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The Apparent Fuck ups of the Filipino Gaming Community

I am so pissed off at the World of Tanks SEA server, I have a pretty decent tank and a lot of my team mates are idiots. Why, because our team has the advantage on numbers and they are always fucking it up. They will just charge at the flagpole, only to be ambushed by a group of light tanks. I repeat, do not adopt your DoTA tactics for first blood takes all. Yes, you are awarded more experience points by destroying several enemy tanks but World of Tanks’ game mechanics is more team oriented than individual oriented. Teamwork, I repeat teamwork is an important aspect of the game than personal glory.

Seriously, when will these idiots learn its mechanics? This is why a lot of our gaming teams sucked big time, except the Mineski DoTA team on some aspects. We cannot even fucking form a coherent team to battle the other players worldwide, with the exception of what I have mentioned above, which are experienced players and have a degree of cooperation.

Now take the Mineski out, the teamwork by Filipino gamers is almost non existent. A lot of them only cared about leveling up, purchasing more powerful weapons and farm some more, with little to no teamwork whatsoever. By the way, why the fuck is DoTA still popular in spite of its obsolescence on other countries with exception to its hardcore fans? By they way, I never played DoTA 2, I played DoTa only for 1 week before quitting due to the lack of teamwork. It is not my forte, I prefer strategy games such as the Total War franchise, Company of Heroes and some first person shooters such as Bioshock.

I cannot stand a room filled with idiots hungry for a kill instead of cooperating and helping others to achieve victory. The DoTA franchise is even theoretically more team oriented, just like most strategy games. The apparent fuck ups of the Filipino gaming community is also a cultural dysfunction shared with a lot of Latin Americans. A lot of Filipino players are contented on trashtalking their opponents but got their asses kicked on the process.

Maybe the current defects of the Filipino gaming community is always linked to our culture and our current educational system. A lot of them probably have no regard for critical thinking and strategic planning, thus it reflects on the gaming strategies on a lot of Filipino gamer groups. I saw some teamwork on League of Legends among Filipino players, but most of them are stationed overseas and more respectable than their local counterparts.

Maybe it has something also to do with the views of the adults regarding video games. A lot of them are stereotyping video games as DoTA due to its popularity, but video games can help a person to improve his eye, ear and hand coordination and some games are historical such as the Total War franchise which covers various historical periods.

It falls again on our current society, but I will not discuss it much on detail. We really need to overhaul our educational system to teach people how to think logically and plan strategically, which can be applied in everyday life as well as in video games. It is also 2013 people, move on to more interesting games such as the Total War franchise. I recommend gamers to try Total War, but unfortunately a lot of the Filipino players’ brain processors are so immature that they will just charge at fucking random on the map.

There are several fuck ups on our gamer community, and by God we need to fix that in order to improve our degree of cooperation and teamwork. We also need to stop the stereotyping of the media regarding video games as pure DoTA or fighting games. Do you agree with me? By the way, I shall post this horrible song, prepare your ears folks and a trash talk video. Until then, I see you on my next article.


5 comments on “The Apparent Fuck ups of the Filipino Gaming Community

  1. John
    July 22, 2013

    Used to play DotA but now I moved to Heroes of Newerth. I also love playing single-player games like Bioshock, Fallout, etc.

    Just like in DotA, the players in Newerth prioritize kills over teamwork. They even base a player’s skill on their kill/death ratio, not minding the fact that some players (like me) have a low kdr because I am a support player.

    And the trashtalking… Yeah. Someone trashtalked me up to the point that he even threatened me, “Isang bala ka lang!” And in the boarding house where I lived before there’s a computer shop on the first floor, and I’ve witnessed several fistfights because of the words “bobo mo”

    • nerdvana_dorkgasm
      July 24, 2013

      that is not surprising as your’e in a country of pompous monkeys

  2. T
    July 22, 2013

    “Teamwork is for pussies, i am da bida!” – PH ideology

  3. Lulzy Lucy
    July 23, 2013

    “1V1 NALANG OH WEAK KA” on a team-oriented game.

  4. Hoenhein16304
    October 7, 2013

    Reminded me of my team at DOTA during college. The other team all have high KDR yet we won. And they called as all gays because we will just bust their towers then be gone then repeat the process. Those were the heydays of teamwork I guess…

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