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A Tale of Two Faggots: Philippines and Taiwan

“Nationalism is power hunger tempered by self deception”

-George Orwell

UPDATE: Thanks to my friend Jeff Probe, I will reveal another shocking story. The current President of Taiwan has the lowest approval rating in their history. He may be stirring up the masses to boost his popularity. We cannot confirm yet if he is the main motivator or the fuel to the fire of butthurt Taiwanese. For me, I am not exactly surprised, that is the game of politics.

Folks, I apologise for the somewhat harsh language but it is the most appropriate term for these two countries recently. The news? Well the Philippine Coast Guard opened fire and killed a Taiwanese fisherman who attempted to cross the disputed waters in the north. After that, the Foreign Ministry demanded an apology or else they will threaten the country with a naval drill. The government hastily apologised but it was not accepted or even too late.

Xenophobia and race riots began since last week as Taiwanese citizens assaulted Filipino migrant workers in many urban centres all over their country. Hundreds of people burn Filipino flags, a portrait of Aquino and other stuff related to the Philippines.  This incident makes me say what the fuck? Are these people barbarians? Can they think rationally and not be overruled by their emotions? Well in fact, the butthurt reaction of Taiwan is very similar to us Filipinos.

Aquino apologised to Taiwan but I will also note that the Philippine government did not apologised to the Hong Kong citizens killed during the Manila hostage crisis. This was also the first event that proved that the Aquino administration is incompetent to run the country. Back to the main topic, my point here is these two citizens are nothing but a bunch of crybaby faggots. They are like children. They are very immature in their protests and riots.

Fortunately, most government officials in Taiwan are pragmatic. The President of Taiwan calls for calm to its citizens. Well you must do your job to calm this mob. Several people are now probably swayed by the fever and joined the protest because of conformity. Filipinos in the Internet are calling for revenge, some calling for war.  A hilarious comment by a Filipino said “Evil for evil, let us also send one Taiwanese into a morgue here!” Well, this guy wanted to repeat the barbarism of the countries in the 20th century?

Seriously, are they nuts? Taiwan has the military capability to strike us while we cannot. Our army faces ammunition shortages, overall it’s in shambles. the organisation is a mess, the officers are largely incompetent and our weapons are so obsolete that the Taiwanese can use our ships and planes for target practice.  Several netizens from both sides are calling for a boycott. Seriously, it will harm the economy of both countries. The guys who are blabbering those bullshit are a bunch of morons.

I am seriously laughing that several are suggesting of withdrawing all Filipino workers from Taiwan. It will done more harm than good to us. Do we have jobs comparable to that country in the first place? None, they will just return again and again to that country. Taiwan can merely replace them with either their own people or other foreign workers who have more expertise than us. In the end, we will be the absolute losers.

To the Anon groups of both sides, stop the attacks. It will only make the situation worse. This is not child’s play, this is a real deal. you are like a bunch of children who have no clear agendas to speak of “why are we doing this’?  Seriously, why are you doing this? Nationalism? Nationalism is already an outdated ideology and an illusion. It is a parasite in peacetime.

I encourage both sides to stop their protests and cyber attacks. We can discuss this through diplomacy. Both sides must not risk war, it will only bring little benefit to them. Both sides, be rational! Use your brain, do not let your emotions overrule your mind! Stop being butthurt both of you. You are only making yourselves laughing stocks of the international community. Remember, you are not children.

For the leaders of both sides, we shall maintain our close ties with each other. Both of us are mutually benefiting from trade and expertise of both citizens. This crisis must be solved before it becomes a larger headache for the bureaucrats of both sides. That is only my advice. Racism is more fun in both Taiwan and the Philippines! Nationalism is indeed the measles of mankind,

Attack me for not being biased, for not supporting any side. I will rebut your arguments against me. Until then guys, I see you in my next article.   Remember, war is sweet for those who have never experienced it. Pardon for my title for the LGBT community BTW. I shall play this song:


16 comments on “A Tale of Two Faggots: Philippines and Taiwan

  1. Jon-jon Rufino
    May 18, 2013

    I see your apology to the LGBT community. Thank you for thinking of us. For my own eduction though, could you explain how my being a “faggot” has anything to do with the actions of Taiwan or the Philippines? In what way is Taiwan or the Philippines acting “gay”?

