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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On Pacquiao’s Loss: Pinoy Pride Killer?

Folks, I’m sure that some of you might be very happy about the fight of Pacquiao against Marquez. He lost the fight after a knock down in Round 6 of the match. I am sure that Mexicans are celebrating while Pinoys are so butthurted about the result. I am the few ones who is not sad about his loss.

Still I am sending my regards to the health of Pacman and his family. The bright side of the issue is, Pacquiao did not lose in all aspects in fact he won. He won by killing Pinoy Pride. Over the Internet, you will even see some fundamentalists blaming the loss to his change of religion. I found it totally absurd, because bringing a rosary and praying before a fight is not required in the dogma.

It was a decisive fight and perhaps it is one of the highlights of 2012, where this boxing champion has lost its title after a string of successes for a decade. The writing on the wall came true. There are several factors why Manny lost.

He lost his cool after his knockdown in the 3rd round and he was obviously angry. Secondly, the weight of Marquez puts a decisive factor to his defeat because of the increased strength of Marquez. Thirdly, Manny was over confident.  I am very glad that he accepted his defeat.

Meanwhile, his fans in Tondo has raised the black flag and are rampaging the streets. I am even surprised that this has overshadowed the Typhoon Pablo’s wrath which had claimed 600 lives and had left 200,00 people homeless.

What’s the big deal? It’s just a loser boxer. The international community did not make it their top news and most of them just posted it on their minor news. What is the big deal of that defeat?

Did our economy improved after he had a string of victories of the past decades? His victories are nothing  more but a gateway drug to delusion and illusion. Filipinos can’t swallow the pill of reality. I can’t even believe that Pinoy Vendetta and Anon PH has instigated a cyber attack. It was pointless and ridiculous. It clearly shows that we are a people of pikons.

Mr. Ben Kritz from GRP made a very intelligent assumption in his article:

At the risk of infuriating a lot of tube-dwellers, that Pacquiao was fighting at all – and that a couple dozen lawmakers abandoned the country in a time of calamity to go “watch” him (interestingly, it’s been reported only two of them actually had tickets) – is utterly shameful, under the prevailing circumstances.

Whatever “legacy” Pacquiao established over his long and objectively amazing career, and however dignified and sporting he was in defeat is now irreparably tarnished by the unavoidable fact that while he, many of his fellow Congressmen, and much of his country were investing their time and attention to an exercise that involves two men punching each other in the face, people like little Aimee Kay Sayson were dying because no one was there to help. If I believed in karma, I would say that Pacquiao’s loss (as well as those of two other Filipino fighters in the undercard bouts) served him and all who staked their emotional well-being on the outcome justly.

Legacy my arse. Pacman has just legitimised our reality escaping society and a nation of 70 million people with no dignity and even rationality to face challenges. They even shunned logic as sheer nonsense. I am glad that for a very rare instance, whatever pride that Pinoy has was shattered.

Fallen Angel had made an even more scathing attack on Filipinos:

I saw first the hashtags #PacyouMexicans and #olamexicopakyukayo and assumed that they were but butthurt responses by Filipinos to the “planking” pictures posted on social media.

Yet upon digging deeper, it looks like there was yet another thing that was a cause of trouble, and an apparently justifiable reason for Pinoys to be a bit angry.  There was yet another Twitter hashtag, #sufracomolaesposadepacquiao. In English, “suffer like Pacquiao’s wife”, seemingly referring to the way Jinkee Pacquiao cried when she saw Manny Pacquiao slumped in the boxing ring after he got knocked down.

In fact, it has gone so far as to provoke hacking attacks on Mexican websites. Pinoys, coming off from being dubbed as one of the most emotional people in the world, didn’t even bother to ask a sensible and logical question before starting those two “pakyu” hashtags: Was it really Mexicans who started that hashtag about Jinkee?

