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Why The Philippine Humour Industry Is Crashing Down

In light of the recent Vice Ganda- Jessica Soho fight I can say this: Fuck the majority of the Philippine Showbiz and Media. You know what I am tired of this bullshit being the national news. Why the fuck will people give too much bullshit for this anyway? We have Vice Ganda, the number 1 ‘comedian’ in the Philippines and we have Jessica Soho, the most ‘respected’ journalist in the country. It is like weighing two clowns together in an epic battle of proportions. I admit that sometimes when I am bored, I watch some Vice Ganda and Jessica Soho. The main reason: the rape joke. The rape joke was so poorly executed that I am concluding that the audience of Vice Ganda knows nothing about other forms of humour other than Fliptops and irrational roastings.

Because of this fight, I remembered the incident when one of my favourite comedian Tado had kicked the ass out of Vice Ganda with his wit and his shirt. It was funny and it was even funnier when Tado, Ramon and Angelo made fun of him in one of my favourite radio shows BrewRats. By the way, Vice Ganda wants Tado to apologise to him for no almost fucking reason which Tado did. Last year, Tado made a Twitter joke that Vice Ganda was killed in a car accident. You know what guys? Except for Tado, Team BAYAW, the guys from Boys Night Out and Ramon Bautista, the Philippine humour industry is now boring and lame as hell.

Now most comedians are more oriented for slapstick and toilet humour without sense. Vice Ganda’s social commentaries also makes no sense, I will term their humour “prolefeed”. The masses are the only ones enjoying it all the time and that is the reason why most of them cannot even understand satire and sarcasm. We can say that because of the present humour industry, the Filipinos have no satire gene.

Because most folks have no taste for satire and sarcasm, they cannot understand the comedy of several foreign countries, which are more oriented on satire and wit than pure slapstick. Take example for the humour of Stephen Colbert, Conan O Brien, George Carlin, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart, I am sure most of them will not get the joke. I am also sure that they will find the TV show Blackadder which was played by Rowan Atkinson unfunny unlike his Mr. Bean persona.

The death of the Philippine humour industry can be traced with the dumbing down of the society. You can probably see that in television, most of the comedians are always using the same old formula to entertain the people. Vice Ganda, if you will make a rape joke, make sure do it like Louis CK. The joke by Louis CK is funny but also true, while your joke is bullshit and even offensive to some. Please make sense and make gold, not shit.

The Philippine humour industry will continue to crash alongside with the average brain power of the masses. Come on people, bring back Strangebrew to the mainstream audiences. It is funny but also educational, as well satirical. Bring back BrewRats in the airwaves, these shows are more funnier than the current comedies today. Bring back satire and sarcasm to our industry so that Filipinos can understand what they are reading or watching. Until then guys, I see you on my next article. I will post this clip from one of my favourite comedians George Carlin:


23 comments on “Why The Philippine Humour Industry Is Crashing Down

  1. Anna
    May 29, 2013

    and yet.. you’re here defending homophobics like Tado. get over yourself.

    • dachronicler
      May 29, 2013

      What the fuck, Tado is homophobic? Come on, it’s not homophobic. Di bale na ang magnakaw kaysa mamakla. Ang tinutukoy nya ay ang mga taong nanggagamit ng balaka, yung mga namemera lang. Dinedepensahan mo si Vice Ganda? Lel, convinced na ako being an asshole have no gender or race barriers.

      • Anna
        May 30, 2013

        kuya, hindi ko dinedepensahan si vice ganda. Sige nga hanapin mo sa dalawang sentence na binitawan ko na dinepensahan ko si vice ganda. Grabe ha masyado kayong assuming . I just think you’re being a huge hypocrite to condemn him and still endorse homophobes.

      • dachronicler
        May 30, 2013

        Lel Homophobia, why do you think you are so special. You are LGBT people so what? You are no different from other people. Do not think you LGBT people are unique. All gender classifications have a good share of assholes.

      • dachronicler
        May 30, 2013

        I still the LGBt rights but it does not mean that they have special rights. They have the same rights as everyone else.

      • Ra
        June 23, 2013

        mabuhay ka makabagong illustrado, if only there more blokes like you and less of pinoy peysbuk and twitar dorks, hay naku, bat ba kakaunti ang nerd sa pinas

    • WinterSoldier
      May 29, 2013


      Those who riddled with EMOTIONS are indeed… TROLLS. 😛

    • T
      May 29, 2013

      Tado is a psychic ninja, he used our own minds to generate the joke. One word, “Namamakla” makes us picture a baklang hairdresser leading a bunch of underage boys into his beauty parlor for paid “services”. face it, gay dudes have been given this stereotype since the 90s.

    • deelaytful
      May 29, 2013

      Because Vice Ganda is the pinacle of LGBT empowerment?

