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World War Z Review

So where am I after a couple of weeks? Well I am just doing some college stuff and laughing my ass off at the NBA Finals. So let’s begin to review this film.

Well this is the shit. Almost every goddamn person you know have watched or even planning to watch the film. It is the biggest blockbuster in our country right now and it even beat Monsters University by a wide margin.I may watch the film in the theatre but I have downloaded a torrent version, unfortunately I deleted it because I started laughing at the first 45 minutes of this film. World War Z is based on the 2006 novel of the same name written by Max Brooks.

Rather than a straight driven story or even a narrative, the novel is a collection of short stories, eyewitness testimonies and interviews told and compiled by the narrator, an agent of the United Nations Post-war Commission. The novel details the origins of the supposed “zombie pandemic” and how it changed the world. There are changes in geopolitics, nations, borders, social, environmental and religious changes from a variety of countries and perspectives.

The novel is used by Brooks to criticise government incompetence, the power of crony capitalism and human short sightedness. It is not merely a horror novel and even an apocalyptic one, rather it is a great lampoon on these topics. I can compare it to George Orwell’s 1984.

The zombies might be used as an allegory to lampoon the current consumerist culture and the terrorists. The novel might be also considered as critical to the policy of the United States and its inefficient bureaucracy. Survivalism and uncertainty are also the main themes of the novel because humanity has always the fear of the unknown, like the current paranoia of some citizens of the United States who turned their houses into fortresses.

While the novel is very deep, the film isn’t. The film is average or even a bad film in my opinion. The film commits the first offence: IT IS BORING. Yes, it is a boring film because it is forgettable. While the novel discusses or lampoons the current society, the film is nothing but a dull version of Plants vs. Zombies. Why would you let Brad Pitt direct it? My God, there are shitloads of talented producers that can turn this film into a critically acclaimed one.

Oh here’s the kicker: They have fucking butchered the script and replaced it with a generic one instead. The first script is written in 2008 by J. Michael Stracyznski ( A very brilliant comic book writer) which was leaked in the Internet. The website Ain’t Cool News leaked it and called the script a very good one. The intended film is closer than the novel.

Unfortunately, Brad Pitt called a meeting and because they are all drunk at that time, they decided to say ‘fuck it’ and ditched the script in favour of a new script rewritten by who the fuck cares guy ( Matthew Michael Carnahan). The second script is very profitable that they can imagine that they will make a shitload of money out of it.

The first script is not ‘mainstream enough’ but the second one is so bland and generic. This is the beginning of why the book and the film are not similar, only the title. The original film intended by the way is somewhat similar to Children of Men, a 2006 dystopian science fiction film set in a near future where extreme population measures and human infertility have contributed to the collapse of civilisation with Britain, one of the few stable countries is under the control of a military junta. It has been also influenced by A Clockwork Orange, and these two are one of my personal favourites.

The second offence committed by this film is there are no RUSSIANS. Seriously, I want to see how the Russian forces are kicking the asses of the hordes of the undead. In fact, Russia is somewhat important in the original book, but I may take Israel as a consolation. Why don’t you include Mother Russia you fucking idiots? I want to see how Putin will kick the asses of those motherfuckers.

The third offence committed by this film is it is on 3-D, seriously 3 fucking D? 3-D is only a marketing ploy, a fad that deserves to die. Since the release of James Cameron’s Avatar, several wanabees tried to emulate it. Some films are good like the Avengers and the Dark Knight, some are average like Transformers Dark of the Moon while some are pieces of shit like the Last Airbender (Shyamalan deserves to be castrated, shot and thrown into the pits of hell). Stop making 3-D films, if you will make a ‘3-D film’ make sure you have the necessary technology to make it watchable. The glasses that the theatres are handing out are also full of shit and crap.

The fourth offence committed by this film is it is clichéd. If you want a good zombie series or film, watch the Walking Dead instead. It is also merely the Dawn of the Dead. The plot is also predictable and constantly repeats. All you got is Brad Pitt traveling from location after location to defeat zombies. There is no thrill or suspense at all, except the hospital scene.

The fifth offence committed by this film is there will be a fucking sequel. They are not contented with just one hell of a buck, they decided to go for the double. Remember when Pitt said in the film “”This isn’t the end, not even close.” So guys we will expect 2 more films as an attempt to milk the supposed ‘franchise’ with its remaining dignity (Resident Evil 6 *cough* cough*). Good job Hollywood on ruining great concepts and turning it into second rate mindless blockbusters.

The sixth and the final offence committed by this film is it is PG-13. It has little to no blood and it is not very violent. It is also my problem with the Hunger Games, a similar PG-13 film that lacks the themes that are suitable for 16 or 18 year olds. I prefer to watch films with gore as long as it is a main plot device for the said film. I will not recommend it for horror film fans.

Now these are the positive aspects of the film. If we remove the source material, it is a pretty average film. The cinematography is quite excellent and the effects are pretty good. The acting is tolerable because it is Brad Pitt. I love his acting in Inglorious Bastards, a 2009 film about a group of soldiers trying to ambush and kill Hitler. The most decent actor of the film is the Israeli soldier played by Daniella Kertesz. The film is also to my surprise is somewhat dark and even with the story is very far from its source material, it delivers an atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse (even though they did not explain the origins of the pandemic which is a major plot hole throughout the film). Did they just run out of time to just give a more decent origin than the Mossad part?

So what is my overall take on this film? It is a dull and mindless action film with the World War Z title on it. Why not just rename it “Brad Pitt vs. Zombies” instead? I can pretty sum up the rest of the film to you: Brad Pitt is Jesus who injects himself with the SARS virus to save humanity from the hordes of the undead, as well as shooting a crapload of them. It pretty depends on the perspectives of a viewer, but I have my own opinion.

If you are just an average viewer, this film is worth your money even if you are a sucker for 3-D and the mainstream bandwagon. If you have read the book, you will bash this film to death and demand a refund. Overall World War Z is an attempt to market the zombie genre to the mainstream market even sacrificing content for a quick buck.

Overall, I give this film 5 out of 10. It is average at its best and it enables to deliver a ton of shit and giggles for me because I certainly laugh at the dialogue. If I am you guys, I will save my money to see the 47 Ronin instead. That’s it and for viewers like me, stay away from this film and if you want to see this film in order to laugh at its silliness, it’s okay. I see guys on my next article. Just my one advice, do not watch After Earth, it is terrible. The world is indeed full of wanabees.







One comment on “World War Z Review

  1. Ra
    August 11, 2013

    nice review and I agree
    when will you do a review of pacific rim? or do you think it’s just a mashup of an updated robot jox, american zilla, independence day et al and just as bland as the the expendables 1 and 2 and gi joe 1 and 2 and you don’t bother to make a review
    more power

    yours in cynicism and sensibility

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