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Da Pinoy Chronicle: Major Security Flaws Revealed After Megamall Shootout

Well folks, this is a very very late article about what happened last night. I am just doing my business and my usual web surfing until I saw a post on my Facebook account. There was a shootout last night in SM Megamall, where I am planning to attend the Otaku Encore with my friends.

Thanks for the info, I had researched through all the details. Last night, I doubt if I will publish this article because it might trigger some fiasco. I hate to say this, I will use ABS-CBN for the details of the report.

By the way, the suspect or the suspects  were not wearing costumes when he or they started the shootout. Fortunately, there were no casualties. So ABS-CBN continue:

MANILA, Philippines (7th UPDATE) – A jewelry store inside SM Megamall was robbed Saturday night, causing panic among shoppers.

Mall-goers said gunshots were heard, prompting most of them to hide inside the stores.

Photo courtesy of Robert Mano, dzMM

A mall-goer, Ramilo Sevron, said he heard multiple gunshots, but could not determine where it came from.

“Naglalakad ako sa may basement tapos biglang may nagtakbuhan, akala ko kung ano nangyari. Narinig ko ‘yung iba na nagsabing may barilan daw, bigla na rin ako napatakbo kasi narinig ko na rin ‘yung putok,” he told dzMM.

Initial investigations showed that at least 4 to 5 suspects robbed F and C Jewelry Store located at the ground floor of the mall’s Building B department store at around 7:30 p.m.

Earlier: SM Megamall during lock-down — Courtesy of @patirisyan pic.twitter.com/xZZxFYMh

Chief Supt. Miguel Laurel, district director of the Eastern Police District said the suspects, who were seen wearing white shirts and jeans, used a pipe wrench to break the glass jewelry case.

The pipe wrench was allegedly bought at a hardware store inside the mall.

Police have yet to confirm if the suspects are members of the “Martilyo Gang”, which also robbed jewelry inside a Pasay mall in August 2012.

One of the suspects was reportedly injured after breaking the glass, said Laurel.

“It appears na pagtakas niya, sumabit ‘yung kamay niya kaya nasugatan,” he told dzMM.

Laurel said the suspects fired 2 shots to trigger a panic among the shoppers, which led to their escape.

“They fired 2 shots to scare the shoppers, and that’s when they blended in with the people escaping,” he said in a separate interview on ANC’s “The World Tonight”.

Two slugs from a .45 caliber firearm were recovered at the scene.

Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos confirmed that gunshots were fired inside the mall, but stressed that there were no casualties.

“Huwag mag-alala kung may mga kamag-anak kayo na nasa SM ngayon, wala hong nasaktan. Tapos na ito at everything is under control. Umakto kaagad ang SM management at mga pulis,” he told dzMM.

5 / 6

He also denied that any hostage-taking occurred inside the mall.

The suspects, however, have yet to be arrested. Police are in pursuit of the suspects, as of posting.

Laurel noted that the faces of 2 of the suspects were clearly seen in CCTV footage.

Police are still determining how much jewelry was stolen.

SM Supermalls President Annie Garcia, meanwhile, said the mall has resumed operations.

She said SM will cooperate with the authorities in the investigation. — Report from Robert Mano, dzMM; ANC

This was not an isolated incident. There were several other incidents of this kind for the past 3 years. We can exhume this old new item. The fault lies on SM or the local police forces. So I am writing about the security flaws of the Philippine malls and some preventive measures:

1. “Kapa-kapa” is not enough. SM must undergo some security modernisation such as buying metal detectors. Ayala malls have them, why not SM? Come on SM, buy some and place them on your gates.

2. Security guards lacked extensive training. Their companies must train them more about these situations. They must be supplied with rubber ammunition in order to disable the suspects. Also, the numbers of the security guards must be tripled.

3. The police forces must be garrisoned en masse to these public areas. If men in uniform are very uncomfortable,  deploy informants. These men will report every movement of suspicious persons and their activities.

4. I am always suggesting the urban restructuring of Manila in order for security forces to respond quickly. This may be feasible, but somewhat expensive. But the benefits will be more better than the cost.

It includes the removal of worthless buildings, the cleaning of esteros and the Pasig River, the removal of illegal settlers and setle them elsewhere, cleaning up Manila Bay, building of monorail systems in important business areas, one for passengers and another for police units. We can also include a system of public parks, widening of the major roads, establishment of a special police force, constant patrolling of military and police personnel on the streets and CCTV’s in major areas. UAV’s can be a helpful observer.

5. We must implement free trade immediately not only for the illegal settlers to have jobs after the restructuring, but also for more better shopping malls with better services to compete with our local malls. Competition with SM and other big malls here will force them into two options: GTFO or improve their services. It can also improve the security of our local malls considerably.

6. The government needs to establish a special police force known as the gendarmes. They are riding on horseback and they are armed with batons, sabres and carbines. They can be used to suppress violent riots as well as chasing the suspects.

Sometimes, motors have problems navigating narrow streets and areas. The suspects can even use the sewers as a path to escape so I recommend sending these gendarmes to monitor their movements.

7. Last but not the least, the media. The media must follow some strict protocols before reporting the news. They must not get away with “tsismis” and “haka-hakas”. They must wait for the authorities to permit them to report the scene of the crime.

The cosplay community was blamed by few because the suspects were allegedly wearing costumes. Some news agencies reported it as facts. Check the facts before you report it.

8. We need to solve the incompetence of our bureaucracy, our security forces and our military. We need competence and intelligence to solve these situations. The police officers who had mistaken a Superman and Batman costume as suspects were outright stupid. We need to eliminate these kinds of incompetent nutjobs.

I also heard that the Otaku Encore was cancelled this Sunday. I am planning to go there if the incident did not happened. We must make some actions to improve the security of our public areas. It is a national problem, not just a mall problem.

The current bureaucrats can implement some of my suggestions. The military can have a hand in this issue like deploying commandos at these situations. My suggestions are pragmatic. It needs some funding and research for it to become feasible. We need to take some measures for the security of the citizens of the Republic.

The government and the security forces has the responsibility to protect its citizens. I am not discarding that it might be perpetrated by the government or a local politician as a false flag operation to incite fear and mas hysteria. It may be possible, but the concept is somewhat debatable from the start.

Even if the robbers are arrested, they will not say the name of their superior. It must be a middle man of a powerful politician. The timing of the shootout is just very near to the 2013 elections. It is just my educated guess about the motives of the robbers. Who knows?

Gun regulation laws can be tightened in order for sociopaths and psychopaths not to carry firearms. A series of tests might work. It will infringe the liberty of the citizens to carry firearms, as sure as it was not delivered into the hands of some assholes. This is my take people on this issue.

The cosplayers above my article were mistakenly identified as suspects. Good job Manila’s funniest, good job! That’s why we need to rid some incompetent pricks.

I see you guys on my next article. Now, I shall play a kick ass song.


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  1. 9. Retrofit movable CCTV cameras with non-lethal and lethal weapons systems.

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