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The State and the people are incompetent to deal with Habagat

Authority, unless justified should be dismantled

-Noam Chomsky

Alongside with the anniversary of the death of the opposition leader Ninoy Aquino and the pork barrel scam perpetrated by Janet Napoles and other idiotic politicians, some parts of the country has been shaken by continuous torrential rains and thunderstorms. Several parts of Luzon have been flooded due to the mismanagement and incompetence of the state. Do not argue with me that nature is unpredictable, it is a pathetic excuse that can be preventable given the necessary measures to minimise casualties.

The country shall lose again a large part of its infrastructure and agricultural input and losses shall be amounted to billions of dollars. Several roads such as the SCTEX were heavily damaged due to the constant torrential rains. Major roads are still flooded and several remain impassable to vehicles.

Niccolo Machiavelli said that “I compare fortune to one of those raging rivers, which when in flood overflows the plains, sweeping away trees and buildings, bearing away the soil from place to place; everything flies before it, all yield to its violence, without being able in any way to withstand it; and yet, though its nature be such, it does not follow therefore that men, when the weather becomes fair, shall not make provision, both with defences and barriers, in such a manner that, rising again, the waters may pass away by canal, and their force be neither so unrestrained nor so dangerous. So it happens with fortune, which shows her power where valour has not prepared to resist her, and thither she turns her forces where she knows that barriers and defences have not been raised to constrain it”

Machiavelli stated that we must prepare to control rivers by building dikes and dams, but preparation is a big no for most Filipinos. It feels like we are only experiencing these calamities first time, we are already facing it for 15 years. But why we cannot learn?

Yes there is a problem with our politicians, they suck. They are milking the citizens to death through their high taxes to maintain their luxurious lifestyles. Most of them do not act for our own benefit, but the main question is who elected these idiots?

The people elected these idiots to represent their voices; in return the politician shall hardly do anything. Due to cultural and social dysfunctions, most are deluded and say “Baha ka lang Pilipino ako” which I found foolish. Some may say that bayanihan is alive, but why is it only alive during calamities? They are just talking pure hypocrisy.

The damages could be largely avoided if the so called pork barrel is spent in road maintenance, underground tunnels and other flood control projects, but the pork barrel is merely a sham. Do not argue with me that the government did what it could for flood control; they hardly did anything at all. Those projects are not efficient; it is marred with allegations and the funds are only used to buy substandard materials. This is why infrastructures easily collapse due to poor construction materials with its fund embezzled by the state for other ‘important’ purposes. If you will do a little bit of research, you can see how Tokyo has several flood control tunnels to prevent massive flooding.

Alongside with this ridiculousness, the people have several defects. They are just throwing shit at random places which clogged esteros and sewers. They constructed buildings on these sites. Both the state and the people have no coherent urban planning and efficient city management.

I shall also tackle this issue: #PrayForThePhilippines is nothing but a load of bullshit. Do you think prayers can bring back the dead or overturn the damages of the calamity due to the incompetence of the bureaucrats and the foolishness of ourselves? For the past 15 years we never learn from this ordeal because we are so full of dysfunctions and delusions. It is primarily a feel good mechanism to escape reality.

This is just a pathetic joke. The calamity is largely avoidable giving the appropriate measures for flood control and management. I admire the courage of the rescuers whom their salaries are always not sufficient to feed themselves and their families due to the incompetence of those assholes at the top. This is just my realist tip of the hat, raise morale if necessary and a friend of mine said that prayers go against the supposed “God’s will

It is time to get real folks. I am not complaining just for the sake of complaining, I have several solutions in my head that has been proven effective and does not need extensive feasibility study. There are so many options to prevent widespread flooding but they shall make excuses to not implement it (feasibility study my ass). It looks like we almost never learn.  Have you also noticed that it is only in the Aquino administration that floods became more severe? Where is the President in all of this? A leader must know how to raise the morale of his subjects. He is just digging his own grave.

It is important to know that Manila always suffered constant flooding but it will just subside in a few hours thanks to numerous esteros. In fact during the early 20th century, Architect Daniel Burnham, in preparing the general plan for Manila in 1905, made this observation: “Possessing the bay of Naples, the winding river of Paris, and the canals of Venice, Manila has before it an opportunity unique in the history of modern times, the opportunity to create a unified city equal to the greatest of the Western World with the unparalleled and priceless addition of a tropical setting.” But now these plans are almost never realised. Manila is now the gates of hell based on the book Inferno by Dan Brown.

According also to treehugger.com, it is one of the big mega cities to be affected by constant changes in climate, but it is slightly better than Dhaka:

Manila is the third-worst Asian mega-city in terms of climate change, scoring similarly to Jakarta overall. But in terms of exposure to sea level rise, flooding, storms, Manila is the worst in the lot. Socio-economic sensitivity is moderate for the cities surveyed, but threats are still high — the same can be said of adaptive capacity, which is similar to Jakarta.

It looks like the there is something to be done with Manila. My final question is: Are you contented of the Philippines being the Sick Man of Asia? We are responsible for this calamity due to our incompetence to let the oligarchs including the fucking CBCP control the fate of this country. Get Real Philippines is quite right, we need to change our name to “Bahalana Republic”.





One comment on “The State and the people are incompetent to deal with Habagat

  1. PHguy
    August 21, 2013

    These Pinoy pride morons are out again with their singling tendencies with their archetypal bayanihan and “Baha ka lang; Pinoy ako” idiocy when it’s a natural human tendency to relief and rescue. They’re at it again with the “God-anointed” race whatnot thinking we’re the only people on this world who can overcome calamities and obstacles. They surely haven’t seen what’s it like int he ground after the 2011 Tohoku tsunami and earthquake PLUS the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear tragedy. Or they probably didn’t realize how overwhelming the post-Korean War economic miracle is.

    These basic Pinoys are nothing but a bunch of narrow-minded, short-term thinking amateurs trying to make themselves feel good using the mold of other people who did real achievements by accentuating their own trivial actions and exclusively taking credit from that crap.

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