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The 2013 Elections Was A Joke

Folks, several of you had already predicted the results of the election but do you feel somewhat pissed? (I wish BAYAW was a real partylist, I will vote for them but back to the topic)  I am fucking pissed off by this bullshit. I know that Noynoy and his cohorts will have the majority of the seats but I am not expecting a 9-3 majority, I am expecting a 7-5 results in this election. I think that the Internet Revolution of 2012 was not enough to turn the tables against those incompetent bastards.

During that time, some politicians and showbiz artists who are a bunch of morons are pushing for the Cybercrime Law but fortunately it was suspended indefinitely. But it was too late for the some people to make a difference. Television is still the dominant source of communications and the media especially those who have links to large political families are endorsing candidates based on popularity rather than competence to govern.

Months before the election also, we are constantly pissed about the “Catholic Vote”. Voting based on conscience and faith are no different from people who are voting a candidate based on popularity. Our elections are reminding me of American Idol. Is this the basis of the Filipinos for a good leader? The people have elected Grace Poe because of FPJ even though I doubt her credentials, Nancy Binay even though she refused to attend political debates, Bam Aquino because every person that has an Aquino surname is not corrupt and so on.

What the fuck is this? This is just insane. This is madness. All of us know why the people elected these mindless dumbfucks into the Senate. We can list some of  their stupid excuses:

1. Because the candidate gives money to the poor

2. Because he/she is an Aquino

3. Because he/she is popular

4. Because he/ she eats with her fingers

5. Because he/she brings the favourite artists of the masses

6. Because he/she promises free food, free toilet paper and a grand prize to win a tablet computer

7. Because he/she is religious

My friend Darion hits the spot right here with his status:

Democracy is bullshit if the majority of the people are idiots and imbeciles who are easily manipulated. But then again,the Philippines is not a democratic country but a monarchy with several families in power.”

We are indeed a monarchy, but a worst form of monarchy. It is a mix of feudalism and absolutism. It is tyranny under the consent of the popular will. Why are those people keep complaining about corruption, red tape, lack of progress and development while they are the ones who elected these tyrants in the first place? we have elected a parasitic aristocracy that rules as an oligarchy to protect their own interests by blocking new concepts and ideas to improve our standard of living and our development.

We live in a combination of the Medieval and Industrial Ages. No do not blame the U.S or other world powers here, it is us who have the problem. Countless political debates, tireless arguments in intellectual circles, tireless announcements by netizens to vote for the right people had all went to waste.  It was not heeded by the majority, rather they are easily tempted by money for their own basic survival.

Is this the future that Rizal and Bonifacio wanted, is this the future that the Ilustrados and the people who lead the secession of the Philippines from Spain predicted? No they all thought that we will become an influential country in the international community because of the obvious factors that I had mentioned in my previous articles. This not democracy, it is DEMOCRAZY.

I cannot blame people who are losing hope for the future because the people are not even concerned with the next generations who will experience these kinds of failures, contradictions and apparent idiocy of the Filipino society. This is an another thing that the foreign news organisations will mock on us. As predicted, we will cry racism and demand a public apology.

Our elections are always a history in the making. Massive vote buying, rigging, fiestas, dances and all kinds of things that you will find in parties. We can clearly see that elections are a proof if the people are indeed serious in handing down the responsibility of governance to their representatives. These elected politicians will represent our country in the international scene.

You have a right to choose your candidate, but options are limited to nothing but morons, buffoons and some competent politicians who cannot win because they are not popular. Elections are a time if we are indeed living in a sustainable republic. Unfortunately, most power rests in a few political clans who are protective of their large businesses. Indeed, politics is almost nothing but a business here just like the Roman Catholic Church. Both of them are pathetic and outdated in their ideas.

George Carlin said “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”. Well his quote applies well to our current situation. This country is already dragging down to the pit of mud every elections. Do we need to limit the suffrage?  Do we need to replace our current form of government? The former is quite impossible but the latter is feasible. I still doubt if Constitutional Reform will be approved by the President and the majority of the citizens because of this event.

Now tell me: Are you Proud To Be Pinoy? Nationalism is a pathetic excuse. The country has a cancer that most people will not dare to cure it and prevent it from spreading again. The cancer has its roots in the past and it continues to spread in every corner of our society? I cannot tolerate this bullshit already. It is the time for the remaining thinking Filipinos to unite in a single voice of reform. We need the medicines so badly to cure the cancer or else we will continue to rot.

“So on all sides there are groans, gnawing of lips, clenching of fists, many hollow words, great ignorance, a deal of talk, a lot of fear. The patient is near his finish!”

-Jose Rizal, La Solidaridad

Another final quote from Rizal. Those who defended the elections are criticising us for not being positive and being a traitor to our country. Here is the quote:

“Does your Excellency know the spirit of (my) country? If you did, you would not say that I am “a spirit twisted by a German education,” for the spirit that animates me I already had since childhood, before I learned a word of German. My spirit is “twisted” because I have been reared among injustices and abuses which I saw everywhere, because since a child I have seen many suffer stupidly and because I also have suffered.

My “twisted spirit” is the product of that constant vision of the moral ideal that succumbs before the powerful reality of abuses, arbitrariness, hypocrisies, farces, violence, perfidies and other base passions. And “twisted” like my spirit is that of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who have not yet left their miserable homes, who speak no other language except their own, and who, if they could write or express their thoughts, would make my Noli me tangere very tiny indeed, and with their volumes there would be enough to build pyramids for the corpses of all the tyrants…”

Open letter to Barrantes on the Noli, published in La Solidaridad (15 February 1890)

Mark my words. One day this country will see his light again. One day we shall rise from the ashes but the question is how long will we wait for that day? Everything has its end, and one day tyranny and idiocy in this country shall fall like a house of cards! People, I also recommend you to read this article. There are still many crybabies in this country.

