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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Pinoy Pride, Nationalism and Militarism

The recent decision of the PRC to expand the powers of its police force to check for ships travelling within the disputed territories that the other countries such as the Philippines are laying claim to has provoked the anger of the ordinary Pinoys. Several international organisations and countries are expressing their condemnation towards this decision as well.

I am not taking the side of the Philippines or even China in this issue, I am taking the side of the international community. This decision by the Politburo of the PRC is very irrational because they had violated the freedom of the seas and trade. These two freedoms are the oldest international laws ever created. Each country has a freedom to navigate the oceans, and this decision by China is a violation of this law.

By reading the decision by China, I remembered the attempt by the Baltic powers, especially Sweden and Norway to establish domination over the Baltic sea for trade and military purposes. This aim was the dominium maris baltici (“Baltic Sea dominion”).

For 300 years, the Baltic powers had competed for its control. The Swedish Empire had almost succeeded in this aim but the outbreak of the Great Northern War was a fatal mistake. At first, the Swedish were victorious especially the Battle of Narva where they crushed the forces of Peter the Great.

The war with Russia had killed Charles XII of Sweden, better known as “Carolus Rex”, one of the most legendary military commanders in history. After his death, the once great Swedish Empire declined. A period of relative peace followed and Sweden had gained its regional power status.

I hope China will not pursue a policy similar to this because it will only bring disasters, like when Japan attempted to control the Eastern half of Asia during the Second World War. The Philippines must not imitate it either.

I believe that the leaders of China are very rational because of their pragmatic decisions, but I am doubting about the local politicians here. The Philippine society is still ultra nationalistic and militaristic. These ideals are very popular to the people, in fact some individuals suggest a boycott on Chinese products, which I find very ridiculous.

China is our largest trading partner and the boycott of its products will lead to economic decline. Our economy is still struggling and we will add another headache? Our military cannot even curtail a communist insurgency, let alone China.

Yes I approve of military modernisation but it must not be a justification for war. We must also continue our alliance with the United States in order to deter aggression. On the other hand, our economic relations with China must also continue.

The problem of these Leftists, militarists and Nationalists is they are appealing to the emotions of the masses. Even though nationalism was already dead because of the extremes of it during the two world wars, the Filipinos failed accept the reality.

I am not expanding it further because you will know what will come next. From the article of my fellow friend Chino:

I have already written much on the point that Da Pinoy’s attempt at projecting Pinoy Pride has only served to “shoot oneself in the foot.” The more Da Pinoy tries to project pride, the more Da Pinoy actually earns shame. Da Pinoys are probably saying, “enough of the shame already, please!”

They’re probably sick of hearing me call out against Pinoy Pride, asking them to put a lid on it or at least tone it down by a great deal (Or perhaps they’re just too emotional and easily hurt even if they shouldn’t be). I’m sure I’ve earned the ire of people for my anti-pride remarks. Perhaps they’re wondering if I have anything better to do.

But I still say pride deflators are still necessary. Why?

Because they still don’t get it. Pride deflating events will continue as long as Filipinos fail to mend their ways.

Basic principle: all the failures and mistakes of our lives are there to remind us of what will happen if we do something wrong and that we should do our best to avoid them and do the right thing. Pride-deflators  are part of life. They show us our mistakes. They all teach us that pride can be a real problem. In literature, nearly all classic fictional stories that portray the human condition highlight pride as a common cause of tragedy and disaster.

But why is pride so bad? People really need to be proud, right? Nothing bad happens anyway when one is proud, right?

Wrong. Pride, hubris, arrogance, can lead to actions that harm others. Isn’tRolando Mendoza’s hostage act itself proof of that? Or Senator Tito Sotto’s futile defense of his plagiarism? Of course, I can say that pride led to the Carabuena slap, or the incident with the woman ranting in the LRT (perhaps it’s also bad pride to refuse the bag check at the LRT station) and those who attacked her online. They are all a reflection of Filipino society.

The obvious reason why pride-deflators  are needed: pride itself is a hindrance to doing right. The Greeks have a different word for it: hubris. People have this kind of pride when they’re so full of themselves, want the attention of others and actually want to hurt others while saying they are doing right. Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot I’m sure had enough pride to say that what they were doing (massacring millions of innocents) was right.

But look at it from our side, the pridists say. Our people are wallowing in poverty and suffering. They need something to make them happy. Pinoy Pride is what can cheer them up! Pride puffs up one’s spirit and increases happiness! Isn’t that right?

Nah. Not for me.

I remember the Filipino saying “dapat may maipagmalaki ka muna sa buhay mo bago ka manghusga”. It pretty summarised the Filipino society. Filipinos are dedicated for bringing something to brag about.  If they had found nothing, they will still continue to brag small achievements that makes no sense.

This is how the Filipino society has become, a nation of proud monkeys. We don’t need pride to succeed. Germany and Japan had learned from their mistakes and succeeded by discarding nationalism and pride. Be a better Filipino, be rational and be ready to accept the flaws of your country, no matter how hard is to swallow the truth. We don’t need nationalism and militarism to succeed.

As said by Albert Einstein:

Nationalism is an infantile disease, it is the measles of mankind.


2 comments on “Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Pinoy Pride, Nationalism and Militarism

  1. PHguy
    December 5, 2012

    “Be a better Filipino, be rational and be ready to accept the flaws of your country, no matter how hard is to swallow the truth. We don’t need nationalism and militarism to succeed.”

    Couldn’t have said any better! The success of the present still has to be met with understanding of the past.

  2. Ra
    April 16, 2013

    the modern day Illustrados, bravo

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