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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On The RH Bill: Is It A Necessity?

At last! After years of the endless debate, the supporters of the Rh Bill are celebrating a victory after the passage of the bill in its third reading. It has increased the morale of its supporters, to the dismay of its opponents and its number one enemy, the Catholic clergy. They are so desperate on their crusade that they even used the first night of the Misa De Gallo to denounce the bill, which the clergy and its opponents said that it will destroy the foundations of Filipino family and culture.

According to them, it will also foster immorality and the domination of the foreign powers over us. The latter is popularised by the fringe conspiracy theorists among their ranks. In fact, I have encountered several people who believes in these conspiracies as a justification to oppose the bill.

My friend Chino Fernandez had written a brilliant article about these conspiracy theories and debunked them as total nonsense. In my opinion, it is a way by the opponents of the bill here in the Philippines to instill  a sense of hysteria by using populism and the common irrationality of the Filipinos.

We have discussed the anti intellectual society of the Philippines. It is a breeding ground for religious fanaticism due to the anti intellectual attitude of the majority. thanks to the mainstream media allied with the incompetent bureaucracy and the primitive clergy, the Philippines is still a basket case.

The opponents of the bill are mostly religious fanatics, paranoid conspiracy theorists, believers of the Illuminati and other NWO bullshit, ultra conservatives, some anarchists  and legions of Fliptards. There are certain people who present rational arguments against the bill, mostly in economic aspects but they are too few.

The Antis does not take the blame game wholly. The Pro RH supporters have a percentage of the same people of the Antis, except the conspiracy theorists. Some of their radical ranks include extreme socialists, communists, militants, extreme state socialists, radical anarchists, a sizable number of Fliptards, ultra liberals, Yellowtards and members of the radical left such as Akbayan.

Nationalists and Protectionists are found on both sides, but the Antis have a greater number of them. Centrists  and Pragmatists are few, you can see on internet debates that the debate about the issue became a pissing contest between both sides.

The Rh Bill is a necessity to control our population boom, but it is not the sole solution to our country. The Antis are shouting corruption, but they are also voters aren’t they? They have a share of responsibilities. Both sides probably voted for incompetent bureaucrats to run the country. I am supporting the Rh Bill also because I am against religious fanaticism and the rampant hypocrisy of the clergy.

I have reservations primarily on economic grounds. I suggest the country open itself to free trade in order for the Rh Bill to become effective as ever. I am also advocating Federalism and a more stable form of government like a Parliamentary System, as well as an intelligent electorate. Those who favour protectionism must accept reality.

In this competitive world of globalisation and the information age, we need to move forward. The Philippine society is too backward to accept changes because of its inherent culture of anti intellectualism. The Rh Bil is also over budgeted that will force the government to adopt austerity measures.

On the bright side, I am entertained by the debates. Pia Cayetano’s argument for safe and satisfying sex is very ridiculous. The State can’t control that, or even dictate sex. I am a supporter of  feminism, but not the radical feminists like GABRIELA.

Tito Sotto is also famous for his Sinotto for a month, with people even speculating that he is the mastermind behind the draconian measures of the Cyber Crime Law.

Benigno in his article wrote:

I just can’t help but wonder. Since when does a Philippine Senator concern himself or herself with how “satisfying” sex is between two Filipinos? In my simplistic view on the matter, one can reasonably argue that safety — in most things even beyond sexual activity — is a state concern. But is the degree of satisfaction a person gets from his or her sexual activity a matter of state? I don’t think so. That’s personal.

Just like one cannot legislate good manners into a society, there is no point in trying to legislate satisfying sex. For the latter to happen there are lots of books on the subject to refer to and perhaps some pills one can take. But all-in-all, being good in bed is a personal aspiration and women tolerating lousy lovers is a personal choice which, even if they get wrong, is not likely to threaten the overall well being of the state.

Perhaps the real underlying issue is in Filipino maledom. Considering that “satisfying sex” is an issue close to the heart of certain female Senators, maybe it might help to delve into some of the possible root causes behind unsatisfying sex — perhaps the renowned narcissistic character of Filipino men

I am thinking why are some  Filipinos are so focused in this issue and they are largely ignoring the Typhoon Pablo’s devastation over Mindanao. It deserves more attention than the Rh Bill. A friend of mine told that I don’t have a uterus so she can’t blame me. The Rh Bill is almost a female issue.

The debate about life is in fact worthless. There is no Pro Life because it is a paradox. The Antis does not care about life, they are only caring about the unborn, but after that they will abandon you. These arguments are patterned from the jingoistic Republican politicians in the U.S. Come on, stop that life debate, it is not abortion. You only need common sense, but i think most Filipinos lacked it.

The Rh Bill will pass because it is inevitable. It is necessary for providing health services and sexual education for Filipinos. But it will not define the future of the Filipinos as a whole. Our future is still bleak. All we can do now is wait and see the results. Some politicians are using the publicity for elections, we can’t deny that.

It is the time to push for secularism and end the political power of the clergy. This is a step for the progress of the country. I stand with Filipino Freethinkers. I support the Rh Bill, but i have some reservations about it. I prefer an almost free market Rh Bill than the mostly state funded one. I admit I am a fence sitter in this issue. I am avoiding to side with the partisans.

For now, abangan ang sususnod na kabanata.

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