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Why Columbia from Bioshock Infinite Reminds Me Of The Philippines

Folks, this article is also a short game review of Bioshock Infinite. To be honest, I didn’t played the last 2 games but I already knew its setting and some of the story elements. By the way, I am not still finished in playing the game, I am somewhat halfway from the ending. The reviewers were right. This is a great game and it is not an another mindless first person shooters like Battlefield or Call Of Duty. The Bioshock franchise is known for its storyline and character development which makes each game of the franchise a masterpiece.

The world is just amazing but also terrifying. The city of Columbia, built under the orders of then President Mckinley in order to showcase the power of the States around the globe, is ruled by a theocratic form of government under the leadership of Zachary Comstock and the Founders, the oligarchy that oversees the city after its secession from the Union. The cause of the secession was due to the Boxer Rebellion,  where it opened fire in Peking. After that incident, the city had disappeared and Comstock referred the city as the “New Eden”, while the continents below are referred as “cities of Sodom”.

Columbia is also racist towards the Irish, African Americans, Greeks and other minorities, it is also highly religious that you cannot distinguish the people from being religious or fanatics, it is ultranationalistic, it is xenophobic and eugenic, as the Founders are focused to maintain the “racial purity” of its people. The anarcho- communist resistance  movement known as the Vox Populi aims to unite the oppressed peoples of Columbia to bring down the Founders and end the discrimination between nationalities, but they are as brutal as the government in battle. In my opinion, I will side with the Vox temporarily, it is the lesser evil and I hate all the aspects of the Columbian bureaucracy.

The environment in the game is polished to perfection, the story keeps me hooked up and the combat is always filled with tension. The AI is smart unlike in CoD and the soundtrack is just awesome. You can hear covers of the popular songs of the 80’s in this game. Elizabeth, the emotional centre of the game is also helpful in combat and other tasks. She will help you throughout the entire game as your assistant and accomplice.

The game has flaws such as unfulfilled promises especially the Sky line battles, lack of weapon varieties, recycled bosses and multiplayer. Multiplayer in this game will be awesome, but there are rumours that they will add it. Also if you want to shoot ultranationalists, racists and religious fanatics, this game will satisfy you.

Folks, despite some of jts flaws go buy this game, you will never regret it. You will be thinking of its ending for a few days after playing it. My rating for this game is a solid 9.5/10! By the way, I almost forgot our main topic. Oh yeah, Columbia almost reminds me of our country.

Several aspects seen in our country are perfect matches in the world of Columbia. I will give examples:

1. The actions of CBCP and El Shaddai are similar to the actions of the Founders. By the way, the El Shaddai has a prophet. We are somewhat closer to the religious fanaticism of the citizens of Columbia. Idol worship (the worship of the Founding Fathers and Booth, the assassin of Lincoln) is similar to our zealous devotion to the statues of saints and the Nazareno.

2. The pop culture of the country tolerates racism and discrimination against minorities. Most of the Filipinos have disdain for blacks, Indians, Arabs and even the Filipino Chinese, while we are also offended by the stereotypes made by other countries against our “race”. We are great at stereotyping people but cannot take an insult from a foreigner. Some Filipino nationalists also promote the “brown” race and Proud To be Pinoy. The ultranationalism in the Philippines and Columbia are strikingly similar that you want to shoot stupid assholes in the face.

3. The Vox Populi are similar to the NPA, MILF and other resistance groups in the country. The Vox have a taste for brutality and they will justify their means to end oppression in their people. Both countries are now also on the verge of revolution. We can consider the realist and constitutional reform movements as a growing force for a revolution or a radical change of the future of our nation. Their leader Daisy Fitzroy reminds me slightly of Che Guevara.

4. Jeremiah Fink is the personification of the oligarchs in our country. They love to monopolise businesses and eating their competitors through unorthodox methods. They will do anything necessary to remain in the top. They will always oppress the people below them through low wages and inadequate housing. They  did little to improve the standard of living of their labourers. Fink hates a competitive business environment just like his counterparts in the Philippines.

5. The Filipinos like to hide the sad reality of the country through facades much like Columbia trying to hide its filth through its advanced technological prowess that are actually achieved through Tears (play the game if you want to find it out).

Bioshock Infinite is a great game, but Columbia isn’t. It mostly reminded me of the sad state of our country for the past 6 decades. Most people don’t care or even dare to cure the cancer of our country. Our country is suffering from a curable cancer but we refuse to take a stand and shatter our illusions. I am not advocating a revolution right away. I am just wishing that some people will be awakened to reality by playing this game. You can clearly see this everyday in our streets. The game can spark some debate regarding the similarities of Columbia to our country.

Until then, I see you guys.  I shall leave you this song from Bioshock Infinite. Adios!


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