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Why SONA Is a Pathetic Excuse of the Idiots like Da Coconut King

I cannot stand watching BS Aquino’s SONA, it looks like a fucking inauguration address, not a ‘state of the nation’ address. As of this moment, the Coconut King continues to blabber his supposed ‘achievements’ for the past 3 years. While I agree that under his administration the modernisation program of the military has restarted somehow and he is somewhat supportive of the RH Bill even though I have mixed stances about it, primarily its implementation and its budget, anything else is nothing but a bag of crap.

I oppose the concept of SONA yearly because it does not tackle the current realities facing our country today. A bureaucrat can manipulate the supposed ‘achievements’ which hardly ever existed into a delusion which some citizens will swallow it wholeheartedly, like the proles and a lot of the Outer Party members in George’s Orwell’s 1984. The sad reality is, in spite of the supposed ‘economic growth’ and the credit rating bullshit, little has changed since he assumed office. By the way, the ‘economic growth’ that he continues to blabber is in fact achieved thanks to Arroyo, who implemented some economic liberalisation programmes.

Widespread incompetence within the bureaucracy and the army still existed, in fact on a much worse scale than the previous administration. The use of  mob rule is widespread especially in the trial of CJ Corona, anti intellectualism is widely promoted, the state of our education system continues to deteriorate, the agricultural reform program is nothing but a sham, the CCT is nothing but a joke, widespread inflation on basic commodities, the growing number of OFW’s and the administration continues to refuse to implement the badly needed reforms especially in areas of economic restrictions and the government system. The President is in fact very incompetent but some of the cabinet members are competent but still subservient to his authority.

This administration has also perfected the art of blaming everything wrong to Arroyo. They have also perfected the art of propaganda using the EDSA People Power bullshit. Well I appreciate that tourism in the country is vibrant, but how can we promote tourism if our country is still an economic backwater of Asia?

This event is also a one day only, with the country’s ‘representatives’ are treating it as a mere fashion show. The clothing of these morons are gathered through pork barrel and pork barrel comes from the citizens. I am laughing how these lunatics are elected. Elections in the country are nothing but fiestas. This is the reason why I distrust democracy in this country, rather I prefer an enlightened bureaucracy to start genuine reform.

I am also laughing at the militants who rallied outside because of their antiquated thinking. They still believe that state subsidy and socialism will save the country, but rather it will destroy our economy. Our economy is almost reliant on remittances and we cannot depend on them forever. A lot of them are also ‘hakot’ crowds, they are paid 200 pesos plus an afternoon snack according to my sources. They still oppose our alliance with the United States even though we are helpless in case of a conflict will break out. Please wake up, your ideologies are already backward.

Overall, little has changed since the first SONA three years ago. We are still the sick man of Asia, a pathetic nation under the brink of survival between feudal political dynasties and economic collapse. Noynoy is not a Liberal, he is just like other conservatives who want to keep their power and influence. The political oligarchy and the clergy are benefiting from us over the past 4 decades.

In 1986, we traded despotism for insanity. ‘Revolutionaries’ simply traded one lie after another. They replaced a despot with a fucking coconut. Noynoy continues to delude a good portion of the citizens through nationalism. While the State and the Church shall continue to delude the citizens through nonsense, the future of the country is uncertain. Maybe his straight path is nothing but a fucking path to a fucking cliff. Until then guys, I see you on my next article.


One comment on “Why SONA Is a Pathetic Excuse of the Idiots like Da Coconut King

  1. Joshua Cuyos
    July 23, 2013

    SONA? More like “sonna (Japanese for “No way.” [as far as I have known])”!

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