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Da Pinoy Chronicle: A Look At the First Week of “Indio”

Hey folks, it’s been two weeks after I had written my recent article. I am very glad that I have returned to write articles again. After 2 weeks of personal affairs and some writer’s block, we will start with a television review. Yes there are other news that are more important, but I am so eager to review this fucker.

It is my pleasure to write a commentary or review on the recent epic serye “Indio”. It is the newest offering of one of the Philippines largest networks GMA. It features an all star cast and a pretty interesting era; that is the early Spanish administration in the country. So, I watched this series for the whole week.

The series was so hyped up and even before it started its premiere last Monday, it was watched by millions of Filipinos.  But still, why did they chose Bong Revillia as the lead? For the love of Christ, he was too old of that role. Mr. Senator, why not focus on your job instead of acting?

You are a decent actor yes, but this role was too old for your age. Your performance in the two Enteng and Panday films were downright cheesy. There are more competent actors than Revilla to play as the grown Malaya.

Not only that this series has some acting issues, the plot is like a rip off of the God of War franchise. Why is it so obvious? Malaya is the God of War and he possessed supernatural abilities. It is like changing the Greek names of the Gods into ancient Visayan names. The similarities are obvious.

The setting and the atmosphere are downright good, but the message is one of my most hated aspects of this series. I praise the costumes especially the Spanish ones, I am also praising their relatively fair treatment of the early frailes, which did not  sucked back then. Why is the message a critical aspect of my disappointment against this series?

It is so anti Spanish. Even the mission of Malaya is so anti Spanish. Without the Spanish, we would still be divided into different principalities.  I am not saying they are saints, but the rajahs of the pre colonial Philippines were more cruel than the Spanish.  The show did not portray that the families of the former rajahs have most of their benefits preserved intact.

They are the Principalia, the old nobility. The archipelago was not even a conquered civilisation, but rather it was a product of pacts, alliances and some show of force.

The Spanish consquitadores had successfully forced the nobles to accept their vassal status, the price of it was the Encomendero became the highest authority in a town or city. The masses were better off than the rule of the rajahs.

This is the problem of the series, historical accuracy. It is just an another ultra nationalistic propaganda show made to satisfy the deluded fantasies of Juan about the supposed glorious Ancient Philippine civilisation.

Although we can say that several ancient pre-colonial kingdoms had risen to glory especially the Kingdom of Maynila which had used a tributary system to conquer other tribes. It means that the King of Maynila controlled the banuas (city states) or the communities indirectly.

The makers have a very good idea to set this series in Visayas, as the Visayan kingdoms were more organised than the kingdoms of the Tagalogs and the Pampangos. Please remove the extreme anti Spanish propaganda and portray both sides equally. Amaya was still the better series.

I am very disappointed that the official Philippine history textbooks portrayed Encomenderos as monsters. Ironically, these evil men were the first ones who had raised the banner of the Revolution against Spain under a new name of the Ilustrados and the Creoles. So we will compare it with Amaya.

Amaya love it or hate it was an attempt of the local TV to portray the ‘glorious’ pre colonial civilisation. Amaya had a better plot and competent actors and actresses. It had also shown that Marian Rivera was fucking Jesus. She can walk on water, summon Rayquaza and almost all supernatural powers, except immortality. It had some kick ass battles and kick ass atmosphere.

The anti Spanish propaganda in Amaya was only shown at the very end of the series.  Overall, I rate Indio 6/10. There are several defects and there are several things to be done in order for the show not only entertaining, but showing actual historical accuracy. I am not against taking artistic liberties, but taking it to the extreme sides of the spectrum is a bad one.

This show has a lot of potential. In fact, this show outranked all the local teleseryes we had today. I agree that teleseryes are already boring and it needs new formulas to show something new. Indio must not repeat what Zorro did.

Thank God, Dominic Zapata was not hired to direct this show. He had ruined Zaido and rip-offed Sailor Moon. He had successfully destroyed the childhood of the fans who loved the original shows. Back to Indio, please don’t spread Pinoy Pride and think again your approach. It is the time to remove the historical biases without sacrificing entertainment.

So I see you guys in the next article. And now a kick ass sexy song. Have a great weekend! Now do you accept Marian Rivera as your saviour with Mang Kanor as the supreme Prophet? Do you also want to see the trailer? It’s pretty good really. But please the theme is so terrible! Goodbye everybody.


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