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Da Pinoy Chronicle : Filipinos Treat Voting and Governance as Child’s Play

I am very glad that I had regained my former energy in writing an article. So, it is 2 months away before elections. While people and media organisations are focusing their attention to the Pope, which I am partly glad that he is a Jesuit and partly irritating about a news that I don’t give excessive attention.

I am very irritated by the whining of Senator Cayetano over the television a while ago. He stated that COMELEC’s airtime limit on political ads as unconstitutional. The Media even opposed that decision.  In my honest opinion, Cayetano is nothing but a buffoon, a populist who appeals to the irrational demands of the masses which he tried to represent. For a while, images of the san-culottes and its parallels to our current society had made me thought of a new article.

Most Filipinos are not the rational people type. They tend to side with their emotions and their impulsive behaviour rather than logic and critical thinking.  Another thing which disturbs me is the Team Buhay vs. Team Patay, It’s been a month ago but several people are easily swayed by the traditional rhetoric of the clergy who are afraid to lose influence and political power over the voters.

In my honest opinion, I will choose candidates from both sides based on their skill and competence rather than the two views over the Rh Bill. Both sides most of them tend to be partisans. I even read in a comment that there must be no fence sitter, well I am proud of being a fence sitter and I slightly support it for the sake of women’s equal right of opportunity.

In order to sum up my view, this article from my favourite website Uncyclopedia had made a hilarious but an accurate picture of our elections:

One of the most anticipated events in the Philippines is the campaign and election. During this event, all sorts of people can be seen and heard as they register for candidacy and do their campaigns, ranging from the poorest and/or sometimes dumbest nuisance-candidates to the richest and/or most powerful corrupt and incompetent politicians, add a bunch of celebrities, news-casters and athletes on the sides and we have an election-fiesta. They are all competing to get the most of the country’s wealth position in the government in order to fatten their wallets and enslave (err…) serve their fellow Filipinos.

This is also the time Filipinos are most blessed, they get to know their other relatives and learn something about their bloodlines. Every Filipino would do their research whether one of the candidates is a relative in order to receive some blessings from them in exchange for a promise of their vote.

It’s a happy season, everyone is generous to give money donations and support to the poor and the needy, especially to those who have nothing to eat and homeless. During election campaign, the beggars, bums and homeless becomes visible to the governments and political eyes. This is also the time that they are really needed and appreciated due to their numerous population and would be contribution to the poll count.

It’s also the time were the sewers and roads are being fixed (after that, expect a large billboard with the politician’s gigantic face and name stating they were the ones who funded the construction – but the construction will never be completed after the election), class rooms being built and the children are given school bags and notebooks with gorgeous imprints of the candidates names. This is the time the rich Filipinos spend most of their money to invest in a political candidate in a hope to gain some great favor afterwards (how charitable the Filipinos are).

The next election is on 2013 so mark your calendars and plan your vacation to the Philippines to witness this great and wonderful event. Call a political or government official now to book your tour together with their campaign around the country and get to witness this wondrous event.

The world indeed looks upon our elections as ridiculous and absurd. The thinking of our voters are so shallow and they are easily persuaded by passionate speeches and charisma by most politicians which when they are elected, will never implement those measures.

What can you expect for a nation of voters who cannot even vote for a competent person in the job? Currently most of our politicians are nothing but buffoons and monkeys. I shall give some words of wisdom.

Governing a republic is not child’s play or a work of brutes, which are exactly the same thing. What we need are competent, pragmatic and rational people to lead our republic. Filipinos must understand this concept.

In order to be respected by other countries, we need to fix our nation’s problems first. The main root of our problems lie on our culture that foster hypocrites, incompetence, liars, fanatics, conformists and ignorant people. Perhaps curing the cancer of our society will take a long time before it takes effect.

For now, we must prepare for the inevitable, I predict that the elections will not produce change, but rather stagnation. The Catholic clergy will not help us either, it is the same as the government, a clear indication that most of the leaders of both parties are incompetent. Both are tools of oppression.

It is an irony that the people are oppressed and at the same time oppressing themselves. They elected nothing but tyrants and brutes. Both of them rose to power through in the name of the people. It is such an irony that we pride ourselves as democratic and developed, but the reality is we are practicing Idiocracy and we are the Sick Man Of  Asia.

Until then, I leave you a song


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