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The Squatter Fiasco

Hey folks, it is 2 weeks before the President will make an another pathetic attempt to show his ‘accomplishments’ to the republic even if what he did in the past 3 years are all complete jokes. The Aquino administration has the gift of blaming all the country’s problems to their predecessors and they are doing a fine damn job at it. Alongside with the desperation of the CBCP and its fanatical followers to block the RH Law by presenting stupid arguments that are probably made by a 5 year old, we have the ‘squatter’ wars.

For almost a month, I refuse to tackle this issue because I am not fully informed about it. But as time goes by, starting with a simple tweet by Bianca Gonzalez regarding the apparent nature of these people, to the free houses and allowance spoon fed by the state, I have decided to speak up. This article by a certain Bohemian hypocrite has also influenced me to write this one.

If you want a good laugh at how the writer pathetically glorifying the squatters as the poor class and can start revolutions, this article is for you. I had submitted a comment about the article, but the writer presumably marked it as trash. I pointed out his lack of rationality, his lack of understanding the current reality and his lack of understanding on our social, cultural, economic and political dysfunctions.

The writer has no realistic perspective of socialism, which will be completely impossible without combining it with capitalism. Also about the taxes, the State is not giving quality service to the citizens because a lot of them are a bunch of incompetent bastards who are mostly elected by the ‘squatters’. An example of it is the CCT program, a total failure to address poverty. The writer may had slept during his history classes because the writer got the facts wrong.

The writer is also so mad about the West, that he is using their language! I will not elaborate the stupidity of the writer but read the article and bash him. Only semi-literate idiots will rate the article as excellent. So here is my take on the squatter fiasco shall we?

First of all, a lot of them are not members of the working class; rather they are a bunch of people who falsely believed that they can find jobs in the metropolis, only to end up in the gutter. They are also fond of tapping connections and being total douchebags who will elect incompetent officials because they promised to give everything free, then complaining their asses like spoiled brats 3 months later.

Squatting is not also a right, it is a criminal act as the law says, but we cannot stop them because the bureaucracy is so incompetent that they are blocking badly needed reforms such as relaxing the restrictions and other badly needed reforms to cure our country from a manmade cancer.

A lot of them are also acting like savages; they are dumping their wastes anywhere, thus contributing to the pollution of Metro Manila. When they are being asked to relocate, they will complain. The State is always asking them to relocate on more ‘safer’ places but they constantly refused until a violent storm has destroyed their properties.

Some idiots are lobbying to meet with the actress regarding this issue. I cannot believe why a lot of people from the Left are siding with these bastards. They are not the working class and they have almost benefit to the society, rather they are the main contributors of its destruction, alongside the State and the CBCP backed Church.

Instead of throwing shit and cocktails at the police forces, they must be grateful that they are given land, properties and subsidies to start a new life. But no, they will invoke their right to be dirty and be poor, with a lot of them contented to sit and be fed than to work hard to elevate themselves on the social ladder.

A lot of us are angry because the State is using anything at its disposal to feed them to become wolves that will become lazy as fuck, but when it comes to basic services, they cannot provide it and will continue to provide substandard services and milking the small to medium businesses to death for the benefit of the incompetent oligarchy who is ruling the country. They are reinforced by the Constitution which makes change or even amending its outdated provisions practically impossible.

As said by a simple tricycle driver when I had a great discussion about business and labour, what is the point of having a business if you cannot even fully own a business, especially if you are a foreigner? he also said that it is better to have a job than to be a lazy pig waiting to be fed.

It is also a duty of the local media to make bullshit telebasuras which appeals to a lot of these people. They are always representing the cliched class struggle between the characters. These telebasuras have a tendency to be stuck on the traditional plot of good vs evil, which are nothing but vague concepts depending on the development of a person.

Overall, the problem of the country about squatters is not as simple as its seems because it directly involves the incompetence of the officials of the State, the hypocrisy of the CBCP backed church, our apparent social and cultural dysfunctions, our deteriorating economic situation which is dependent on remittances to keep it afloat and most of all, the social cancer of our society which have plagued us since the time of Rizal.

Rizal and the Ilustrados had failed to reform the country from its defects; instead the succeeding generations did the opposite. They had led countless revolutions, which have often short sighted aims, without thinking of the future of the country after 50 years. The most famous of these revolutions was the replacement of an ‘evil’ despot with a coconut.

With this kind of mentality by the majority of the society and even some sectors of the elite, no doubt our country will still remain to be the Sick Man of Asia. We will still remain as the Coconut Republic. The country needs to change badly and if things will go on like this, we will have a generation of anti-intellectual people. The State and the Church do not want them to be enlightened; they prefer to dumb a lot of them into the status of animals, of savages.

This is my whole article; I hope you have learned some information about this piece. Have a good day. Until then guys, I see you on my next article. I am currently breaking the alternative rock barrier, here is a very good song. When shall we free our chains and make a stand against the defects of our society?


14 comments on “The Squatter Fiasco

  1. Erasmo Mallillin
    July 13, 2013

    Your articles aptly describe the awful truth about the real story of the Pearl of the Orient Seas – The Philippines. Clearly articulated and to the point. I agree, the social media network in Manila is a cesspit – it is the culprit and advocates human rights LUNACY and the evil one conditioning the mind of the majority of the Filipino population consisting of illiterates and thus the level of political mediocrity in the Philippines – politicians voted into public office with no intellectual capacity to THINK CRITICALLY.

    • dachronicler
      July 13, 2013

      I am actually supportive of individual rights but here the concept of human rights is twisted. There is still a small portion of the social media that are thinking the same as me.

  2. Joshua Cuyos
    July 13, 2013

    Wow, lucky me my comment got through that article. And speaking of that article, you forgot to put the link to it in here. Just saying. 🙂

  3. Damion Santiago
    July 13, 2013

    I enjoyed your article. It pretty much reflected on my idea about the squatters having no right to vote since they dont pay taxes and etc. You sir have great vision on this country. I support you all the way 🙂

    • dachronicler
      July 13, 2013

      I actually despise democracy here, I prefer the country to be ruled by a bunch of enlightened bureaucrats then implement democracy.

      • wenden96
        July 13, 2013

        it all boils down under the Lina law

  4. Deus ExMachina III (I am a bullshit Ayn Rand faptard)
    July 14, 2013

    Shitty and terribly written article typical of a 16 year old libag boy (the commentator got my age wrong and he is totally an idiot)

    • dachronicler
      July 14, 2013

      And your articles are more shit. Why don’t use your real account? LOL, I am laughing because you are using the name of one of the greatest games of all time. Go back to your lair Ayn Rand faptard.

      • Deus ExMachina III
        July 14, 2013

        Because you are fat and full of libag and your commentors are all fake sock accounts

      • dachronicler
        July 14, 2013


      • dachronicler
        July 14, 2013

        They are not false accounts moron and LOL thank you for visiting this little site. Hope you are contented on glorifying your bullshit Vincenton Post. LOL what an ‘intellectual’ indeed.

    • dachronicler
      July 14, 2013

      I am really tired of your bullshit.

    • dachronicler
      July 14, 2013

      Besides why focus on your blog? Why will you even care about this little blog made by a man who is inferior to your ideology?

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    September 18, 2013

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