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Da Pinoy Chronicle: On The 25 Minutes Hilarity Fluke

Well folks, it’s great to be back! So after I took a 4 day holiday in Taytay, this news has appeared on my radar for no fucking reason other than email updates on what’s happening. So let’s dig down this issue and nail it in the balls.

So where shall we start? Ah yes, the 25 minutes hilarity. According to the douchebag Assistant Tourism Secretary  Benigno Bengzon Jr., it only takes 25 minutes for passengers arriving at NAIA to complete the airport process-from disembarkation to clearing immigration and customs to getting a cab or meeting welcomers outside the airport.

The present Aquino administration hail it as an achievement, because NAIA Terminal 1 is currently the worst airport in Asia 2 times in  a row  and they have still the balls to call it world class. In fact, Clark and Davao airport is 99 times more better than Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is a slight upgrade compared to Terminal 1 and terminal 3 is 50 times more better than Terminal 1, but both of these airports are suffering from structural defects.

I can’t still forget the butthurt reactions of several Pinoys last year about the ranking but the comment from a person from the DOT is outright hilarious. Seriously, I don’t think that these guys are high or suffering from a sleeping problem when they made this statement to the media.

So, they are hailing it as an advantage? It is as stupid as saying “Boyfriend” or even “Call Me Maybe” are both good songs. It is as bad as these two fucking songs that I have mentioned. So our resident GRP folk named Fallen Angel have written:

It remains to be seen if this claim is actually an advantage in the first place.

So what if it supposedly takes only 25 minutes? And where exactly did they get the figure of 25 minutes from? Did they conduct a time study of that airport process, or did they just throw a random figure in minutes and hoped people would be awed?

One can cast doubt on this “advantage” being claimed by the DOT in one simple phrase: Quantity does not necessarily mean quality.

You have totally nailed it Fallen Angel! Quantity does not mean quality, although Stalin said that quantity have some quality but that is not the case. Is this the face of the Philippines that we can offer to the foreigners? By just seeing the Terminal 1 from the window of a landing plane, you can clearly see how desperate and how miserable is the condition of our society, of our culture and of our country,

NAIA Terminal 1 looks like a 1960’s airport. I have visited it a dozen times to wait for my OFW relatives. Free WiFi is a plus point because you will not be bored as hell if you have a smartphone or a laptop, but it does not hide the fact that the authorities had did little to improve the facilities of the airport for the past 20 years. We can call it a joke airport.

Not only we have a laughable airport, we have lots and lots of taxi scammers who will not hesitate to milk the OFW or tourist money through the cheating systems installed on their fare meters. Folks, this is the truth and everybody knows it, but they deny it.

Take a look of Singapore’s Changi Airport! I have been to Singapore twice and this is by far the best airport that I have ever seen. It is more like a mall than an ordinary airport, there are lots of services and lots of places you can go while you await your relatives or a tourist taxi. It is a marvel of 20th and 21st century engineering compared to our current state.

By the way, Manila was an urban jungle, it can be compared to late 19th century industrial cities. It was dirty, mostly ugly and most congested with traffic. I admit there are some gems in the city but they are overshadowed by traffic and pollution. Did I mentioned the illegal settlements at the coasts of the once famous Pasig River? Did I also mentioned that most local politicians are afraid to move our country into the Information Age?

As predicted, several butthurted Filipinos had attacked the blogger who made a negative impression regarding the state of Manila. It is as stupid as majority of the people making their hilarious comments in Yahoo news Philippines. In my opinion, Manila needs a lot of urban restructuring to restore it to its former glory as the Venice of the Far East, I mean a lot.

Filipinos can do better than this bullshit we lived in. We can change this city from a dump to a decent place, but we always shooting ourselves in the foot with false pride. It is such an irony that it’s more fun in the Philippines while several Filipinos are sad and depressed about our current state.

Listen to this, as we continue to delude ourselves in false pride and grandeur, we will never succeed. Why? False pride leads to false arrogance that will enable the society to embrace conformity as a norm and opposing remedies to cure the present condition.

This mindset will stay as long as Juan always wanted to portray himself as an under dog battling against the ‘foreign colonial powers’ or ‘imperialists’. Seriously, do we need a hammer to shatter his illusions? Nice try Pinoy Pride, but you cannot fool foreigners any longer with your stupidity.

Jeez, I hope the Propaganda Minister will just shoot himself in the crotch. Now here is a song that will relax you. I find “Malaysia Truly Asia” as more convincing than the annoying “It’s more fun in the Philippines” .Well that designation can be a satire, in fact I considered it satiric.

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