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The Church uses ‘Democracy’ to Enforce their Hypocrisy

Common sense is not so common


The oral arguments regarding the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law is ongoing with supporters from both camps have gathered to anticipate the decision of the Supreme Court. If you have read my previous articles, I support the RH Law with reservations especially on its budget and the projected cost. You have also noticed that I despised both the Church and the State because they are only the same, but the lesser evil is the State of course.

You can probably observe, read or watch the arguments presented by the Anti RH camp. Should I say that their arguments are ridiculous in the first place? A lot of them have no idea regarding the concept of secularism. They falsely believe that it is the duty of religious orders to enforce their own morality to the masses and to the state. The Constitution have provisions for it but in theory, the power of religious fanaticism in this country is strong because of our apparent social and cultural dysfunctions which have plagued our country for more than 2 centuries

The second argument that they presented is the RH Law will force the people to adopt it. Actually, I have some problems with the law because it just highlights that the State will subsidize all of it, and like any other programs of the State such as the CCT, it will make no sense. A lot of Filipinos have a tendency to be lazy and they are contented to be spoon fed by the State even on their basic necessities. The law will not force anyone to adopt it because it is your choice anyway to raise children but just make sure you can feed them all.

The third argument is the ‘right of the unborn’. The unborn have no rights to speak of. Why are these people are so obsessed with the fetus in the first place? They would do anything for the unborn, but once the unborn is born, they will not give a shit about it anymore, because your fate will be handled by ‘God’. They have the balls to call themselves pro life but they also support nationalism and economic protectionism at the same time.

The fourth argument is the RH Law encourages genocide and it undermines family values. What the fuck are you talking about? This is the most stupid and the most ridiculous argument that I have ever seen. So if I masturbate, am I considered a serial killer? Family values my arse. I have a lot of reasons why the Filipino family values are dysfunctional and in fact it is one of the main contributors why is this society is so fucked up in the first place.

The fifth argument is the morality issue. Morality is only an artificial rule that can be manipulated according to the desire of an individual. I take Nietzsche’s master slave morality as my my explanation of morality. He argued that there are two fundamental types of morality: ‘Master morality’ and ‘slave morality’. Slave morality values things like kindness, humility and sympathy, while master morality values pride, strength, and nobility. Master morality weighs actions on a scale of good or bad consequences unlike slave morality which weighs actions on a scale of good or evil intentions. His view of morality is still debatable, but I am trying to point out that using morality as a justification is pure horseshit.

You can hardly see rationality in these people. They are nothing but religious zealots, they have no sens of independent thinking. Why do they oppose it? Because the Church says so, because Filipinos are apparently obeying authority even if the authority is wrong and screwed up in the first place. This is not an ordinary problem, you can already see that our culture and society is very rotten to the core.

The Church uses ‘democracy’ to justify their own stupidity. Just like the current set of idiots in the government elected by the ‘will’ of the people, they are contented to be the masters of the land and they will oppose any measures to subdue their power. Meanwhile, the masses are in the state of delusion, always contented on bread, circuses and bullshit. A lot of the citizens prefer to escape reality and not accepting it.

Life does not begin on fertilization, rather life is a continuous process that began billions of years ago.  Oh well, a lot of them reject evolution and treats the Bible literally. The fetus is not human because its senses are not fully developed. This is elementary science people. For me, I am not a forcing the people to support this bill, but rather stay neutral.

I forgot to mention that these idiots are the same morons who opposed the Rizal Law, because it violates their right of ‘conscience’. Still, they the balls to use the quote of Rizal about the future of the youth. The future of the youth is uncertain because a lot of them are a product of the flaws and dysfunctions of this society. It is sad that even in the earlier stage, you can see our dysfunctional society. A society built on fanaticism, emotionalism and popularity contests. Yes, even an idiot could become the President.

It is really the time to reform this fucked up society. The social cancer continues to kill the braincells of this generation. The current bureaucracy and the Church are on the same coin, they are a group of criminals running the country. This event will show the world if a lot of us have really a sense of common sense. Until then, I see you on my next article. Here is a short clip from George Carlin:


2 comments on “The Church uses ‘Democracy’ to Enforce their Hypocrisy

  1. Joshua Cuyos
    July 9, 2013

    Another argument of the RH law opponents that I’d like to rebut is that the law destroys families. Seriously? Then explain the thousands (maybe even millions) of Filipinos who have to be separated from their families just to sustain them. Isn’t separating family members from each other is what is REALLY damaging to families?

    Plus, if they can’t feed the living, what more of those yet to be born?

  2. T
    July 16, 2013

    if i were in power… i’d set sterilization as the final sentence to those who can’t afford to raise their last child under acceptable conditions. Right to life must be accompanied by responsibility. Fuck the church man, they should stay the fuck away from the state’s business, if they wanted to help i suggest they just offer prayers.

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