Da Coconut Repablik

A Chronicle of the Da Pinoys and Da Coconut Repablik of Da Pilipins

Da Pinoy Chronicle: Da Great Homer Arrives in Switzerland

Folks, you already know that our President is Homer. We know that he is a very great leader that inherited the powers of his mother St. Cory of Hacienda Luisita and Ninoy Aquino, the ancestor of the great powerful warrior He- Man. By the power of Grayskull!

No doubt why the industrious hard working sheep praise them for their great skills as well as Homer’s sister named Bella, who starred in the greatest vampire film of all time Twilight. The Aquinos are the most intelligent people in the Philippines, they are wise rulers.

Part of the Great Leader’s wisdom is when he arrived in the barbarian c0untry of Switzerland to meet with the barbarian diplomats. At the top, you can see the great picture of our leader. All Hail Da Great Homer! We know that these foreigners are devils and they know that the Philippines is the greatest country in the world and all other countries are run by little girls.

Look at the handsome face of our Leader. He is definitely the most fairest of the land. Look at how the unbiased Inquirer took a photograph and photoshopped it. We can clearly see that they are great artists. Even an average college graduate can’t to that kind of a magnum opus as beautiful as this photo.

It clearly shows that tuwid na daan is good. Curse all you people who oppose the divine plan of our great leader. All hail homer! All hail the Aquinos! All hail Democracy! End corruption! To celebrate the wisdom of his family, let’s all play this song. We shall continue to praise this great clan! I Am Proud To Be Pinoy!:


One comment on “Da Pinoy Chronicle: Da Great Homer Arrives in Switzerland

  1. Ra
    April 16, 2013

    this really comical, bravo

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