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Cory Aquino: An Overrated Housewife and the Coconut Queen

Well today is August 1, the death anniversary of Corazon Aquino, the ‘icon of Philippine democracy’, alongside with his husband Benigno Aquino Jr. I am expecting that the media shall air the slogan that she was a saint, a flawless woman with ‘sincere’ humility and honesty. The EDSA bullshit shall start its circulation again because it is Aquino month, and it shall be connected to the supposed Pinoy pride and nationalism.

First of all, I am not a Marcos loyalist. Marcos was a douche who did not check the power of his subordinates and even his wife, who were almost running the entire bureaucracy since he became bedridden in the late 1970’s. Marcos was also the one who toppled the old oligarchy, but instead installed the cronies who have been just as incompetent as their predecessors. Lastly, Marcos promoted the wrong side of nationalism; he promoted Tagalog nationalism instead of accepting the fact that we need a kind of multicultural nationalism forged on common ideals and objectives instead of forcing a national language or a particular culture to the non-Tagalogs.

Second, let us talk about her husband Ninoy Aquino. I accept the fact that he was brilliant and his intelligence rivaled Marcos. He was the most charismatic individual of his time. He can stick with the ideals of the common masses, which earned him popularity. If Marcos planned to kill him, why kill him much later instead of having disposed him earlier? There are some sources that Ninoy was in fact a successor to Marcos and the individuals around him or even Ninoy’s own family assassinated him.

Third, the media tend to portray Martial Law in a negative light. Actually, it was neither better or worse, but a very unavoidable necessity. Before Martial Law, students influenced by the so called ‘National Democracy’, a variant of Maoism mixed with Fascism were feared by the populace. They even attempted to burn Malacanang to the ground. They had also launched the Plaza Miranda bombing. In order to consolidate his power, he declared Martial Law.

At first, the majority of the society accepted it as a necessity to restore peace and order. The economy was somewhat better in its early years, but it became stagnant after the expiration of a trade agreement with the United States. Even with the stagnant economy, the standard of living was better than in the 1980’s. Marcos launched a land reform program, built several infrastructures funded by loans which he failed to take the technological expertise of the foreigners, launched successful insurgencies and began an extensive campaign to promote the ‘New Society’. He pampered the military so much that he tolerated him on their adventures. This is the reason Marcos is so popular to the labourers and the farmers.

At the opening of the 80’s, the economy began to falter as Marcos attempted to nationalise several key industries and gave it to his incompetent cronies around him. The un-landed political families gathered to usurp power and they waited for him to die so they can have a share of his wealth. The NPA’s number dramatically increased and was in control of some of the countryside, although they were still crippled by the purges initiated by Jose Maria Sison against supposed counter-revolutionaries.

In an effort to seize power or even talk to Marcos to talk about the succession, Ninoy returned to the Philippines but was shot upon his arrival. His assassination caused massive outcry and the citizens demanded Marcos to resign; now this is the time for the opportunists take power for themselves. After two unsuccessful impeachment attempts, Marcos initiated a snap election. The opposition turned to Cory Aquino and made her the symbol of the opposition.

The snap election was one of the dirtiest elections in the Philippines. Massive cheating was reported on both sides. Both Marcos and Aquino’s party used every card in the game, but Marcos outwitted them and won. The enemies were pissed but Marcos made a tiny mistake; COMELEC employes walked out. If it was falsified or not, we cannot know as of this moment.

The vultures found his tiny mistake and turned it into a large news item. The citizens believed their propaganda and his enemies waited. The RAM, a military organization had already planned their initial attempt. In an unexpected moment which took some enemy politicians by surprise, Enrile and Ramos staged a coup in an attempt to overthrow Marcos. Having waited for the right time, Cardinal Sin rallied the ‘faithful’ to go to EDSA to act as human cannon fodders for the plotters, who had almost their heads severed on a pike by Marcos’ soldiers. Their plans had failed, but thanks to the citizens, the supposed coup turned into a ‘people power revolution’.

Marcos, stunned by the events still insisted to arrest the plotters without resorting to the massive bombing of EDSA as suggested by Fabian Ver. His plan ultimately failed as his soldiers began to desert en masse. Losing the support of most of the armed forces, Marcos fled the country for the United States. The citizens stormed the palace and found that Imelda had an excessive lifestyle, worthy of the name ‘Madame Deficit”.

To legitimise the ‘revolution’ Cory Aquino, who was not even present became the President. Overall, the EDSA Revolution was not a revolution, but a coup by the old oligarchy to regain their former standing. The legacy of the supposed revolution was the 1987 Constitution, a constitution primarily made to block changes that can threaten the power of the oligarchy and the clergy. We shall say that under Cory, the country further plunged into disorder as it had been.

Military coups by the loyalists, the ongoing communist insurgency, the uncertain future of Mindanao, natural calamities and frequent power shortages had plagued her administration. The country became the ‘Sick Man of Asia’;, the laughing stock of the world. It was not until Ramos reversed some of her policies and fixed most of the country from the economic downturns of her administration.

Overall, we shall consider Cory Aquino as a mediocre statesman, who lived the rest of her life under the legacy of her husband.  She was a puppet used by the opportunists to gain power and influence and she tolerated her friends and even her family to use the public funds inappropriately. Her daughter Kris, although a wide reader and a pretty intelligent individual had tarnished the remaining dignity of the country. She also tolerated the douchbaggery of the CBCP to intervene with social issues, which claimed that they championed morality while some of their ranks are immoral bastards.

There is nothing worth to celebrate their legacy, because their legacy is often used as propaganda, The Philippines became much worse than the 60’s and the 70’s. Poor stupid Juan, why did you let this happen? Until then guys, I see you on my next article. Enjoy this song instead:


3 comments on “Cory Aquino: An Overrated Housewife and the Coconut Queen

  1. Celoy
    August 3, 2013

    Keep posting, looking forward to ’em.

  2. Ra
    August 11, 2013

    and really she was just useful as figurehead of a flimsy ship, well afterall she was just a figurehead in a coup d’etat disguised as a revolution

  3. Ra
    August 11, 2013

    heh! the cardinal rallied the “faithful” to be a meatwall, bravo!

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