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Sotto Is Out, Binay Is In: What It Means to be a Douchebag

Well guys, I am just minding my business and doing my college papers when I have stumbled upon this bullshit. Nancy Binay, the Senator who refuses to debate with somebody files a bill to regulate the freedom of information in the social media, in short the Internet. Seriously? Is this woman insane? Is she drunk and hungry when she wrote this bill? Several poorly written bill after poorly written bill (SOPA, CISPA and the notorious Cybercrime Law) have been proposed by various legislatures to regulate the Internet and all of them were defeated (except the Cybercrime Law which is indefinitely suspended). She probably knows about these bills but she didn’t give a fuck and filed it anyway.

For people who are not familiar with Nancy Binay, she is the person that refuses to debate and a person with little credentials. The social media continues to make her a running joke, a symbol of political incompetence and the lack of voter’s education, but some idiots are making fun of her because of her skin colour. In spite of the odds, because this is Philippines anyway she won the 2013 elections (elections are a complete joke in this country). She is making an argument again about cyberbullying bullshit.

Seriously, what the fuck are you talking about? We have heard that argument before from Tito Sotto (a notorious plagiarist). Why are public figures are always the ‘victims’ of cyberbullying? It is simple as this: Do not do anything stupid in order for the Internet to give a shit about you. Are Filipinos really sensitive to satire and sarcasm? This is an example of a satirical article and a lot of butthurt Filipinos who have no reading comprehension and critical thinking had reacted violently. We are always fond of making a fool ourselves in the eyes of the international community, aren’t we?

I know that the Internet has a share of stupid people, but it is also the last bastion of freedom. Why? Because no one controls the Internet, it functions like anarchism with no single individual controlling significant portions of it. It is the proof that anarchy somehow works. The power of religious, corporations and state officials are non-existent that is why several countries have banned their subjects from getting access to it. But like all systems, it have limits but not as strict as the State or the Church.

Nancy Binay needs to accept that she will never win against a horde of faceless people online. Several politicians have attempted to do that but they have failed miserably. This is a proof that the politicians have outdated views about the Internet. They pretended that the Internet, like all forms of media can be controlled to suit their own personal interests.

This is also a proof that our politicians suck. Who elected these asshats into power? The majority! They are always contented being spoon fed and being entertained by bread and circuses (because there is no bread to speak of). This is not democracy: this is DEMOCRAZY. A lot of us know that something is wrong in our system, but we can’t do something about it. This mentality leads to a people who prefer to escape the harsh reality of our society (subdivided into jologs and conos). Corruption will not die, but the worst enemy of democracy is stupidity. A stupid electorate equals a dysfunctional society and a fucked up country.

The political system also sucks. This system enables to breed vultures, crocodiles and monkeys. Our political parties are nothing but jokes, they have no platforms to speak of. Our Congress is almost a joke and it is a no brainer. There are only few politicians that are sane and competent to fulfill their responsibilities to the public. The system is a joke in itself because it tolerates the rise of these people.

Here is my take: Instead of wasting time on bills like this one and the child bullying act, why not prioritise the badly needed reforms of the Constitution? We are currently studying the Constitution and amendments will take months or years. Our Constitution is designed to counter and defeat reforms (like the full 100% foreign ownership scheme to attract investors, more autonomy to the regions and the Parliamentary System) in order to serve the interests of the ruling oligarchy and the clergy.

These classes refuse to relinquish their power and their monopoly in the country. Please get a life Nancy. You are making yourself pathetic into the eyes of many. It just proves that you are a douchebag like most of the politicians in this country. This is one of the reasons why our country is still the “Sick Man of Asia.”

Until then guys, I see you on my next article. The world is indeed full of tragedies and idiots.


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