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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On The Backwardness of the Philippine Catholic Church

I am not an atheist or a theist. I have no labels although people usually defined me as a secular agnostic. In my belief, I am doubting the existence of God or Gods, but still I tolerate people for what they believe, as long as they stick to rationality. I have favourable respect for Buddhists more than any other faith. I prefer scientific evidences and I doubt the accuracy of the Scripture.

I will reaffirm my stance if one day, science can now answer the origin of life in a complete manner, although I support the evolution theory. I reject people using the name of God for their own personal interests.

This article attacks the Philippine Catholic Church as being. Not only that they vehemently opposing the RH Bill, which I have a neutral stance, they are also the main protectors of the local oligarchy. They will oppose every kind of economic, social, cultural, political, economic and cultural reform.

I agree that in the early days of colonisation, the mission of the priests were sincere to the natives. Yes, you can argue with me that they had destroyed the traditional cultures of the natives, but these early priests were semi scientists.

Actually the frailes in its early days were the protectors of the natives against the colonial government. They had also served as the first teachers and the first chroniclers. The early frailes were very literate.

Contrary to popular belief, we were not a conquered country. It was just an evolving concept of feudalism. The Spanish had still delegated the former datus or nobles to rule their own communities.

As said by Josh Avinante:

During this time, the Roman Catholic Church was more powerful than the kings and nobility even in Europe.  Missionaries came with the King’s Men and converted the Maharlika to Christianity.  How they did this is a phenomenon, for even in Europe, it was amazing how they converted the war-like germanic barbarians that overran the Roman Empire and became more powerful than the invaders through the Faith.  The Church received a lot of estate donations from their faithful Maharlika.  As with their faithfuls in Europe, the Church kept the Maharlika and Castillians loyal to the King through the doctrine “Divine Right of Kings”, that kings were ordained by God himself.

In the early days, the friars were contented in spreading the word of God and Jesus Christ. But at the dawn of the 19th century, nations were hiring secular or native priests and the frailes had no where to go. Seeing that they had considerable power over the natives, they began to abuse them. The ideals of the French and the American Revolution was already spreading.

The later friars tried to stop these influx of ideals. The last frontier were the remaining Spanish colonies of the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Guam. They began a emigrate to the Philippines and had challenged the secularization of Philippine churches. They refused to relinquish the parishes that missionaries centuries before them built.

They called the secular priests (mostly native priests) unfit for church positions. They replaced governor-generals that defied the power of the missionaries. They had any subversive faithfuls executed in the open such as the case of GomBurZa and Jose Rizal. The beginnings of our memories of the frayle and religious orders has begun. Thus, came the anecdotes of Fray Botod, the ridiculously obese Padre Damaso and itchy Padre Salvi.

The Mission began as a mission to save the people. In the end, they were the same, even worse, than the very tyrants and evil they had sworn to protect the people. They became the evil doers and descendants of European immigrants ousted them in revolutions. In the end, the first Spaniard in the colonies were also the last for while other Europeans had become Filipino swearing his allegiance to the people, the friars have remained loyal only to Spain.

After the Philippine Revolution, which i had written on my previous article, the Catholic Church were now filled with native priests. They had already gained considerable power at the first decades of the 20th century.

In the 1950’s, the Catholic Church was the main group who had opposed the teaching of Darwin’s Natural Selection and the works of Jose Rizal, which the latter had gained attention. They were meanwhile countered by the veterans of the Revolution. Like their later friar counterparts, they have become a reactionary force.

Their influence in politics and society are considerable, They are the main elements of the overthrow of the Marcos regime via a popular coup d etat, which had placed an incompetent woman named Corazon Aquino in the throne as the President. They are also a political tool used by politicians to win and garner votes.

They are also the number 1 enforcers of morality, although their morality is twisted. Their twisted morality is a norm. The clergy have the balls to fight the RH Bill, but don’t have the balls to criticise the stupid television game shows?

I have seen the debates of both sides in the Internet, you will only find little substance on both sides. It had turned into a pissing contest between PRO and ANTIS, with both using websites that tended to favour their views. I am neutral regarding the bill, although I am its ardent supporter last year.

Overpopulation is indeed not a myth and the RH Bill is necessary in order to educate people about reproductive health. I prefer a market version of it because it will allow couples to choose different products of contraceptives.

I am laughing at pro life advocates, it is just a double standard. The RH Bill, without the necessary economic reforms as well as political reforms, might turn into disaster. as long as the protectionist economy of the country will remain, the effectiveness of the bill is in doubt.

I prefer to open the country to free trade for better job opportunities, then Federalising the country in order to de congest the capital and a shift to Parliamentary System. The Rh Bill will be more effective if these reforms are passed.

I am laughing at hypocrites who shouts God and promotes conspiracy theories such as the NWO and Illuminati. It is just a delusion. These clerics and its believers must discard their fanaticism.

The Philippine Catholic Church is very rotten, and i see some hope at the new Cardinal Tagle because he is a moderate. Unless the Catholic Church will extinguish its political power and return to its root for providing faith and willing to accept modern ideals, I will tolerate it. The power of the Church must be limited, but I am not imposing the State either.

I encourage both sides to use rational arguments, whether in support or opposition. Fanaticism must be avoided, it was as dangerous as populism. The Philippines must move forward from the industrial age to the information age of globalisation. Hypocrites like Sotto using the name of God must be eradicated from public office. We don’t need incompetent politicians.

I agree that the RH Bill, alongside with Constitutional Reform will turn the destiny of this failed country into better or worst. The Philippines, a nation where the people are predominantly Roman Catholic, must not make religion hindering them to learn rationality, science, education, reform and they must discard their inherent backwardness as a society, which  was also evident to other Filipinos as well.

I am in support to reduce the political power of the CBCP. They are worst as incompetent Filipino politicians,



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