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Da Pinoy Chronicle: Happy Holidays!

Or to my Christian friends “Joyeux Noel”! Wait, hold your horses fundamentalists! Christmas is a time of relative peace and greeting between people. I repeat there is no war on Christmas in the first place. For my Jewish friends Happy Hannukah!

So Bill O’ Reilly, you can suck monkey balls. Christmas is now a secular holiday, because of the current multiculturalism and religious diversification. The war on Christmas is actually comparable to the war of Jenkin’s Ear, a silly war. Please, for a while, Atheists and Fundamentalists stop your silly war. It has no justification.

Jesus was not born on December, that’s a fact. I’m sorry to offend some religious people around for my statement. Removing the facts, for a while let us enjoy ourselves in this traditional holiday of the year. Just make sure not to cut your fingers on too much fireworks though. In The Philippines, Christmas and New Year are interrelated.

It is such a holiday atmosphere right now. People buying stuff for food, gifts, people partying in the streets, people going to the church, it is now filled with an air of joy. I am discarding my cynicism for now just to celebrate. After 2 days, we will commence with our year end countdown.

I repeat folks, have a happy Holidays and stay safe on using fireworks. Even it is a holiday, make sure to take care of your health and weight. I am currently singing O Tannebaum for no reason. I repeat Happy Holidays! Make sure also your expenses will be controlled just to make sure that there will be little financial problems. Make your Noche Buena simple.

Celebrate your Holiday with joy or else Mr. Garrison will blow up your house. Just kidding LOL



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