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Da Pinoy Chronicle: Love, Love, Love?

Ah Valentine’s Day, the day when people admit their feelings for each other by giving cards, roses, chocolates or other expensive stuff that they can find just to impress the man or the woman of their dreams. I have a date yes, but I will write an article about my opinions about it.

Some people will say you cannot celebrate Valentine’s when you don’t have a partner. In fact, the JS Proms are often happening at that day. So I am looking the celebration at a very pragmatic if somewhat a slightly cynical view. My goal is not to offend, but to express my opinion and some points or even advice for those who love somebody.

So what is my experiences on that day. Literally almost nothing, but I admit that I fell in love with somebody. It was not the only incident, there is actually one more last March 2011. That incident had created my current views about our society today.

This month is also the start of my awakening. Because of the two incidents, I had stumbled about several different realist websites and I started to read more about philosophy, psychology, military science, politics, geography, history, social history, cultural history, a more extensive research of world history, science and most books about the Enlightenment.

I admit that my experience regarding that day is somewhat negative. I tend to view it in a realistic, pragmatic and a somewhat cynical view of it. So who is to blame for associating a martyr’s day for romantic love?

Ah yes Geoffrey Chaucer,  the most talented poet of the Medieval period. A section of the Canterbury Tales titled the Parliament of fowls, Chaucer had created history and from that day, Valentine’s day became associated mostly for romantic love.  It became a very important event in the Renaissance and it became more prevalent after the Victorian Era.  It is the origin of Valentine’s Day.

So folks, blame this guy for everything about love. I am quoting this article from CNN, he summed up most of my ideas:

Valentine’s Day is terrible for two kinds of people — those who are single and those who aren’t.

For single people, the day is a disappointing reminder they don’t have that “special someone” in their life. Not a fun feeling — believe me, I’ve been there.

But personally I think it’s worse for people in a relationship. Single people can choose to ignore Valentine’s Day. However, if you’re in a relationship, the last thing you want to do is ignore Valentine’s Day — believe me, I’ve been there, too.

What may have started out as a holiday intended to bring couples together has been transformed into a commercial spectacle peddled to us by florists, greeting card companies, jewelry stores and makers of stuffed animals.

My issue is not with being romantic or expressing your feelings to the person you love. My issue is being required to do so on February 14. This date has zero connection to us. Each year on February 14 we are in essence commanded to be “romantic.”

Shouldn’t romance be organic — sort of like a “Cialis moment”? That’s the “moment” in the TV commercials for Cialis, the drug designed to combat erectile dysfunction — where the couple is lifting a table together, their eyes meet, and bingo: It’s a “Cialis moment.” It may be drug-enhanced, but at least they chose the moment.

I understand that Valentine’s Day earnestly purports to bring couples closer together. Great idea, but let’s be honest, how many of you have had fights on Valentine’s Day because of Valentine’s Day?

I certainly have had my share, usually when one of us in the relationship (namely me) didn’t buy a nice enough gift or put in enough time planning a special “VDay” activity — thus, transforming Valentine’s Day from a romantic evening for two into a scene from the film “The War of the Roses.”

Recently I posed this simple question on Twitter: Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day?

I expected to find a divide by gender: men bemoaning it and women cheering it. But the findings of my less-than-scientific survey surprised me.

For the most part, men were silent on the issue. But women not only responded in large numbers, they answered in a way I never expected: They too hate Valentine’s Day.

Overwhelmingly, women were the ones who attacked the pomp and circumstance of this “day of love.”

Here is a sampling of a few of the tweets I received from women:

I hate the colors, I hate cheap chocolate, I hate the pressure it puts on couples and singles, and Cupids are stupid

Yes you can celebrate Valentine’s if you want and I will slightly celebrate it. It’s up to you now either to celebrate or ignore it. I choose the middle. Valentine’s Day is not only the day to express your feelings. If you are brave enough, ask him or ask her.

Love is like a gamble, you can either win or lose in this game. So guys or gals, good luck tomorrow. I see you guys on my next article. See ya! Here is a cool song. Please reduce the cheesiness, just please!



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