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Da Pinoy Chronicle: It’s The End of the World As We Know It……….And I Feel Fine

Disclaimer: The article is somewhat sarcastic in nature. Some Filipinos might not understand the meaning of satire and sarcasm.  Read at your own risk.

Folks, my blog is already 2 months in existence. I always wanted to write this article and fortunately I finally got the balls to do it. So the 2012 end of the world is on our radar lately. Luckily I have prepared my survival kit to prepare for this Apocalypse. Doomsday is coming my lads. Run for the hills!

The international cabal of the Freemasons and the Jews will take advantage of this opportunity to take over the world and unite it under an authoritarian regime. It’s time to rise up against them! They are constructing a satellite that bring changes in weather and an asteroid to kill us all.

Don’t believe me? Read this website and it contains the truth. 666, the coming of Lucfier, the Iluminati, Skull and Bones, they are all true. They exist! They are merely controlling the world behind the scenes.

The previous wars are caused by the Illuminati to incite mass hysteria against the true democratic regimes like Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Cuba. The international bankers want to exploit the citizens to submit to their will. It’s time to stop them.

The Mayan Long Calendar as well as the I Ching is an evidence that the world will end. Nostradamus has almost predicted the major world events and there a  99 percent sure that the world will end.

In the Philippines, the passage of the RH Bill will spark immorality and the destruction of our traditional values.  What is the meaning of natural disasters and wars? God’s wrath is now punishing us!

God wants to end the world because of our insistence to submit to him. We must obey God’s will and we must destroy the Illuminati. Power to the people!

Enough of this horseshit, this shit is so sensationalised that semi literate idiots will believe it. There is a possibility that even some Filipinos, especially teenagers believed that the world will end. Why? They had seen the film 2012, which was as stupid as Independence Day, Da Vinci Code and other works by Dan Brown, that theory freak who propelled the mindset of the lunatics into mainstream.

They are also big subscribers of the History Channel, which are airing shows like Ancient Aliens, Decoding the Past and other end time shows that has little to do with history. They are airing Nostradamus documentaries most of the time.

We know that the most of the mindsets of the Filipino youth are anti intellectual and too consumerist. The current youth today is a product of the Media and the environment of our country itself. In  the United States, they are also facing a similar atmosphere.

Rational thinkers knew that its is pure bollocks. Cracked had released an article lampooning and ridiculing the 6 most common theories that the world will end. These theories are unfortunately used by those fundamentalists and lunatics to  that also believed that the world will end in 2000 due to the Y2k bug and in 2006 due to the rise of the Anti Christ, which were all total nonsense.

Thanks to Terence McKenna, he popularised that 2012 will be the end of the world. He used the I Ching to prove it, which was later proven that he invented his own timeline to make it more believable. It has become  a popular topic on fringe sciences, UFO Enthusiasts and New Age Groups.

There is even a galactic alignment thing and that Planet X theory which were dismissed by professional astronomers as lacking evidence and utter nonsense. So some people will say why people constantly believe in these things?

The current popular culture makes use of the 2012 topic in their TV shows, films and other forms of media. The Philippine media even report it on national television. Our culture is highly consumerist. There is no doubt why aliens, Illuminati, crop circles and other things with no proof  are very popular.

The current anti intellectual attitude of the society itself are fostering stupidity and illusions into the youth, which the latter will believe and live by its principle. These are old and recycled hogwash since the 20th century.

I wonder if the Mayans are looking at our stupidity today. They may be just laughing their asses off while lunatics are running in circles for nothing. The modern Mayan does not even consider 2012 as important.

Another favourite of the lunatics is Nostradamus.  He is best known for his book Les Propheties (The Prophecies), the first edition of which appeared in 1555. Since the publication of this book, which has rarely been out of print since his death, Nostradamus has attracted a following that, along with much of the popular press, credits him with predicting many major world events.

His Prophecies are often mistranslated and misinterpreted by the popular press. He did not even mentioned 2012 in his writings. The writing about South Korea and the dance popularised by Psy named Gangnam style is even used to promote the doomsday theories.

I am thinking that the Internet functions like a double edged sword. While it provide access to information, social networking, video sharing and all other stuff, it can also promote hoaxes and sheer bullshit. Youtube is a popular site which conspiracy lunatics will post their lunacy over the Internet, which will gain hundreds of thousands or even millions of views.

Teenagers are the main targets of these doomsday videos because of their anti intellectual attitude. They will quickly swallow it as fact without verifying legitimate sources.

The videos are fostering mass hysteria. We can find that all of these videos are sensationalised and cannot even provide a rational argument for their belief. Be careful of browsing the lunatic’s lair. It is more dangerous than browsing a Neo Nazi website.

I always wonder why humans are so interested in their own demise as a species? Why they are so fascinated with the occult and the end of days? Several prophets had claimed that the world will end within their timeline, but nothing happened. Why do some people still insist that the end will come sooner or later?

From a scientific perspective, the universe may end if the Sun’s capacity to bring light will be gone or the Sun will become too gigantic that eventually lead to the destruction of the galaxy. It will just happen after billions of years, which all of us are dead billions of years even before we will see the demise of our planet.

This obsession by humans must be stopped. It diverts us from the current problems that the world or even countries facing today.  Everyday conspiracies do happen as said by Karl Popper, but the belief about a large secretive organisation is downright ridiculous. It is a sign of paranoia.

Remember, Fascism is a government full of paranoia and conspiracy theories about the future. It uses hysteria, public frenzy, fear, sensationalism and irrationality to unite a population of barbarians and fanatics. The irrational and the anti intellectual attitude of humanity today makes me angry.

Nothing will happen in December 21, but this song is worth playing for. The film 2012 will become a classic comedy film after the date passed without incident. Let’s party! (plays REM)


One comment on “Da Pinoy Chronicle: It’s The End of the World As We Know It……….And I Feel Fine

  1. Gerro Abary
    December 26, 2012

    Oh my God. I fucking survived the Apocalypse! once again, from the brilliant mind of a good friend. Congratulations Allen. This is good shit. 🙂

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