Bottom line, all that activity on Twitter and Facebook wouldn’t have meant squat had Filipinos not projected themselves onto Manny Pacquiao. If Filipinos hadn’t been using Filipino pride as a way to cover up their deficiencies, then perhaps Filipinos wouldn’t have put egg on their own faces in the Twitterverse. The “planking” and the hashtags, to me, were not worth the trouble.

Of course, no mention of Filipino social media idiocy is complete without mentioning #Filipinopride. I’ve been wondering what it was going to take to finally deflate that empty and false pride which has been nothing but destructive and downright stupid. I thought, maybe Pacquiao’s loss here would do it. But no, it looks like Pinoys are stubborn and pig-headed as ever.

Filipinos, stop this stupidity already. This is horseshit, lucky punch my face. Filipinos can’t accept that it was all due to training and hard work of Marquez that he won glory.

Currently, the revanchist attitude of the Filipinos regarding the loss of Pacman are ridiculous. It is like the French 100 years ago. While France had justified it because they had lost territories to the German Empire, the Filipinos justify their revanchist attitude to redeem their glory and to punish those who had insulted them.

The Filipinos did not lost any territory, but they had lost their inflated pride and ego. Is pride too important for a nation? Is the pride of our race very important? What is even a race but a construct of illusions and mere fantasies? Our society itself is content to live in a dream world of fantasy and stupidity.

Remember, Filipinos don’t lose. They just get cheated! How pathetic is this attitude by bitter Filipinos. It reminds me of candidates not accepting defeat and will result to electoral violence instead just to win the race. This is a stunning comparison to politics.

Filipinos instead of being pathetic and stupid, why can’t you just accept Pamcan was defeated? Pacman is a great athlete yes, he is even a singer, an actor and a politician. The world and the power is in him. De La Hoya two years ago said that he must retire because he has proven the world that he is the undefeated. Now this is the price of his arrogance.

Pacman has two choices: continue the fight or retire and seek something else. For the Filipinos, kill your pride. In fact our pride is all about validation. We are riding the bandwagon in other’s achievements and claim it ours. As said by Ben Kritz

“Yes, Manny Pacquiao’s being the greatest boxer in the world proves your country and culture is respectable and important.” That’s never happened, of course – the fact that Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino has never been important to boxing fans outside this country – and so whatever attitude the rest of the world has towards the Philippines will not diminish because of his loss. Get over it, before the rest of the world realizes how ridiculous and shallow this country is to be paralyzed with woe over a guy who made $30 million to get his ass kicked while upwards of 200,000 people are homeless, hungry, and still in immediate peril.

I hope that the fall of Manny will bring an end to Pinoy Pride. I am even hearing Illuminati bullshit and end of the world thingy after he lost. Those who believe on it are lunatics and Filipinos liked to believe in those bullshit. Chino had written a good article about that, and I am even planning one.

Justin Bieber has added an insult of injury, which the reactions of the stupid Filipinos are predictable. Politicos such as Defensor even twitted that Bieber insulted the Filipino race. Mrs Senator, are you taking the pill of populism now. What is a race but a construct of fantasies and illusions? Bitter Filipinos even rebuffed a joke with no common sense.

By the way, I am predicting that no one will drink Sting any more or use Motolite because of his loss. They will switch to drinking urine promoted by Marquez. “Wala ang Sting nyo sa ihi ko”, he said in Mexican. Look at the bright side though, Pacman can be a great artist to advertise sleeping pills. Next time Pacman, train with Claudine Barreto as advised by Ben Tuflfo.

I wish you good health and the choice is yours to decide. Congratulations to Mr. Marquez, as you and Pacman has shattered somewhat the delusion called Pinoy Pride.

Pinoy Pride must cease to exist, it must die, for the good of the country’s future. It must fragment itself and reduce itself to ashes. It must cease to exist. It is pointless and it is not needed in the international stage. Please stop the barbarism of our citizens today, it is ridiculous and irrational.

But as said by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:

Sometimes people do not want to hear the truth because they do not want to have their illusions be destroyed


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