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Why Morons Attack GRP’s “Smart Gilas” Article

Well folks, we are seeing the rage of these fucking idiots over the GRP right now. This article had brought considerable butthurt comments from ‘nationalists’ and retarded morons who have shallow minds given by a Monkey God. I especially laugh at the comments of some morons who said that there is a God because of this supposed victory. He must be regretting his comment for the rest of his life and shot himself in the process.

Well as you can see, SMART Gilas did a pretty impressive job at a FIBA game last night. I am quite a supporter of this team just for the sake of sports. Some idiotic nationalists though are using the sport to promote their retarded concept of Pinoy Pride, which we know is fucking stupid and adherents to this idea deserves to have their fucking nuts ripped off.

Why do a lot of Filipinos seem to concern themselves on trivial matters while doing nothing about the more obvious social cancer which have infected our country since the time of Rizal? The answer is probably they just want to escape reality through short term pleasures that will make them feel good. Some idiots are so idiotic that they referred the victory of GILAs as an achievement.

Well fuck you, a lot of you are always like that. You are only proud of the achievements of other persons and you shall rub your fucking face and say “I am proud to be retarded”. Well this ritual is 30 years old to celebrate the ‘glory’ of the ‘Filipino’ race.  This is not negative you fucking assholes, this is the reality. Are you too idiotic to accept that the Philippines is a basketcase, a laughing stock of the international community?

I am offended about crab mentality because it is insulting to crabs. Well we all know that crab mentality is pure horseshit, but wait I can make a new term to compensate for that. Horseshit mentality, from now on when you see a douchebag Flip being angry at something that is true, you can accuse him of being horseshit.

This is the reason why the Philippines is so dysfunctional because the people only want news that makes them feel good. It is like a person eating a cake and the cake is shit flavoured. A lot of them in fact love the current state of our society, they love the current incompetent bureaucracy, the fucking CBCP, the idiotic press and almost everything that is wrong with our country.

Their attitudes are not Catholic either; they are a bunch of fucking idiotic deluded hypocrites being fooled by false sense of pride and patriotism. Do not doubt why idiots can win the elections and why the Church still exercises power over social issues. Are these idiots even thinking? Well, as you can see the Philippines is intellectually bankrupt.

Overall, these people are fucking nuts. But I do not want these people to disappear; the world will be a boring place if these idiots will become extinct. They are a perfect representation of a typical Filipino: jingoistic, ultranationalistic, anti-intellectual and over sentimental. This is why showbiz is still the dominant form of media.

I can consider myself a true patriot because I love my country, which is why I criticise its defects. Indeed, false patriotism is the refuge of the scoundrel. I shall end this article with a George Carlin quote: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers”. Credits to Butthurt PH for the photo


6 comments on “Why Morons Attack GRP’s “Smart Gilas” Article

  1. Ra
    August 11, 2013


    yours in sensibility and cynicism
    the antipinoy nerdvana

  2. Ra
    August 11, 2013

    it does seem that pinoys are like the zombie horde
    if only there are more Filipinos like yourself, perhaps only then this country can see progress

  3. B.
    August 12, 2013

    bravo man, couldn’t have said it better 🙂

  4. :)
    August 12, 2013

    well said! *applause*

  5. nousernameidea
    August 13, 2013

    Very true. It’s sad that we’re really like that… wonder if we can still change. I have my doubts. but it would be nice

  6. Ra
    August 19, 2013

    Gentlemen, that is why we’re still here right? despite 80% of the population is comprised of moronic pompous bigot monkeys,
    we still cling on to hope

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