be quite annoying. They are either in a state of extreme high or extreme low. There is nothing in between. No wonder the Philippines is considered a basketcase.

Most of us are emotional wrecks. Some might say that Filipinos are much better off than Singaporeans who were ranked as the most emotionless people in the world but I’d say that’s just typical sourgraping. To be sure, anything in extreme is bad.

Singaporeans are known for being too serious and very business like in dealing with the international community and even among themselves. However, their approach to life has actually resulted in something they can be proud of.

They have built an intelligent megacity and they are among the wealthiest people in the world. Meanwhile, for all the “fun” we have been having, Filipinos have nothing to show but abject poverty and dismal infrastructure.

She totally nailed it. Sure, anything in extreme is bad, but this is worst than being an emotionless people. The Singaporeans, the Germans and the Japanese are known to be intelligent, hard working, humanistic and disciplined. These nations have people that act rationally than emotionally. It is the main factor why they are on the top and they are one of the wealthiest countries on Earth. The Philippines on the other hand, is ranked at the bottom.

Its people are not acting rationally, they are even shunning rationality in exchange for emotion. They always want fun and enjoyment, and what is the end result? A nation of poverty with politicians enacting retarded solutions in order to solve our nation’s retarded problems.

Emotion is not bad, it is one of the fundamental aspects of being a human. Emotion is the main motivator for art, music, poetry, literature and almost any other things out there. But too much is very bad, as it turns a society to the bottom of the basketcase.

FallenAngel had made a remarkable statement on his article:

Politics in the Philippines is, for the most part, characterized by emotional hooks to popular sentiment, and appeals to how people intangibly feel. Concrete evidence, such as platforms, that can be quantified and more easily translated to a credible road map for what people in government plan to do, take a backseat, or are even totally ignored. Need examples?

Cory Aquino was voted in due to the popular belief of “tama na, sobra na” (enough is enough) when it came to Marcos’ so-called tyranny. Erap was voted in because the people felt his roles as an action star would translate into a competent president.

FPJ was nearly elected in 2004, due to similar reasons as to why the people voted in Erap. Gloria Arroyo felt the wrath of the angry mob, particularly because she wasn’t popular with the media.

The media had been able to brainwash the people into blaming her for everything gone wrong. Erap nearly won again in 2010. Enough said. Noynoy Aquino was catapulted into the presidency because of an outpouring of grief for his dead mother.

This scene in our politics is very common. as i had said in my previous article, our democracy is tyranny under the consent of the popular will. the most famous and the most charismatic candidate wins the votes, despite having little competence.

When Cory Aquino died in 2009, most Filipinos had expressed their support for the beloved icon of democracy and voted for his son, Homer into the presidency. Now we are seeing that Homer can’t do his damn job in running the day to day affairs of the state.

While Cory and her family are beloved by the people, Gloria and her supporters are constantly criticised. Heck, even the verdict of the Senate regarding former Chief Justice Corona was in fact made because of the pressure of the people. Being an overly emotional society is bad.

The mass media can manipulate our emotions through their sensationalised news, worthless teleseryes. worthless showbiz news and other forms of communications. They are the ones to blame.

The people swallowed it without large opposition. Thus we are remaining a nation of emotional barbarians. Even our history books are too emotional and too biased. It contributes to the anti foreign attitudes of the Filipinos.

A failed society, a failed government, a failed educational system and a failed culture, there is no doubt that our country is a complete failure. Religion is used by the clerics to twist the minds of the people to follow their own twisted logic, especially Catholicism here.

It only created a highly emotionalist society, a society based on conformity, a society that follows the wrong authority, a society of anti intellectualism, a society of incompetence, a society of hypocrites, a society of backwardness.

Quezon’s words 80 years ago were right, we had completely turned our country into a complete failure. What’s worse, our people do not even care about it. How can you expect the youth to have future in this society? Nothing, only nothing.

What now Juan? Will you just sit in a chair and do nothing?


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