    Do you mean to say cowardly? If so why not use that word, as I fail to see how I have personally behaved like a coward in anything in my life, nor do I see how other people like me, who have had the courage to stand up to their family’s, their church’s, our society’s expectations, behave in a cowardly manner.

    But you are an insightful person no doubt, so please show me what I’ve missed.

    • dachronicler
      May 18, 2013

      The “faggot” thing means two for me: annoying and coward.

      • Carmen
        May 18, 2013

        You just insulted the entire LGBT community, by labeling faggot as annoying and cowardly.

      • dachronicler
        May 18, 2013

        LOL, have you even watched the episode from South Park? “The F Word” advocates a philosophy that language is malleable and ever-changing, and that the idea of taboo words are only assigned their stigma because society allows them to become so. Remember language is malleable. Rational members of the LGBT will not succumb to their emotions. You are butthurt right?

  2. xdarkx
    May 18, 2013

    …that is why we need to open up our economy already so that Filipinos don’t have to work abroad anymore. But then again, our idiotic “leaders” don’t want to do it because they’ll be the ones crying like babies for losing their “hard-earned” profits. XD

    • Militaires Sans Frontieres
      May 19, 2013

      INB4 FLIPFAGs will bitch their ultranationalism calling foreigners as evil invaders in 3, 2, 1…..

  3. Amerl
    May 18, 2013

    I’m still thinking that the Taiwanese people (well those who bully the Filipinos) are being immature because it’s not their fault that their fellow Taiwanese died. What where they even doing in our seas? I still don’t get the gist of this issue :/ I think there are lots of details that were left out. All I knew is that a Taiwanese died because of crossing OUR seas but why do the Taiwanese government want a very elaborate sorry?

  4. tine
    May 18, 2013

    in my opinion, the Philippines should not fire directly to the Taiwanese fisherman. its a wrong deed, because there are no interaction and communication. I know that president P-noy apologized, BUT he apologized without sincerity to those who died, even the HK incident…. he smirk and smiled a little, so do u think there’s any justice??? what a fake…….
    my sister and 2cousins are in Taiwan, but right now they can’t fly to.the Philippines because of the incident. no country are gay and immature, there is just little trust and communication between.the 2countries,,,,

  5. T
    May 18, 2013

    don’t use faggot to describe a homosexual person – think of it as short for “fucking maggot”. Take the word back, world.

    • dachronicler
      May 18, 2013


    • Militaires Sans Frontieres
      May 19, 2013

      Majority of the people in the world are still idiots and I include those who thinks faggot very obviously.

  6. ???
    May 18, 2013

    you should be more sensitive in using your words. you are nothing but like them.

  7. Carmen
    May 18, 2013

    “I encourage both sides to stop their protests and cyber attacks. We can discuss this through diplomacy. Both sides must not risk war, it will only bring little benefit to them. Both sides, be rational! Use your brain, do not let your emotions overrule your mind! Stop being butthurt both of you. You are only making yourselves laughing stocks of the international community. Remember, you are not children.”

    How does one insult both Taiwan and the Philippines and at the same time call for diplomacy? Lol

    It seems this blogger is just as emotional as the Taiwanese he claims to be crybabies,

    • dachronicler
      May 18, 2013

      LOL you do not know international politics don’t you? This whole crisis is a fiasco, it must be solved diplomatically. I want to exercise restraints on both sides. Isn’t that hard LOL

  8. Apolitical Misanthrope
    May 30, 2013

    I believe you, brother. Here’s what we should do to convince citizens back in our hometown: don’t conform. Always never listen to what the politicians say on TV, do not vote for insolent politicians we don’t even know/who do not reveal their true ego and don’t be blind/stupid at all times. The Team Pnoy are formed by a bunch of cronies. Smite them at all cost.

  9. Ra
    August 11, 2013


    – yours in sensibility
    the antipinoy nerdvana dorkgasm

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