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Da Pinoy Chronicle: Religious Bigotry and Fanaticism is More Fun in the Philippines

Most of you are familiar with the name Carlos Celdran and the group he belongs named Filipino Freethinkers, which are despised by the clergy and its fanatical followers. Celdran’s public protest last 2010 was quite innovative and very influential. Why? Because it has brought freethinking and atheism into a wider public scope than ever before. Although sometimes the guy is a douchebag, I still regard him as a force to be reckoned with.

Thanks to this incident, the membership of the PATAS and Filipino Freethinkers has dramatically increased. I myself are members of both organisations, but I prefer FF. Alongside with the popularity and public awareness about these despised thinking by the majority, a good section of the members of both groups are merely riding the bandwagon.

I am very irritated about the bandwagon atheists and freethinkers in our ranks. I myself was merely riding the bandwagon back then, but my beliefs evolved and I became an agnostic, which means I criticise the fanatics of both sides, whether theists or atheists that will shove their beliefs against one another, you can call me a fence sitter, a moderate, a realist and a pragmatist.

Carlos Celdran was found guilty by Manila’s court because of his crime. What is the crime? Offending religious feelings. For me, that is a very ridiculous crime for a country that boasted its democracy all over the world. In reality, we are a basketcase actually.

What can you expect from a nation of morons voting the morons of their own kind?  The Catholic clergy in the Philippines are happy because they can still manipulate the idiotic sheep into their own will. I hate the current clergy much as I hate the current State run by incompetent bureaucrats and the idiocy of the common masses.

I am debunking a fact that the frailes are evil, they are not most of the time. It was much much later when the unemployed friars who got booted out from Europe came and flocked en masse. This had created an alliance with the old and the new against the growing power of secularism.

That is why you can see how Rizal despised the moral corruption of the clergy in his two novels. He had not only attacked the clergy, the State but also the apparent backward culture of the Indios. The State was governed by incompetent Peninsulars, which in turn the combined forces of the Ilustrados, the Principalias, the Sangleys, the Mestizos and Indios had instigated the Philippine Revolution.

The Philippine Revolution was not a revolution in a pure sense, it was a revolution of the Liberals against the Royalists. The former had demanded liberty from Spain after the Royalists had repeatedly refused to heed their wishes for reforms. It had the characteristics of the American and the French Revolutions.

That fact that I had presented will help my point. The point is I despised the current society. I am not only despising the current bureaucracy of the State, but I also equally despised the Church. The Catholic Church in the Philippines has proven itself time to time that they oppose progress.

Alongside with the political incompetence of our bureaucracy, the incompetence of the Church is too obvious. They opposed Free trade, as well as Federalism and the reformation of our failed society. They are aligned with the interests of the local oligarchy. They are a powerful force to be reckoned with.

The clergy with their outdated dogmas and superstitions are so happy that the masses are passing these false idiocy to the future generations. No doubt why we can see several people wasting their time on overzealous processions because they believe that miracles still exist. The frailes had also entrenched contradictory family values to our parents, which will turn generations after generations into hypocrites.

The Philippines is not and it will never become a Christian country. We are supposed to be a secular country built on the foundations of tolerance, whether you are religious or irreligious. The clergy especially the CBCP are douches. There are still some few rational bishops and priests, they are moderates to this issue.

Article 133 of the Constitution was not inserted for the greater good, but rather it was inserted just for the incompetent CBCP to preserve their power as the institution of oppression, much like the protectionist economic provisions created by the local oligarchy which refused competition because they will lose their monopoly in their businesses.

Those who “protect” and “uphold” the Constitution fanatically without inserting changes or amendments are idiots, just like the anti Constitutional Reform protests. We must understand that good and evil does not exist in the Philippines, or even in the whole world, it is relative, it is malleable. What the country needs are competent leaders and a somewhat pragmatic clergy who will accept necessary changes.

The mindset of the bureaucracy and the people are stuck at the Industrial Age while the mindset of most of the clergy are stuck in the Medieval Age. While the rest of the world is moving forward into the Information Age of globalisation, most of our mindset are stuck in these two eras. We must accept progress for the better future of our country.

I somewhat disagree with Benigno. I am not paying lip service into the rule of law, but rather I am complaining why Filipinos are even ignoring this issue. It is either they do not know or cannot think. Call me anti clerical, yes I am anti clerical. I am against religious fanaticism and bigotry in the Philippines.

It was such an irony that Jesus taught to his disciples and his followers about tolerance, love and forgiveness, while his later followers distorted it. Is this the supposed Church of love? Don’t make me laugh on your hypocrisies. We need to cure the cancer plaguing our society, but they are refusing to take it.

We need to end this Damaso. We need to topple them alongside with the incompetent oligarchy we have. The Philippines does not need those people. We need competence and intelligence. That is my take on my issue.

Folks, if you hate the current system join Filipino Freethinkers, especially religious hypocrites. It is more fun in the Philippines indeed. Poor Stupid Juan, he remains ignorant and irrational to these issues.

Until then, I see you on my next article. I will leave this kick ass song for you all. I hope that the Cybercrime Law will be repealed immediately. Adios! Are you Proud to be Pinoy?


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