Thank you for reading and I shall post a great song for everyone by Daft Punk. I shall see you guys on my next article. You know what play video games to temporarily erase your anger. Adios!


14 comments on “The 2013 Elections Was A Joke

  1. xdarkx
    May 15, 2013

    …..and what makes it more pissing is that those who didn’t vote for these stupid politicians also had to suffer the consequences of having these people in power, all because, in addition to hocus-PCOS, of these stupid voters who chose them…

  2. bugatti
    May 15, 2013

    thats why i never vote since two elections already…over power tayo sa mga irresponsible voters kaysa intelligent voters..HALUAN PA NG TV NETWORK na sinungaling!!!

  3. Marian
    May 15, 2013

    @ Thread Starter: You should address all countries as “HER” not HIS or HIM

    That’s the bad thing about elections.. and the government and religon.. nobody is right..and NOBODY is wrong as well, everybody claims he is right and all the others are wrong.. that’s why there are people who didn’t vote at all. they were agnostic.

    no matter how much we debate about this. there’s no point. a ton of people has already voted for her and YES they think it was a good vote.

    Anyway, I know Binay has no experience and all. Her previous job was as a Personal Assistant to the Mayor who happens to be her own father..
    other than that, she ultimately has no public service experience and all. she just recently registered to BIR ( not a tax payer for how many years ) not a single shard of advocacy. and what really makes her a clown is when someone asked her “Why did you run for the elections?”


    but – – yeah, shes on top 5 as of the moment. what more can we debate about?

    on the other hand. I happen to be a good hacker, the PCOS machine is not that easy to hack nor manipulate.. it’s not the problem of those who ran for the elections at all. it’s the people’s.

    Come on RESPOND and kill me hehe

    ta – ta

    • dachronicler
      May 15, 2013

      Yes there is no point. Tapos na eh. We will expect the same results sa 2016 I think kung mag fifile ng candidacy si Fuckyaw. But atleast they know that most people in the Internet are not happy with them.

      BTW hinihintay ko kayong i hack ang mga PCOS to paralyze our elections. Dapat ginawa mo. Nasa article ko na mismo magbasa ka, tayo ang may problema.

      Nagbigay pa ako ng 7 reasons bakit nila gustong i elect ang mga bobong ito sa posisyon. Basahin mo ulit.

      • Not Marian
        May 15, 2013

        haha ayoko nang basahin ang buong rticle.. nabasa ko na ang same topic sa ibat ibang threads..

        iisa lang ang result

      • dachronicler
        May 15, 2013

        Na the election was a joke and both the candidates and the people are responsible for this history in the making. It is very hard for a country to achieve progress if the people are a bunch of morons electing incompetent morons in the office who hates competition.

  4. Not Marian
    May 15, 2013

    well.. everybody has to believe into something

  5. Santiago Vargas
    May 15, 2013

    Philippines is under the “Moronism” kind of government. It s worse than communism.

  6. Anna
    May 15, 2013

    a monrchy with a couple of people ruling is basically an oligarchy just saying. Nice article btw 🙂

  7. Sybel Salting
    May 15, 2013

    The media makes things unfair.
    If a candidate sounds familiar or on TV irresponsible voters will vote for them.
    Comelec(or someone) should do something about it. Equal chance for candidates campaign

    • dachronicler
      May 15, 2013

      The main problem is our government system. It favour the political clans and that is why they are the owners of the large businesses in their areas. They refuse foreign investment and development. the people are nothing but fools, well most of the people. They keep electing the same person while expecting a different result. Isn’t that called insanity?

      It is time for the PH to go Parliamentary

  8. Amerl
    May 18, 2013

    My grandma and I kept on waiting for Hagedorn and Zubiri to show up in the top 12 until the last minute pero wala eh. Sayang. Ang ganda ng nagawa ni Hagedorn sa bayan niya. Hindi mo maikakaila na magaling talaga siya magpatakbo at gusto ko talaga siyang makita sa senado. Si Zubiri naman, magaling rin. Sabihin na nating galing siya sa political clan pero nung senador pa siya, ang dami niya nagawa sa Mindanao. Kailangan ng Mindanao ng mga taong willing tumulong sa amin para gumanda naman itong lugar namin. Halos Luzon lang at siguro ang Visayas ang parating may grasya, eh kami? medyo normal na nga kung mag brown out :/
    Ang daming nadadala ngayon sa mga words lang. Tingnan mo yang si Grace Poe, nanalo dahil sa tatay, eh anong gagawin niya dun? Bakit ba kasi niya ginamit sa FPJ sa pangangampanya? At yang si Nancy Binay, BAKIT MO GUGUSTUHING MAG-ELECT NG SENADOR NA ANG TRABAHO AY PERSONAL ASSISTANT?! Nanay sa senado? anong gagawin niya? ipagluluto ang mga senador? Hindi nga siya dumadalo sa debates, baka hindi marunong mag-stand up for herself :/
    grabe, medyo bitter talaga ako sa mga nanalo ngayon. Hindi na kasi to pagalingan sa pagpapatakbo ng bansa, pasikatan na to tsaka gamitan ng sikat na kakilala. Ang daming bobo at gullible na Pinoy. grabe.

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    June 25, 2013

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