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Da Pinoy Chronicle: A Birthday Gift For Homer

Hey folks, we can clearly see that it’s Homer’s birthday! Are you tired of the campaign ads of our politicians? Yes I am tired but it’s funny at the same time. Jack Enrile’s ad is an example. He is no doubt a hungry politician.

Pagkain, maraming pagkain, gusto kong kumain! It’s just like Homer’s tuwid na daan, a shallow concept from the beginning. I am not criticising Homer just for the sake of criticism, but I have some hope for him. You are the President and you know that our country is in the state of desperation.

You are living in a constant state of delusion. Your government is plagued with political incompetence. Who is to blame for this? The Philippines cannot take off because of several officials that still continue to dwell in the past and refuse to change the present in order to create a brighter future.

3 years have passed, we still remain as the basket case of Asia, while the rest of the world is marching forward. You are spewing hypocrisy by inviting foreign investors while continuing the restrictive economic policies of the Constitution. In the gathering of intellectuals held recently, participants have agreed that the country’s weak institutions combined with public servants who act like warlords are to blame for why the country remains one of the world’s basket cases

Even before you were voted into power in 2010, TIME magazine already noted your  awkward and un-statesman like figure and in particular, the fact that you are a member of the oligarchy or the “wealthy class” – those who more often than not come across as uncaring and out of touch with reality. That is why you have the balls to release statistics with little to no credibility.

As usual, the ordinary commoners will delude themselves to these statistics. Even the United Nations is now disputing your figures. We need to have a competent cabinet to run the country. We need to look at other countries for emulation like Singapore.

I despised the widespread incompetence of the State, the widespread hypocrisy of the clergy, the widespread propaganda of our Media and the widespread idiocy of the masses. We are an intellectually bankrupt society where passion rules than reason, where personality rules than competence and where idiocy rules over intellectuality. We have become the nation of a hundred million people, a nation of nothing but hypocrites, liars, idiots and ignorant people.

I am not generalising Filipinos, but most of them are on that state of mind. Homer had said in Inquirer that there are jobs but no applicants. What a load of bullshit. Unless you are not heeding the advice of the economists regarding economic reforms, we will not move forward:

The President said that job postings at the Phil-JobNet website have risen to 230,000, up from 40,000 when he assumed the presidency in June 2010. He said there were only 117,000 applicants.

Clearly, Aquino said, the gap between the number of jobs available and applicants was a sign that some job-seekers lacked the skills required of the jobs.

He said the government, through the Department of Labor and Employment, Technical Education Skills and Development Authority, and the Commission on Higher Education, has adopted measures to ensure that the skills of graduates of college degrees or vocational courses would match the job requirements.

“There are courses now focused on the BPO (business processing outsourcing) alone,” he told reporters in an ambush interview after speaking at the Philippine Development Forum in Davao City. The interview was aired over government-run radio.

News of the 6.6-percent full year economic growth in 2012 topping government targets had been greeted with skepticism by some economists who said it was unclear whether this would translate into better incomes for many. They said employment and structural changes would drive the growth.

Expounding on his point about the gap between skills and jobs available, Aquino said that in the past, many students changed courses, say from Nursing to Physical Therapy and vice versa, depending on which was the “hot industry.’’

Hence, the need for schools and training institutions to update students about the trends of employment and train them to be attuned to these by equipping them with the necessary skills, he said.

“So we will try our best to know about the job prospects—not today, but two years, four years from now—and inform the students to make sure what they’re taking up matches the job opportunities,” he said.

The President said job creation has always been the administration’s focus, but admitted that he has ordered a review of a government survey on job creation during the past two and a half years.

“During the campaign, my first promise was job creation. So there’s actually a meeting being scheduled to assess all that has been done for the past two and a half years,” he said. “The statistics being trumpeted didn’t make that much sense to me when I was reviewing it. So I said the collection should be fine-tuned, so we can better address the problem and offer better solutions.’’

Aquino said he could not see why the government survey showed the unemployment rate going down when each year brought in a fresh batch of 1 million job-seekers and only an average of 860,000 jobs were being created, leaving a difference of 140,000.

“If there’s an addition of 140,000 [to the ranks of the unemployed], the unemployment rate should go up. I may have committed a mistake in my Math. I want those who conducted the survey to explain how this happened,’’ he said.

In his speech at the forum, the President told skeptics that the reforms he had undertaken would go beyond 2016.

“There are some who wonder if our reforms will only work in the short term. They fear there may be a deadline—a limit to the success we’re experiencing. I quote, `Will this outlast us? Will the changes in the Philippines extend beyond 2016?’ I have no such fear, because I have always had faith in our bosses: the Filipino people,” he said.

“Today, change is tangible—from the thousands of new classrooms, to the new businesses setting up shop, to the tourists who continue to flock to our shores. But this is only the tip of the iceberg: a sea change is also taking place in our mindsets,” he said.

“Instead of knee-jerk solutions, we are thinking things through to find the best possible answers. Instead of apathy, a strong demand for justice. Instead of passivity, a new-found determination and optimism that positive change can be won for the country. Our people have seen how we all have worked to empower them: they know what true dedication to service can achieve—and they will demand nothing less in the future,” he continued.

The President said the forum was a good occasion to remind the people that nation-building involved everyone

“Nation building is never about those at the top huddling together to impose their ideas on everyone else; it is about the whole spectrum of society pulling together, steadily marching together towards a single direction. At its core is a simple concept: the genuine desire to help each other—not only in a single forum, or the term of an administration, but over the course of our lives,’’ he said.

Congratulations Homer, you did it, you finally did it! You are claiming that there are  jobs in the country and the problem there’s no applicants. WTF are you high? Your retardation level has reached over 9000. New Achievement Unlocked. Please reduce the weed and CoD though. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

I cannot stand the stupidity of the current administration. They had eliminated not only their political enemies, but reality as well. It’s time to open your eyes. We need to spread the Constitutional Reform Agenda. It is the way to improve the conditions of our country.

It’s time to advocate free trade, federalism and a better system of governance. The world is now moving tot he Information Age. from factories to computers, from production to foreign capital. The once lucrative industries of our country had already declined due to the abolition of the trade barriers and the same people are advocating to reverse the process. The world will only give us the middle finger.

It is the time to re evaluate our current economic and political system and it is the time to think of the better solutions for it. It is not too late for us to change. We need to Correct the Constitution as a way to reform our country.

Yes,we will not magically prosper but it’s a means to achieve the end result: a revitalised Philippines dedicated to Progress, Justice and Liberty. Our history had already dictated us what is the best system. As a trading hub, we need to invite foreigners here. As a country of diversity, we need to implement a federal or a cantonal form of government and as a people, we need to implement either a semi presidential or a parliamentary form of government.

All of us want a better future for the country. We need to take measures to create a better and a brighter future. the time is now. I encourage Filipinos to revisit the past in order to correct the flaws of the present and to create a brighter future. It’s time to remove Pinoy Pride and nationalism.

I see you guys on my next article. I shall play a cool song for you. Adios!


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