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Inquirer’s Epic Failure Is Just Over 9000

It’s been a while since I visited my page due to some personal reasons and my apparent boredom to write an article. But thanks to this shit, I have regained my guts to write a short article about this issue. I am too tired to write an article about the recent tensions in Korea, the Boston bombing or the “Na-janine” thingy. This shit deal with Inquirer and Homer.

I am very frustrated that an incompetent twat like Homer was included in the TIME 100. Since I am somewhat glad that his leading propagandist Esposo has already kicked the bucket and his propaganda machine for his relative Bam had failed to garner support,  Homer have falsely heaved a sigh of relief because he was included in the magazine.

Thanks to Showbiz Government, the writers of the Inquirer have made themselves a laughing stock in the Internet. In their newspaper headline, the fake cover was posted possibly by a moron who has rushed the publication of the newspaper in order to make huge profits over a huge pile of elephant dung. By the way, who has the right mind to read Inquirer nowadays? Inquirer had betrayed the Journalist’s Creed for its impotence.

If you will examine the picture, you can see a face of a child molester from a snuff film in the 1970’s. Notice also the large mouth, like he is ready to eat a giant sausage soaked in water with cholera even a penis. This is just humiliation in the first place. Why the fuck TIME included him? Oh yeah because of that Noynoying stuff and other screw ups for this year 2012? Is TIME being sarcastic in the face of his Yellow Emperor? If Inquirer was sarcastic all along, I applaud them.

This is an another facepalm moment this 2013 for Fliplandia. I know that a few suckers are proud that a Filipino was included in TIME 100. Unfortunately, the Filipino that was included in the list is also the personification of the majority of the citizens and the electorate who voted for him and other small time politicians who act like him. The clergy will back them based on the so called “Catholic Vote” and the media especially ABS will glorify them as Gods. It is such a shame that critical thinking is mostly discouraged in this country because of its anti- intellectual culture.

This coming elections, will I ever expect competent candidates to win? My answer will be no except Gordon. The people are suckers of entertainment and they will probably elect incompetent buffoons. The cycle goes on and on. This is the harsh reality of Philippine politics and society. Everybody knows it even the lower classes. Give up most of your hope in the 2013 elections.

Seriously, the supporters of Homer in The Inquirer must commit seppuku if they have any sense of honour and dignity. Unfortunately, most of them lack these two traits. This is one of the incidents that Juan has bashed his head again in the flagpole. I am expecting some butthurt assholes to attack us because of this fiasco.

Well folks, I do not know if I will still have the time to write some of my opinions next time. I will leave this song because it is an awesome song if you have nothing to do this weekend. Adios!


2 comments on “Inquirer’s Epic Failure Is Just Over 9000

  1. 765th Special Guardian Unit, Mishima Zaibatsu Operator
    April 20, 2013

    >nobody except Gordon
    Hell yes.

  2. T
    April 21, 2013

    Remember, Hitler won 1938 Man of the Year, so did his pal Gandhi.

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