    • Militaires Sans Frontieres
      May 30, 2013

      And can you specify without pure BS why tado is hemophobic? If it’s only because the way he acts in Strange Brew then you’re obviously using your emotions first than rational thinking. pinoy nga naman oo hindi alam ang pinagkaiba ng seryoso at satire. Do you feeling lost FLIPFAG. Why not do some soul-searching? Don’t think you’ll find anything though dahil isip inutil ka pa rin.

      • Militaires Sans Frontieres
        May 30, 2013

        Oh and are you also implying that Hado Gay is indeed homophobic only because the way he dresses and moves? You are so narrow-minded indio.

  2. MISOT
    May 29, 2013

    Sad but true. Like almost all the jokes I hear on TV and on local radio shows are just plain dumbed down and far too cliche. And if you see satire, a lot of the people get butthurt about it. I can already see it. In the future, jokes would not contain any ideas/dialogues whatsoever, just fart sounds.

  3. deelaytful
    May 29, 2013

    Hmmm…You could make the argument that mainstream media doesn’t have it, but satirical humor is still present in other forms (ie, online media, literature), such as in professional heckler, ang tunay na lalake, and, to an extent, works of Bob Ong and Jessica Zafra.

  4. S E R V I N I O
    May 30, 2013

    The first death anniversary of Dolphy is fast approaching. How we really miss him and the brand of humor promoted by his contemporaries who all went ahead of him.

    • dachronicler
      May 30, 2013

      I miss him too. His films are funny and satirical such as “Kandidatong Pulpol”.

  5. guesswhosback
    May 30, 2013

    fuck you and your whole idiotic crew who thought that Strangbrew and all that jazz is a good source of entertainment. Fucking weirdo keep ranting about comedy in the Philippines gone bonggos. All I know is your idea of comedy is nothing but a perception of a mentally disturbed person trying to tell the world how it is should be. Nobody fucks on whoever throws the best punchline. It’s about who makes you laugh no matter how disrespectful it is, because people’s perspectives are different. I guess people just started ranting about Vice ganda because he can make millions out of just one pun rather than some guys who did everything to get noticed but still nobody gives a damn on them because they’re nothing but lame egoistic load of shit trynna make themselves somebody.

    • dachronicler
      May 30, 2013

      *facedesk* you just went full retard man, never go full retard okay? So you are defending the idiotic tastes of your fellow citizens. I maintain a screw them all policy, so screw Vice Ganda, most of the PH media and showbiz.

      I hope you can justify your rant over here rationally because you look like a pathetic idiot. So the whole Strangebrew and BrewRats were not funny to you right? Because what you want is pure slapstick comedy with no substance. I am sure that you will not regret the death of Dolphy. I am sure you cannot understand British humour. I am sure you cannot even understand satire and sarcasm from American late night shows.

      I am sure you hate George Carlin. Just like our current humour industry, the current film industry is also on the process of making profit even if their products are nothing but pure rubbish. You are contented on ‘prolefeed’ idiot? Well your taste in comedy is the taste of 75% of the Philippine population.

      I cannot blame why the Philippine is the Sick Man Of Asia because the average brain power of a lot of its citizens is crashing down like a mountain. We do not care about money you trash. I am a patriot and it is my duty to accept the reality and criticise the flaws of our society in order to improve our condition.

      Ito ang bagay sayo tangang inutil na walang pinag aralan 😛 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA2FojOtkEk

    • dachronicler
      May 30, 2013

      This is pure ad hominem: You are a moron. Before you post your idiotic comment, make sure your brain even works all the time. Nobody gives a damn lel, well you are that person, like I said in my about page, ad hominems are welcome but make sure to prepare for the worse. I guess you are either a pathetic troll or really an idiotic Flipfag.

    • Militaires Sans Frontieres
      May 30, 2013

      Well fuck you, your parents and your relatives who are watching telebasura and gone full retard here FLIPFAG. Here lemme weep you even more with this humiliation.
      You got freakin’ dominated knucklehead. Yeah that’s right. Are you even trying? You ain’t gonna win knucklehead. You started to bored me how much you suck. You look like you ran through traffic. Drink it in pal that’s a failure tastes. Would you look at you. I mean look at you. Hit the bricks pal you’re done. You…are…terrible. You gettin’ dominated chucklehead. Domination look it up. Is that all you got moron? Yeah I dare you ragequit. C’mon make us both happy. Oh are you gonna cry? You gonna cry now? I will never stop humiliate FLIPFAGs like you.

  6. dachronicler
    May 30, 2013

    Our “most laughable retarded douchebag” goes to guesswhosback! Not only you are trying hard to defend the interests of the uneducated masses, you cannot even present legitimacy in your reaction to my blog.

  7. Mack
    June 11, 2013

    I used to fap to Erning.

    Good times…

  8. Ra
    June 23, 2013

    MABUHAY KA DACHRONICLER the modern day illustrado, don’t mind these facebook and tweeterdorks, you are a lion amongst monkeys

  9. Annon
    January 22, 2014

    Well you have that show WOTL which is pretty satirical

    here is an old show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95oGWBVcCwc

    WOTL: Balat Sibuyas

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